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By Jennifer Murgia

October 21 – October 30, 2017



Top 10 Creepy Destinations !

So this is my little portion of the post where I give you a list of my top ten favourite creepy  destinations. I’m not gonna lie, some of these I looked up for writing this post but the first half were all ones I knew. If they were all ones I knew of prior to writing this post it all would have been abandoned fair grounds and amusement parks so… you know. Though I do promise you you will not reget looking into these creepy destinations either.


Abandoned Wizard of Oz Theme Park ( Reopens once a year for ‘Autumn at Oz’ )

– In 1970, two businessmen opened a then-cutting edge theme park in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Nestled in the mountains, the park was originally opened to keep local ski instructors and workers employed in the summer months.



Wonderland Amusement Park – Beijing, China

Wonderland was an abandoned and never completed amusement park project located in Chenzhuang Village. Originally proposed by the Thailand-based property developer Reignwood Group, and designed to be the largest amusement park in Asia (to have covered 120 acres ), construction stopped in 1998 following financial problems with local officials, while a 2008 attempt to start construction again also failed.

The site featured a number of abandoned structures, including the framework of a castle-like building and medieval-themed outer buildings. Land was reclaimed by local farmers to grow their various crops while the site was abandoned. People have reported when visiting the site that, sometimes, there would still be parking attendants in the site’s parking lot, presumably to tend to onlookers and curious sightseers that came to visit.

Pripyat, Ukraine

In the 1970s, the town of Pripyat, less than 3 kilometers away from the reactor, was constructed for the plant’s personnel. Once a beautiful town by Soviet standards, its 50,000 inhabitants were evacuated 36 hours after the accident. Today a chilling ghost town, its buildings bear witness to the hasty departure. Dolls are scattered on the floors of abandoned kindergartens; children’s cots are littered with shreds of mattresses and pillows; and in a gymnasium, where teens once trained, floors rot and paint peels. Amidst the surrounding decay, decades after the catastrophe, nature reclaims the town: trees grow through broken windows, and grass pushes up through the cracks in dormant roads that once were glorious promenades – but the town remains unfit for human habitation for hundreds of years to come.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Called “the perfect place to die,” the Aokigahara forest in Japan has the unfortunate distinction of the world’s second most popular place to take one’s life. (The first is the Golden Gate Bridge.) Since the 1950s, Japanese businessmen have wandered in, and at least 500 of them haven’t wandered out, at an increasing rate of between 10 and 30 per year. Recently these numbers have increased even more, with a record 78 suicides in 2002.  In 2003, that record was beat with a number of 105 bodies discovered.

Japanese spiritualists believe that the suicides committed in the forest have permeated Aokigahara’s trees, generating paranormal activity and preventing many who enter from escaping the forest’s depths. Complicating matters further is the common experience of compasses being rendered useless by the rich deposits of magnetic iron in the area’s volcanic soil.

Due to the vastness of the forest, desperate visitors are unlikely to encounter anyone once inside the so-called “Sea of Trees,” so the police have mounted signs reading “Your life is a precious gift from your parents,” and “Please consult the police before you decide to die!” on trees throughout.

Valley of the Mills – Sorento, Italy

the Valley of the Mills in Sorrento, Italy was abandoned in 1866. This mill ground wheat, and a sawmill operated nearby as well. The mill was isolated from the sea by the construction of Tasso Square, which raised the humidity in the area and caused it to be abandoned.

New Bedford Orpheum, U.S.A

The New Bedord Orpheum is an old theater and entertainment building located in Massachusetts in the U.S. It was opened in 1912 and closed in 1959 – since then, it has stored tobacco and served as a supermarket. Now, the Orph Inc. nonprofit is trying to raise money to revitalize the building.

Salto Hotel, Colombia 

The Hotel De Salto opened in 1928 near Tequendema Falls in Colombia to serve tourists who came to marvel at the 157 meter-tall waterfall. It closed down in the early 90s after interest in the waterfall declined. In 2012, however, the site was turned into a museum.

Abandoned Military Hospital in Beelitz, Germany

The large complex was built at the end of the 1800s and helped Adolf Hitler recuperate from a leg wound incurred at the Battle of Somme in 1916. Parts of the complex remain in operation, but most were abandoned after the Soviets withdrew from the hospital in 1995.

Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima island in Japan has a wide array of nicknames, including Battelship Island (for its shape) and Ghost Island. From the late 1800s to late 1900s, the island was populated because of the access it granted to undersea coal mines. However, as Japan gradually switched from coal to petroleum, the mines (and the buildings that sprung up around them to support their workers) closed down, leaving an isolated ghost town that reminds some of a ghostly concrete battleship.

The Carlton Villa – New York

The Carleton Villa was built in 1894 for typewriter magnate William Wyckoff as a summer residence and large spot for entertaining. Wycoff’s wife died of a heart attack a month before he moved in, and on his first night in the mansion he suffered a heart attack in his sleep and died. Wycoff’s youngest son inherited the villa after his father’s death, but within a few years the family lost much of their fortune in the Great Depression and the house fell into disrepair.



About the Author and her Books!


shp-author-photo-jennifer-murgia-updated-headshotJennifer Murgia writes moody fiction for teens—from paranormal fantasy (ANGEL STAR, LEMNISCATE, THE BLISS), to contemporary gut-punchers (BETWEEN THESE LINES). Her latest, FOREST OF WHISPERS, a 17th century historical mystery (about witches!) was a School Library Journal Fall 2014 HOT TITLE, and a 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Literature Award Winner. The sequel, CASTLE OF SIGHS, released October 27, 2015 from Spencer Hill Press. She is the co-founder and coordinator of YA FEST and currently resides in Pennsylvania.

Literary Representation:

Amanda Luedeke of MacGregor Literary Agency ~



Connect with Jennifer:






Goodreads TBR:


About the Books:


Raised by an old fortune-teller within the dark veil of the Bavarian Black Forest, Rune has learned two valuable lessons: only take from the forest that which you can use, and never, never look anyone in the eye in the village. For something terrible happened in the forest long ago . . . and now, the whispers of a long-dead mother with a vengeful secret have come haunting.

Forced to flee all she has ever known, Rune soon learns of a legacy she is bound to — one that is drenched in fear, witchcraft and murder — a birthright that stretches beyond the grave to the trees where Rune is no longer safe.


Some secrets cannot be kept–in life or in death.

Months have passed since Rune has heard a single whisper from her long-dead mother, the great witch of Bavaria. But the absence of one evil has only made room for another. After rightfully inheriting her ancestral home, Pyrmont Castle, Rune settles into a quiet life taking care of two orphans left in the wake of the terrible witch hunt that claimed dozens of lives in the nearby village. As the days grow colder, the castle’s secrets beckon, and something darker seems to have been awakened, as well.

Rune finds herself roaming where no one has set foot in a long time. In the bowels of the fortress is a locked room full of memories that hang like cobwebs–shelves stacked with jars, strange specimens, putrid liquids, and scrolls of spells. Rune is undeniably drawn to what she finds there, and she begins to dabble in the possibilities of magic, hoping she will find a cure for the strangeness overwhelming the castle.

And the key may lie in the dark forest she once called home and the boy she thought she knew.




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Top Ten Series I Have Yet To Finish

Hello Readers!

Catch up post number two is here! Yay!

So, today’s Top Ten Tuesday post is 10 Book Series I never finished. I will admit there aren’t many book series i haven’t finished (unless the first book sucked and I just didn’t wanna read more) so this list will probably be short. I know I say that EVERY time but I really do mean it this time.



Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas – To be fair I only just started Throne of Glass the other day but for months I had been meaning to get to this series!!


Swimming Through Clouds Series by Rajdeep Paulus – I STILL have to purchase book 3 of the series. I adored books 1 and 2 but just haven’t gotten around to the final book.


To Save A Life Series by Jim and Rachel Britts  – I read book one and for the longest time I didn’t realize there were two more books….So now it’s actually reading them now that I know about them 😛


The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – I read the first two books and ADORED them but I’ve found it almost impossible to get my hands on a copy of the other books *weeps* and I am poor *weeps louder*



So, thats my list! What book series have you yet to finish? Let me know in the comments!

Also, Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the gals over at The Broke and the Bookish



Until Next Time!

Adriana G.

Top Ten Tuesday || Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

Hello Readers!

I’m finally back with another Top Ten Tuesday after a month of not doing it and I’m happy to be back at it and starting up with an awesome topic for today’s post! Quickly before I start, I have a book review coming a little later this afternoon for you lovely people 🙂

Now, Today’s post is Top Ten Authors I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to meet! So lets do this!



Author #1: Laura L. Smith – Laura Smith is QUEEN! Her novels are fantastic and after reading her books, I started writing YA Contemporary and I must say its my favourite genre to write so I definitely have her to thank. (I own every one of her novels people but now I’m trying to get them all in paperback…and maybe signed one day)

Author #2: Jennifer Niven – I MUST MEET THIS WONDERFUL PERSON! ‘All The Bright Places’ really impacted me and I must let her know that…In person. And besides, who doesn’t want to meet Jennifer Niven? I mean I’ve chatted with her a little on Twitter and she seems amazing soooooo….

Author #3: Rajdeep Paulus – Another amazing woman who writes AMAZING YA Fiction. Her novels were just so touching and amazing and she seems like a wonderful woman who I must meet!

Author #4: Sam Maggs – Who doesn’t want to meet a fellow Fangirl? I mean come on! I never pass up the opportunity to meet up with fellow fangirls and authors. Best thing ever and I MUST meet her.

Author #5: Stephanie Morrill – Another one of the amazing people who got me started on writing! (Thank you GTW) And her novels, like Laura Smith’s (which I read around the same time) got me started on YA Contemporary novels and now I’m addicted to both reading and writing in that genre.

Author #6: Jennifer Murgia – I LOVE her writing. I’ve read both ‘Between These Lines’ and ‘Forest of Whispers’ which are two different genres and both were amazing. Like you have no idea ❤

Author #7: Kathrese McKee – Super Amazing Person Alert! Must meet her as soon as possible becasue she rocks! So does her writing. (If you haven’t read Mardan’s Mark yet then you are REALLY missing out, lovelies!)

Author #8: Holly Kelly – Another amazing fantasy author who I must meet in person! Mah gosh.

Author #9: Laura Anderson Kurk – So many amazing YA Contemporary writers I wanna meet! Laura’s books are so amazing and beautifully written and I just cannot deal! That and she is an amazing woman! I would love to meet her.

Author #10: K.M Weiland – Author of amazing novels AND of an awesome blog that has helped me along in my writing. Chatting on Twitter on occasion has been fun but meeting her in real life would be fantastic.



So, these are the Top Ten Authors I MUST meet one day. Like I’ve started a Bucket List of sorts for it….I kid you not.

Which authors would you like to meet? Any of the same authors on my list? or other ones? Did you join in on Today’s Top Ten Tuesday? If so, share the link in the comments!


Oh! and cause I ALWAYS seem to forget, Top Ten Tuesday is a linkup hosted by the Broke and Bookish and its fantastic.


Until Later Today (with a book review!)

Adriana Gabrielle

Top Ten Tuesday ||Top 10 Books From My Childhood That I Would Love To Revisit

Top Ten Tuesday is a link-up created by The Broke and The Bookish





Today’s list is Top Ten Books I Read In My Childhood that I Would Like To Revisit.

Okay… Lets do this thing!



Now, by childhood I mean books I read between the age of 9-12 years old…

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis

I read these with my family every night but soon life became busy and I became bored of waiting until the evening to read so I went ahead and read the rest of the series on my own. I would LOVE to re-read that series again. OR at least my favourites of that series



The Mandie Series by Lois Gladys Leppard

I loved this series and still have all the books. I have a stack of my top 5 favourites of the series and I am going to re-read those soon.


The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

I think I was almost 13 when I read this, but I would LOVE to re-read it again. I can’t think of any excuse why I shouldn’t…

The Wrinkle In Time Series by Madeline L’engle

Wrinkle in time

Nancy Drew Series by Carolyn Keene

It’s Nancy Drew…So why not? Nancy Drew is amazing 🙂

Nancy Drew

The Tales of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler

I LOVED these books and I have been planning to re-read these novels that are sitting on my bookshelf just for old times sake and thats what I plan to do. I’m thinking my summer break might be re-reading all these books 🙂



The Tin Tin Graphic Novels

I LOVED these and recently my daddy bough a box set of all the books. I would love to revisit these books. 😀




So, I know that’s not 10 books but all of these are series which add up to more than 10 books so…..I figure it kinda works….


So thats my post for today! Hope you liked it!


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


Oh! One more thing. Something exciting is coming to the blog tomorrow at 9AM so stay tuned! 

ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS from the past 3 years

Hello Readers!

It’s once again Top Ten Tuesday!…and I’m back to the old cover photo again. Heehee.


Most of these are series, but I am a cheater like that! You can just assume that every single one of these books on this list at LEAST has a sequel…It’s just so hard to pick 10 and there was no rule they had to be standalone books….

1. The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner

I mean, obviously. Such an amazing series. and (some people might kill me) I personally found this series way better than Divergent…



2. The Follower by C.F Barrows

Well, considering I can never stop talking about this book (or any of them on this list) it’s obvious this would be on my top ten list. Read through it 6 times and planning to read it again soon…


3. It’s Complicated by Laura L. Smith (first book in the Status Updates Series)

I LOVE this book! Laura L. Smith is the author who got me started on writing YA Contemporary Novels, and thanks to her I’m still writing them 😀 Such amazing books! ❤

It's Complicated

4. Glass Girl by Laura Anderson Kurk

Another wonderful YA novel by another AMAZING author. Book 2 was just as beautiful!

Glass Girl
5. Swimming Through Clouds by Rajdeep Paulus

This book had me in tears, it was amazing, as did book two. I think book three might have the same effect on me. Beautiful books!!

Swimming Through Clouds

6. The Roar by Emma Clayton

This book is more for younger teens but still a great series of books in my mind 🙂

7. The Rising Series by Holly Kelly


8. Mardan’s Mark by Kathrese McKee

I LOVE this book. Such a great story! 🙂 Any stories to do with Pirates and/or Princesses is fine with me! 😀

9. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

This and Pride and Prejudice are tied for my favourite Jane Austen book…and I can fairly judge because in school a couple years ago we read through all Jane Austen’s work. Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice are the best of the bunch.




and last but NOT least, 10. Swept to Sea by Heather Manning

Remember when I said Pirate stories are the best? Well yeah, this story has pirates in it and I LOVED this novel. (even better its written by someone I know) but seriously, one of the best Historical’s I’ve read in a while.

Swept to sea

Top Ten Tuesday || My Top Ten Favourite Book Heroines

Hello Readers!

It’s once again time for another Top Ten Tuesday post! For those of you who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, it’s a link-up done by The Broke and the Bookish and you are free to join in! You can check it out here 🙂

Finally made my own cover pic for it *heehee*

Finally made my own cover pic for it *heehee*

So, today’s post is my Top Ten Favourite Book Heroines! (Seems like lots of people are doing over a certain genre but I think I’m just gonna go with overall favourites and see what happens.)


1. Nancy Drew from Carolyn Keen’s Nancy Drew Series

Weren’t expecting that one, were ya? Heehee well, it’s true. I LOVE Nancy Drew. I still read the books and listen to audio books and everything. (One of the few audio books I actually like)

Nancy Drew


2. Melissa Rollins from Laura L. Smith’s Skinny

I really loved Melissa’s character in Skinny.(She was also seen a little bit in the books Hot and Angry also) I really love her character a lot 😀



3. Srilani from Kathrese Mckee’s Mardan’s Mark

I loved Srilani’s character! Such a tough cookie but a total sweetie at points too. I don’t know what it is about her character exactly, but she is definitely one of my favourite characters. Such a strong character (in a realistic way) and just pretty awesome.



4. Katniss Everdeen from Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games

Good old Katniss! 😀 Seriously though, I love Katniss. Such a strong, realistic character who sacrificed so much. She was such an amazing character. With good reason is she on my Top Ten List.

hunger games


5. Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

I mean, hello. She’s Elizabeth Bennet. Whats not to like?

Jane Austen



6. Yannah from C.F Barrows The Follower

I absolutely love Yannah’s character! Like so much! 😀



7. Talia Vanderbilt from Rajdeep Paulus’s Swimming Through Clouds

Oh my goodness. What an amazing character. Such a sweetie who’s been through a lot. Love her!




8. Catherine Morland from Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey

I love this character’s imagination. Totally fascinated by the uniqueness of Catherine’s character.




9. Hannah from Laura L. Smith’s It’s Complicated

I feel like I really relate to this character a lot. She’s kinda just your average girl who’s life is fairly ‘normal’ I guess you could say. Anyways! I’m always looking for the closest representation of me in a book character, and I would say she is the closest yet. 😀 I love Hannah a lot actually 😀

It's Complicated


10. Rune from Jennifer Murgia’s Forest of Whispers


Bonus: Hermione Granger from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter Series

So, I didn’t count this as one of my 10 because I have this thing where so far I have only read the first (and part of the second) book in the series thus far so…I don’t know if I quite qualify as a fan just yet.




Top Ten Tuesday|| Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Hello Readers!

Sorry for my absence of a TTT post last week…I completely forgot about that one somehow and I am not really sure how either. (My brain sometimes…*shakes head*) Anyways! This weeks post is going to be a fun one! It’s Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have.



So, lets just start off with a bad one…. #1 I read books but am sometimes to lazy to review them!

Yes, scold me all you like for that one….I am really trying to get better at that. At least I am QUEEN OF RE-READS therefore I will have no problem because all I have to do is re-read like…15 novels…That’s really adding to my TBR pile you guys… Yikes I have to get at least some control over that. >.<


2. I incorporate quotes and words/names from books on a daily basis.


3. I ALWAYS check out more books at the library than I could possibly read in the two weeks I have them.

pile of books


4. After reading (or watching) anything Jane Austen I always default to Old English for a while.

love the sound of old English! Even just reading it is lovely!

love the sound of old English! Even just reading it is lovely!


5. I create fan art! Do I ever show it to the world? Nope. Should I? Probably…


Hey look....Fanart

Hey look….Fan-art

6. I take personality quizzes after I read the books to see which characters I am!


7. I cannot stop talking books!

No matter what the conversation starts as, it always leads to a conversation about books somehow…

Belle talking books


8. I have a very strict set of rules if you want to borrow one of my books…

Oh and...IF you break the spine, I break you!!

Oh and…IF you break the spine, I break you!!


9. Don’t make fun of my ships and we are friends, but if you do make fun of them well…



10. I obsess!


*accurate representation of the stages of obsessing/fangirling over a book*



So that’s my post! Hope you liked it!


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle

Top Ten Tuesday |2014 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t

Hello Readers!

So, today I have another Top Ten Tuesday post, and also I am in need of your assistance. After I finish  the TTT post I’m going to tell you what I need your help with so stick around for that too? Its fun!. (Quick thing! For those of you who don’t know. Top Ten Tuesday is a linkup hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that all are free to join!)


Top Ten 2014 Releases I Mean’t To Read But Didn’t:

*Note: These are in no particular order of first to least favourites. Simply in order of what came to mind first! *

1. Embassy by S. Alex Martin

I keep meaning to read this, but then it just doesn’t happen cause all last year I kept re-reading stuff..  -_- Good job, me. Good job.



2. Forest of Whispers by Jennifer Murgia

I know Jennifer by her work with Playlist Fiction and I’ve been meaning to read ‘Forest of Whispers’ and just didn’t get a chance.



3. The Heart’s Pursuit by Robin Lee Hatcher




4. Shelter by Patricia H. Aust



5. Jupiter Winds by C.J Darlington




6. Frederick: A Story of Boundless Hope by Frederick Ndabaramiye and Amy Parker

This book jumped right on my TBR list as soon as I heard about it! Sounds so amazing 🙂




7. Family Heir by Sara M. Drake

Never ONCE has a big foot novel caught my attention before…So It’ll be new for me…


8. Counted Worthy by Leah E. Good

I am now reading it (Wooh!) but didn’t get a chance to when it was released 😦


So, thats it for my TTT post! Did you do it? Comment the link below because I want to read it! 😀

Now, one more thing…So, I posted this on my twitter last night:

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.18.13 AM


and I would LOVE to hear your writing pet peeves for my youtube channel. I’m wanting to do more vlogs and fun writerly youtube videos and I need your help to figure out what kind of pet peeves I will list in the video. (Maybe if I get enough suggestions, there will be multiple! 🙂 ) So comment below, I would love to hear what your pet peeves are for this video!


So, thank you for tuning into my Top Ten Tuesday Post and my little announcement of sorts!

Until Next Time.

Adriana G.

P.S I’m hoping to get a writing post up this week. I have just been busy with editing when I have the time then studying my brains out the rest of it!

Resolutions For The NEW Year!

Hello Readers!

I am back once again! Sorry for just leaving you all hanging. Why did I do such a terrible thing? Well…I /planned/ to do posts all last week but Christmas things and Teen Wolf Season 1 kind of got in the way of that…Anyways! Over the course of this week (when I can find time between Teen Wolf and Doctor Who Marathons and studying for finals for Math) I will kinda be doing some fun recap type posts (from the year and the holidays and such) AND also do a peek into plans for the blog and my reading list for 2015!! WOOH!

So to start for today, I am going to be doing a 2015 New Years Writing and Blog Resolution Post! Sound good?

Alright! Let’s do this!

1. Write at least 4 of the 6 novels I plan to write this year.

So yes, I have six novels planned that I would like to complete this year (Need some way to catch up on all the ideas building up in my idea bank) but my goal is to at least finish four of them. So we will see what happens there, but with Camp NaNoWriMo and regular NaNoWriMo I think I could probably pull it off.

2. Do some fun Blog Giveaways

Always wanted to do one! Just…needed something to giveaway.

3. More Guest Posts!!

WOOH! That would be tons of fun. Now I don’t mean guest posts from authors or anything but also just from you lovely readers*. Or I at least want to engage with my readers more in my posts and maybe get your ideas and opinions and such and compile it into a guest post. We shall see.

4. Interview everyday teenage and young adult writers who are still working hard on their manuscripts.

I was gonna do this series where I interviewed all my writer friends back in the fall/early November but that just didn’t happen BUT I do still have the interviews meaning I’m going to do them.**

* Note: If you want to guest post, you can send me a message in the form I’ve put at the bottom of my post OR in my book review page.

** Refer back to #3’s note 😉

Now for more writing resolutions… 5. Write my own mini movie/book trailer script. (And film it)

A lot of you may not know this but I have ALWAYS wanted to be a movie director of sorts and to also write a movie script of some sort. I think it’s a great skill to have and would be fun to do so I am adding that to my list.

6. Compile a small book of my own poetry.

I’ve recently picked up poetry again and  am absolutely loving it! I think it would be fun to write a small little book of sorts and compile a book.

7. Work (throughout the year) on gathering info and stories from a family member so I can write a story.

I have wanted to do this for about a year now and this year, I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna approach a family member and just hear more about their life and childhood and get it all set to write the story in the New Years of 2016 (yeah I’m thinking really far ahead)

8. Find an Agent.

Still working on touching up my Contemporary novel ‘Holding On To Grace’ but soon I’m gonna be on the hunt for an agent! Here is to hoping that goes well! *fingers crossed*


9. Have a full novel published on Wattpad

So, you know that Sci-Fi I was gonna post on Wattpad over Christmas? Yeah well that didn’t happen so, over the course of the year (so I have time to edit like crazy) I will be uploading it. When I will start to upload it I don’t know but once I start I can assure you I will be on a roll!


10. Go to a writers conference!

Never been to one, but I would like to go to one so that is definitely on my New Years Resolution list thingy…I WILL go to one this year!


So, those are my writing and blog resolutions for the New Year! What are yours? I would LOVE to hear them in the comments! 😀


Until Next Time,


Top Ten Favourite Books I Read This Year

Hello Readers!


So, I’m still sticking to the old pick I’m using for Top Ten posts for now and probably for the rest of this week until I can get these pictures set up because my weekend suddenly became busy and I didn’t have time to pull out my camera or anything! Oh well 😛

Today’s Top Ten Post is The Top Ten Books I read this year.



*In no particular order, just my top ten*

1. Skinny by Laura L. Smith


This was an absolutely beautiful book (which I got for free on Amazon and is still free 😉 ) and it was really a great inspiration to me. Easy read, beautiful book, important message.

2-3. Rising and Descending by Holly Kelly


It think y’all know my thoughts on these and how much I love these books… XD Here are the links to both Reviews. Rising and Descending 

4. The Story of Owen by E.K Johnston


Loved this book! Can’t get better than modern day dragon hunters..who are teenagers.

5. The Maze Runner by James Dashner


Um, excuse me. Amazingness and CRUSHED FEELS all over the flippin place!

6. The Follower by C.F Barrows


So much love for this book! I’ve read it about 5 times this year!

7. It’s Addicting by Laura L. Smith


Once again, another beautiful and amazing book with such a great message!

8. My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok


Was assigned this for school reading and I loved it. Such a great story indeed!

9. Worth The Wait (Waltham Academy #1) by Laura Jackson


This was such a great book by a great author! As you can all tell, I love YA Fiction considering most my novels on this list are of that genre. Well half of them.

10. Seeing Through Stones by Rajdeep Paulus


Okay. This book made me cry, but this was beautiful. This is a book people should cry over, not The Fault In Our Stars…Sorry. I shall not be a hater on that book. *cough* any who. Great book, you should read it 🙂

So these are the Top Ten Favourite Books I Read this year. 🙂

Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle