WIP Progress-Writing Update

Hello My Lovely Readers!

So, I was going post a little bit of a writing update yesterday, but along with rushing to get school done so I could spend my 18th Birthday celebrating and hanging out with my family, a forgetfulness to post something came with that haha. So, instead, here is the post I was going to do yesterday!


So, since April my writing has been moving along at the pace of a snail! The main reason being that I’ve got lots of school stuff these next few weeks and have been so busy with school stuff these last few weeks as well. But besides that…we shall move on and I will give you a bit of an update…So yeah….




First things first!

So, a while back I did a post with a poll asking you lovely people which novel you want to see updates on here on the blog and I shall now reveal the results! (On what days and how often I will give updates I don’t know. I’m thinking once every other week but I’m not sure yet)

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 9.07.34 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 9.07.37 AM


So, it has been decided! You will be getting some awesome and fun updates and sneek peeks on the MAHWS series 😀 (As well as Lucy but not as often and it will mostly be writing tip posts on editing and my editing process)

So, yes, it has been decided which now means…. TIME FOR AN UPDATE ON MAHWS!



So, like I said, my writing has been going REALLY slow! and, for a while it was actually going really nicely when I was able to get the chance to write….until I came to this:



I don’t know what happened, but I hit Part 2 of MAHWS and was able to sucessfully outline most of it then this happened….


My brain basically has frozen and I’m not sure why. I’m assuming its just stress of upcoming finals leaking into everything I do and it’s throwing me off and if that truly is the case, I will be back to my writing in no time at all 😀

BUT despite that, the tiny little bits and pieces I’ve been able to get down and judging by my outline….Things are gonna get crazy. Crazy emotional teenage girls, medical issues, hospital visits, low blows, sass, arguments, questioning authority. The WORKS. Basically a lot of this….


and this….




And this….



Then someone is like…



Then someone else replies to above statement with…




Then someone responds to that like…




and someone- *SIGHHHH* You get my point….Gonna be some absolute crazy insanity incoming and I’m really starting to question what kind of mess I’ve gotten myself into…but I feel like this might be somewhat enjoyable actually…

So thats my update!

Oh….and I’m writing a fairytale retelling…But that is for another time 🙂


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


Looking Back || May 2015 In Review


Hello Readers!

So first off, I want to apologize for my lack of posts this last week (and even just lately on a whole) I want to just say that things might be a little slow around here for a while, as finals are in a couple weeks and therefore a lot of my free time is now being used for studying purposes. Then I am free for the summer! Freeeeeeeeeee!

*cough cough* Anyways. On with the post in which I share all the lovely things that went on this last month! Yay!



New Things!

So, as some of you might have noticed, I have something floating around my blog called ‘Spotlight Saturday’ and so far, it’s going very well! I’ve put up 5 posts so far and have about 6 more lined up at the moment with a few more coming in. Now, what is Spotlight Saturday?

Well, It’s a linkup where I interview other bloggers, asking them about their blog, and every Saturday I will post that interview. The purpose behind this is to be able to spread the word about some amazing blogs you may or may not have read before therefore helping you discover new blogs to read and meet other amazing people!

Interested in being interviewed for this? Know someone who will? Send me an email from the contact form on my Contact Page ( <– Click there ) and I will get back to you with the questions and the day your post will be up on the blog!


Book Reviews

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven —> Quick little fangirl moment for me, but I posted the link to said review on my Twitter and Jennifer Niven retweeted the link to my book review and I’m kinda excited about that, okay?



The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy by Sam Maggs

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


Top 3 Posts (besides Book Reviews)

Post Title: What’s your personality type?  -Want to know which of my characters share the same personality type with you? You can do that by clicking the Post Title.

Post Title: May The 4th Be With You -Pretty Self Explanatory 😉 You like Star Wars? then check out this post.

Post Title: Creating Diversity in the Fantasy Genre || Collaboration with Cait Potter – The lovely Cait Potter did a guest post/collaboration with me and she may one day make another appearance! Do you want to collaborate a post or guest post on The Librarian Files? You can contact me if you are interested 🙂 But either way, check out this post. It’s awesome.


How Did My Writing Go?

My writing the last month had been basically non-existent but, I am working on getting going on that once more (Summer, I love you) When summer comes around, I  will be working on a bunch of writing stuff. BUT The question is how my writing went in the month of May, So I will answer that.


Despite not being able to write much I did make a lot of headway on More At Home With Stangers. What was that headway made? Well, I completed Part 1 of MAHWS yesterday and fully outlined Part 2. Consdiering I have the third and final part mostly written I only expect another 30k or so. So, over all. Things went quite well.




How Was Life?

Life these last couple weeks has been absolutely glorious! Busy mind you, but still just SO amazing! For example: These last couple weeks, I’ve been prepping for my 18th Birthday and sort of rebelling my being an adult in what is now two days.

Another thing was: On May 22 to the 24th, I was able to go to such a wonderful Youth Conference known as YC where I not only fullfiled a childhood dream, heard many many speakers and bands, but I got to meet up with a friend of mine from school. A great kickoff for the summer of 2015 I must say!




What’s the Plan for June?

June still holds a lot of busy stuff for me relating to school for the first couple weeks, meaning book reviews and writing posts might be a tad bit scarce for the first couple weeks, but I still have some fun things ahead!


1st thing! (Which is quite important)

Summer Approaches Post <– If you want a say in what appears on my blog this summer you might wanna jump on over to that post and fill in a tiny little survey I set up. I want to know what you lovely people want to see this summer on The Librarian Files and for that to happen you need to tell me! You can do so by clicking the link above.


2nd thing!

Kinda adding to the first thing…I will be editing my novel ‘Lucy’ through the summer in which I will be sharing my editing process with you lovely readers aaaaaand maybe be on the look out for some Beta Readers 😉


3rd thing!

I’m assiting a lovely author named Rachelle Rea with the blog tour for her book. You do not want to miss both posts I’ll be doing which will be here, on the blog, on Wednesday, June 3rd and Monday, June 15th.


So, that’s my May 2015 Review post!


Until Next time!

Adriana Gabrielle