The Dying of a Dream… But thats okay!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to get married and honestly its something I still want to do one day. I’ve always dreamed about the wedding venue, what my dress would be like, what my Fiancé/husband would be like, what our relationship would be like and so much more.

Sounds like a wonderful dream right?

Well… That dream has died.

wait what

No No No. I’m not saying I’m never getting married and that I don’t want to! I’m just saying that particular dream has died for this following reason alone: I wanted to be married the summer I turned 19.

HAHAHAHA. Guess what, younger me. Its the summer. And you’re 19…


It might sound like I’m complaining but honestly, I’m okay with it.  Yes, my ‘dream’ may have ‘died’ but I’m content where I am in life now and just because I’m not married right now doesn’t mean I can NEVER get married.  I kinda talked about this a bit (in a different context) in one of my more recent posts about being content with where life and the ‘bumps in the road’ have taken me. But I honestly want to and can’t express it enough. Just because life isn’t what you wanted or you aren’t where you wanted to be in life RIGHT NOW doesn’t mean you will never get there or never do what you hoped or dreamed of.

Besides. Looking back on this dream or desire of little 9-10 year old me wanting to get married at 19 years old (the same age my mum was when she got married and had me)  it makes me smile BUT…Boy am I glad I’m not married yet. I only just graduated and am still trying to sort out what I’m gonna do with my life and what I’m gonna be when I grow up ( 😉 ) as is and even though I would like to get married one day I don’t think I’m QUITE ready yet. I still got a fair bit to learn I must say…

So basically what I’m trying to say (and hoping I sound somewhat encouraging) is that even if there was a dream that you had that was more or less time sensitive (Like getting married in July  the year you turned 19)  and didn’t happen doesn’t mean it never will. All you need is patience and also trust that your life is going to work out and things will make sense….Just…maybe not in your timing…or the timing you wanted when you were 10 years old…


9 thoughts on “The Dying of a Dream… But thats okay!

  1. Aw, Adrie. I’m sure if you chat with your Mum (which you probably have), she will tell you what a challenge it was to be a bride that young. While it may sound romantic, marriage is a huge responsibility, and one that is better entered into once you’ve had some time out of high school to know yourself and what you fully want in life. I didn’t know that you wanted to be married that young. You have so much to offer the world and I know that, with God in your life, He will guide you in the way you should go. I’m sure that marriage will be there somewhere but just not now. Meanwhile, enjoy the freedom you have! The world is your oyster! So many places to see and things to do…what I wouldn’t give to be 19 again 😊 Love you!


  2. It is so good to be a dreamer! Dreams help us live with hope and excitement. Dreams help us to fall in love with our own lives while still striving to improve ourselves and our possibilities. However, the cost of dreaming is high, because those with big dreams must inevitably learn to let them go. Things rarely work out just how we planned. This post was so encouraging to me because I am currently at a crossroads in life where I realize that nothing is going the way I planned. I am a little discouraged/devastated, but I know I can keep dreaming.


  3. Adriana, I’m so proud of you. This takes guts and it takes daring, and I’m sitting here applauding you right now for confidently, fearlessly embracing the “death” of a dream that is so dear to you (to many!).

    You are a beautiful girl with a gorgeous heart, and I’ve been blessed to get to know you. I’m so glad to see you taking such a (sorta-painful-in-a-way) thing with such an attitude.

    I, too, have a similar story. I published this blog post ( commemorating the death of the same dream, exactly 6 months *to the day* I met my future husband, just 18 months before I married him and my dream came true in its fullest, richest form.

    Hugs, friend. Keep on being the brightness you are. 🙂

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  4. I wanted to be married by the time I was 21 and I’m 23. I totally get the feeling. I haven’t even had a boyfriend yet, so yeah. XD I know how it feels to be disappointed when a dream doesn’t happen when you want it too. But you’re still young and tip: boys get much more mature when they’re in their twenties.


  5. Aww Adri! I love getting to see your heart woven so much through this! And all the ways you are learning to be content and embrace where God is has you is such an inspiration. (PS. I was going to married at 20. Haha I’m SO glad that God didn’t take that particular #lifegoal seriously 🙂 Like you…I’m still trying to figure things out, and know what He wants of both me, and my future husband)

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    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the post 🙂 (Yeah I’m still trying to figure things out so I’m glad God has got my life planned out for me. If I was in charge of planning my life it could possibly be a crazy mess HAHA)


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