Sometimes You Gotta Refocus…



Move Forward.


So I have some more guest posts coming in the next week or two but I thought I should pop in and share some thoughts with you as well as a verse of encouragment. As I’ve mentioned a little bit here and there, this year I really focused on upgrading some high school courses so I could attend college this fall and I have arrived! But with that, I want to talk about focus and priorities.

Reaching your goals takes a lot of doing what you don’t feel like doing and also hard times. And when that happens, sometimes you’ve gotta refocus. I really learned that over the last year as I had to buckle down and do work I didn’t want to do and meet deadlines that feel almost impossible to meet. As I sit here at college having survived the first week of classes I’m realizing that it’s all the same as before. Slightly harder work and lots of it but still the same. And in those moments of stress and frustration when I feel like I’m drowning in all I have to do I’ve had to learn to stop, take a minute or two to just breathe and then reflect about why I’m doing this all and what it’s for. – What the point is behind all this paperwork and daily readings for classes the next day.

Refocus on my goals then move forward knowing that this is not pointless. That there is a plan and final goal in mind.

A long-term plan.

So just remember that if you feel exhausted, or swamped with homework, studies, work or even just life to stop and take a minute to breathe and reflect on what will come from what you are doing right now.

11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:11-13



Loving People Like Jesus

Hello there!

I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. My priorities have been to focus on my upgrades for college and now that those are done it’s a waiting process to get my marks back. Since that’s done I’m hoping to be able to put a bit more of a priority on my blogging and novel writing. But today I’m gonna work on writing up some posts and finishing up ones I started so today my friend Cori has written another guest post so I’ll let her share what she’s written.


Growing up I learned that people are not always the easiest to love all the time. I was taught that you have to love everyone, even if you don’t like them.

One of the most important commandments is to love your neighbors as yourself. God said that himself. Treat others the way you would want to be treated is something my youth pastor would say often. Although not always the easiest route, it is the way that Jesus lived himself.

Jesus hung out with people that you wouldn’t really expect. He made friends with the liars and cheats. The outcasts. The people nobody wanted to be. I think He did this to set an example for us today. He didn’t have to love on those people. But he chose to show them the love and respect every person needs.

Now that doesn’t mean that Jesus took crap from people either. He would correct them when they were wrong, in a very polite yet clever way most of the time.

Don’t think I’m telling you to hang around a murderer and be best friends with them. But I am telling you to love that person no matter the sins they struggle with because, in the end, his sin is the same as mine. Even if mine seems minuscule in comparison God sees all sin as the same.

When I was in grade school the teachers would always pair the new kids or the weird kids with me because In my house you treated everybody the way you would want to be treated, therefor I was always the nice one in class, even when I didn’t want to be I was paired with them. Now I was a very shy kid. It was pretty hard for me to do this. But I felt the call that God put on my life to follow him at a young age and I knew it was the right thing to do.

There was this one kid who nobody got along with. I’m not gonna share her name but she was a nice kid. Just a bit strange. Once one of my friends asked me why I hung out with her so much. I simply told them that she deserved to have friends too. At the end of the school year, we went our separate ways but her mom came up to me and thanked me for being so nice to this girl. She was a bit hyper and talked A LOT but I did enjoy her company and learned to love her very much.

I wish more kids would give each other a chance rather than judging a book by its cover. It’s so hard for me to see all the bullying and abuse that goes on In schools these days. It’s sad.

I learned pretty young that it’s honestly so rewarding and worth getting to know a person no matter how much they annoy you.

Now I know we aren’t all in grade school here. That was just one example. I have another. Take homeless people for example. I have worked and served homeless people for as long as I can remember. But some people won’t even look in their direction. Some Christians don’t even see them as people.

I’ll never forget the day that I went up to a homeless man and gave him some food and he looked at me with tears in his eyes. He said nobody would even look at him that day. He searches in his bag for a ring he had made and he gave it to me saying that he wishes there were more people like me in this world.

I’ve given people on the streets Christmas presents that haven’t gotten anything for 25 years and they’ve broken down and asked me to watch them open it. It wasn’t much just some essentials and little things and a book but he was so thankful for his gift. He said that maybe there really is a God that loved him all because I treated him like a normal person for a few minutes.

I love these experiences. Ones with people who think they don’t even deserve it anymore. Broken people. I see them as a beautiful creation of God and it’s almost magical seeing these moments.

If people could just open their eyes and see them as people in a bad circumstance the world would be a much more beautiful place. But let’s move on to another example.

Now we’ve all had that one neighbor that everybody hates right? I have anyways. Those people are one of the hardest to love. Just the meanest most annoying people you’ve ever met right? Well God calls us to love even them. I know crazy right?! Well, I know for a fact that Jesus would have gone up to that guy and said: “I love you no matter what the sin you are struggling with.” So we are called to do the same. That’s not always the easy thing to do but sometimes the hard choice is the best choice.

So many times in the Bible the Pharisees would scold Jesus for hanging out with “that guy” like why would a guy like you hang out with a guy like them? Love, that’s the answer. Unconditional unfailing love.

I know these words aren’t really something easy to read but it’s very important. So next time you just can’t stand someone, pray for them. It not only changes them but it changes your heart towards them. I’m not saying you have to like them, but you must love them.

“Lord help me to love like you do. Help me to love my enemy’s and pray for them. Help me to go up to the weird kid and be their friend. I thank you for your love and grace on us. We don’t deserve it but you made us deserve it by dying on the cross for us. Help me to spread love through out the world and shine your light through me. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen”

Thus Begins A New Chapter

As one chapter comes to an end, another begins.


I feel like this last week has been me adulting like crazy.

I’ve been meeting with some of my best friends.

I’ve been setting up power and internet stuff.

I’ve been buying furniture and dishes.

I’ve been trying to change my cell phone plan to better fit this next step in life and SO much more.




Because I’m moving.

Away from home.

To a new job.

With a new apartment.


I will still be around and blogging so don’t worry about that 😉 but yeah. I’m moving. I’ve been living with my giant lovable family for 19 years so this is a weird experience for me as I’m also moving 6 hours away from my family. I’m gonna miss them like crazy but I’m thankful for technology so we can talk frequently and stay connected but I’m also so excited.

I’ll  be moving in with me bookworm, writer and nerdy fangirl bestie so that will make the transition a little easier so thats exciting. (Our tea and book collection combined will be envied by all for sure.) I’ll be moving to a new town and away from the nosy people I’ve had major run ins in town this summer. (#villagelife)

But by moving to a new town it means I’ll (once again saying it) be far from my really good friends, my family, and my church family. I know I will meet new people but I know that even when I do, they won’t ever replace the people I have met here.

The people who have impacted and changed my life.

It’s kinda what I’ve been dwelling on but I know that I’m not leaving forever and so my family and my friends who have become my family will see me again. With that I just want to say this:

No matter where you go, your family and friends will still be with you. Their love goes with you wherever you go. SO if you are called to go across the world then go. Or if you are called to move across town then go. If you are called to another town, city, or village, then GO.

Just do it.


Have fun. Enjoy life and know that as this new chapter in your life begins that the people you know and love go with you in your heart.

Haha Oops…. :A Stolen Tag and Many Apologies

*peeks in* Uh…Hi. Its me.


Before you go accusing me, NOOOO I DID NOT FORGET I HAVE A BLOG… *cough cough* Not at allllllll how dare you assume things.

Okay, but really. This blogging thing…


SO I do have a writing post coming ok?? I promise! But for now I kinda partially stole and was partially tagged by Liz  @Out of Coffee, Out of Mind for this Get To Know Me tag. I figured, a lot of you may know a lot about me but the last time I did one of these was last year. And I’m a new person now! Cause like…Im an adult…who is supposed to be adulting…and kinda failing but also succeeding?? ANYWAYS. On with the tag and I promise I will get a writing post soonish!


Vital Stats—

Name: Adriana Gabrielle Lister (BAM! You now have my last name…I mean I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but yeahhhhh )

Nicknames: Adrie, Age, Dee Dee, Dilly (not called that one so much anymore. Sometimes it randomly comes up though) and I have lots of others. Like ask my friend Kolton. He and my sister are masterminds working together to give me nicknames all the time and what not….

Birthday: June 3rd

Place of birth: Edmonton, Alberta

Star Sign: Uhhh I think Gemini? I think… I don’t really pay attention to that.

Occupation: I am a Cashier and also an (unpaid) writer and blogger…Though I’m kinda failing at both writing related things right now. But I’m trying. E for Effort right?



Hair color: Blonde…but yet my hair also looks red sometimes too depending on the light. When I dyed by hair a few years ago, it kinda absorbed the color more than it should have so now my hair looks red sometimes… 😛

Hair length: Right now its at my shoulders… Was past my butt before I got it cut last spring LOL

Eye color: They be blue.


Best feature: Uhhh…I don’t know LOL I don’t really have one???

Braces:  Never had them. I don’t really need them. I mean they are an option if I want them but I don’t…

Piercings: Got my ears pierced…I think I was like 6 months when I got them pierced.

Tattoos: Don’t have one..yet. But I’m debating getting one (maybe two! :O ) this summer or fall!

Righty or lefty: Lefty


First best friend: My first best friend was a girl named Roya! We were absolute besties in Kindergarten to grade 2 or 3. After that we lost contact for many years but then, wouldn’t ya know it (perks of being a cashier at a grocery store) I actually ran into her nearing Christmas time! It was kinda cool to see her around. I’ve kinda chatted with her on and off over FB a bit this last while but yeah. She was my first best friend. Hands down.

Award: I won a trophy and medal in soccer when I was like 8? I was the most lazy player ever XD I still kinda am if I have to play soccer. Its better if you just don’t play with me at all… HAHA

Sport: *see above* Though….if Dance counts as a sport I do Swing Dancing 😀 (I’ve also done LOTS of other dance styles over the years)

Real holiday: Uh what Holiday comes after June 3rd? Whatever that was in the year 1997… XD

Concert: Oh my. Ummmm I THINK it was a Johnny Lang concert when I was about 5 years old. I vaguely remember it and I know we had moved away from Edmonton at that point…so yeah. About 5 or 6.  And I am just saying, I am the reason my parents got backstage to meet Johnny Lang….because I wanted to. So my parents took me to the security guard so I could ask to meet him. And of course I was 5 years old, and so freaking adorable so my parents and I got to go backstage and meet him!



Film: Uuuuuuugh. I don’t know. I think, in all honestly, when it comes down to it my favourite is tied between Disney’s Beauty and the Beast OR The Little Mermaid.

TV show: Agent Carter OR Doctor Who OR Sherlock. Top 3. Right there.

Color: ORANGE!!!! (really. If you haven’t guessed by now with all the orange font stuff I use in my posts or how much I TALK about the color orange then…)

Song: Hahahaaaaa thats cute. Really it is. I honestly couldn’t tell you what my favourite song would be… I have SO many Spotify playlists its not even funny.

Restaurant: Joey’s Seafood probably (because Seafood) OR Street-side Eatery. I love both those places.

Shop: Chapters. Duh.

Book: Really? This is even more adorable than the song question. I once again can’t really pick just one. But Jennifer Niven’s All The Bright Places is high on the list.

Magazine: Ummm…. a- uh- mothering magazine filled with birth stories. I know! I know! It kinda sounds really really weird (its why I hide the magazine and don’t keep it on my bookshelf so people who don’t really know don’t judge me) but I am considering getting my training to be a doula/midwife. So yeahhhhh…..

Shoes: Can my favourite shoes be a pair I do not have in my possession quite yet??? Because I’m gonna be (FINALLY) purchasing a pair of saddle shoes… they are already my favourite and not even in my possession as of yet.



Feeling: Pretty darn great!

Single or taken: Single

Eating: Nothing…I’m chewing some cinnamon heart gum though.

Listening to: ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ from Disney’s Tarzan.

Thinking about: how I cannot wait for Monday (usually I don’t look forward to Mondays…but Swing Dance classes are a thing that happen on those days now.)

Watching: Uh myself type the words of this post….

Wearing: Some sweat pants, my grey Swingbridge Dance Club tank top, my mums grey Halo headband AND a new wrap bracelet I got.


Want children: Yes!

Want to be married:  Totalllllllly! 😀

Careers in mind: Midwife/Doula, Youth Leader, and/or Author

Where do you want to live: Somewhere not too terribly cold… I don’t do cold.

Do you believe in…

God: Absolutely!

Miracles: Yes!

Love at first sight: Indeed I do!

Ghosts: Sort of, yes. I believe some or most of what we see in fiction and movies is fake but I do believe there are ghosts/spirits and they are not always pleasant.

Aliens: Nope

Soul mates: Yes

Heaven: Absolutely

Hell: Absolutely.

Kissing on the first date: Ahem. EW.

Yourself: Uhhh yes? HAHA


So this is my lovely tag thing!! If you want you can steal it and if you don’t want to you don’t have to! (I don’t know who to tag.)


Writing Post coming soon!


Adriana G.

The Tag of Happiness!!

Happy tag Happiness

Take the banner and put it in your post
List as many things as you want in each category
Come up with more categories if you wish
Tag as many people as you want


Some songs that make you happy

Oops I Did It Again Cover by Postmodern Jukebox || Anything Postmodern Jukebox || Release The Panic by Red || Not Gonna Die by Skillet || Riptide by Vance Joy || Bubbly by Colbie Callait || Fight Song by Rachel Platten || Human by Christina Perri || Numb by Linkin Park || Beat It cover by Fall Out Boy || You Make Me Brave by Amanda Cook and Bethel Music || Brave by Moriah Peters || Light it Up by ForKING&COUNTRY || Jesus, Healer by Bluetree || Uncomfortable by Andy Mineo || Wild Things by Andy Mineo || Photograph by Ed Sheeran || Till Summer Comes Around by Keith Urban ||

Some books that make you happy

The Percy Jackson Books || Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen || The Status Update Series by Laura L. Smith || Glass Girl by Laura Anderson Kurk || The Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs ||

Some foods that make you happy

Nachos || Pizza || Ice Cream ||….I love Junk Food ok?

Some words that make you happy

Intention [in-ten-shuh n]
1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

2. the end or object intended; purpose.

Imagine [ih-maj-in]
verb (used with object), imagined, imagining.
1. to form a mental image of something not actually present to the senses.

2. to think, believe, or fancy

3. to assume; suppose conjecture; guess

Some scents that make you happy

Mint || Rain || Lilacs || Roses || Lemon || Baking Cookies (It’s a glorious smell, is it not?) || The Forest/Outdoors ||

Some random things that make you happy

Oversized Sweaters || Hugs || Writing || Poetry || Music || Thunderstorms || Reading || Dancing || Seeing my best friend(s) || Stars || Myths ||

I tag who ever feels like doing this tag!

Leibster Award || Thanks, Only True Magic!

Sooooooooo three things you can probably tell: 1.) I forgot to post a book review yesterday (SORRY!!)  2.) I was nominated for the Liebster Award and 3.) Amber @ Only True Magic nominated me! (Thanks!!!)


The Rules:

~Thank the person who nominated me and include the Liebster Award sticker in the post.
~Nominate 5-10 other bloggers and notify them of this in one of their posts..
~Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator and create 11 different questions for your nominees to answer. Or, you can repeat the same questions.
~Copy these rules into your post.


Questions for me from Amber @ Only True Magic:

1. Have you listened to Ryan Adams’ cover album of 1989? If you haven’t, hop on Spotify right now and listen to it. If you have, OH MY GOD ISN’T IT SO GOOD?

No, I haven’t. I only just heard about it today but I’m not all that interested to be honest.
2. Out of all of the thousands of memes on this planet, which ones are your favorite?

Grumpy Cat

Hey look! Its me!


3. Think back to the books you read last year. Which one would you never read again and why?

To be honest I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday so I really don’t remember what books I read last year and didn’t like. I only remember the ones I loved…and even then XD


4. If you could have any superpower, which one would it be?

Either to fly or having the ability to teleport places 😀 I could travel wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted and not have to pay for a plane ticket!


5. How do you feel about book trailers?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE book trailers you guys! I actually have plans to make a few books trailers with some friends of mine…Might have to wait until after I graduate but I have a couple planned that I wanna make 🙂


6. Which recent releases seemed to be favorites within the bookish community, but you didn’t really feel yourself vibing with?

To be honest I haven’t read very many new/recent releases cause I’m poor and can’t buy books. But I can say when people were raving about The Book Thief, I bought it but I did NOT enjoy it at all….Not sure if that counts.


7. Which book series that didn’t tickle your fancy would be better if written by a different author? (ie: Twilight by Scott Westerfield?)

In my opinion, The Matched Trilogy would have been WONDERFUL if written by Suzanne Collins. I will never NOT love Suzanne Collins ok?


8. What’s your favorite tv show on Netflix/Hulu right now?

IIIIIIII don’t actually have either of those programs rn…. Internet where I live is way too slow to stream it :/


9. Why do you think it’s so difficult to come up with unique and interesting questions so that the people participating in these awards don’t have to answer the same eleven questions over and over again?

I know that, for me, it’s because I always try to do questions that people may not have asked…but then I usually sound like some freaky stalker who wants to know everything about you….SO I just can’t win, really.


10. Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation believed in one thing and one thing only: “Treat. Yo. Self.” What’s one thing you like to splurge on to treat yo self?

Chocolate. Chocolate and more Chocolate….


11. Imagine your favorite tv character thrust in the middle of The Hunger Games. How do you think they’d fare?

Annabeth Chase would kick butt in the Hunger Games, ok? Nuff said.


Questions for my Nominees:

So I stole the questions that the blogger who nominated Amber for this award asked her cause they were epic and I wanna see your answers.

1. If you could visit any place in time or space, where would you go?

2. What was the last movie you watched? Was it good? Better or worse than expected?

3. What is your favourite book genre? Why?

4. Libraries, book stores, or on-line book shopping?

5. Which is your most idolized book character (if any)?

6. What is your dream job?

7. What is your favourite book as of this moment? What is your favourite book of all time?

8. What are you currently reading? Are you enjoying it? What’s your favourite thing about it so far?

9. Do you have a secret talent? What is it?

10. Tell a funny story from your week so far.

11. What is your favourite song/album at this very moment?



|| Brett @ Brett Michael Orr || Victoria @ Stori Tori’s Blog || Grace @ Lovin My Lit  || Cait @ Paperfury || Rachel @ Stained Glass Windows || Aimee @ To The Barricade! ||

The Liebster Award || I’ve Been Nominated! (x3)

Hello Readers!

So it’s the time of year for the Liebster Award and, it seems, I’ve been nominated THREE times! I was nominated by  Natasha @ Memoirs of a Tale Weaver, T.A. Christensen,  and Rachel Day @ Stained Glass Windows and  I couldn’t be more excited! (Thanks T.A Chistensen, Natasha, and Rachel!) So, how this is going to work is that I am going to answer all 33 questions (So I don’t do three posts) but only ask 11 so my nominees don’t get all confused heehee. Simple as that!



The Rules:

1.) Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog. 2.) Answer the questions given you by said person. 3.) Choose eleven questions of your own. 4.) Nominate eleven more people!  Note: You can find the questions for nominees and the nominees at the bottom of the post 😀


My Answers (to Natasha's Questions):

1. Who is your favorite character from your WIP? Why?

I suppose that means I’ll have to pick one of my many WIP’s huh? Well I’ll just got with my More At Home With Strangers cast….So, from that novel I will have to say that Paisley is my favourite. (That was hard to choose. I’m just saying. You all just couldn’t see my struggle and how long it took me to decide.) I love Paisley because she is probably one of the most Quirky Characters I’ve written so far and she’s absolutely brilliant but just doesn’t realize it and those kinds of characters are my favourite.


2. Outside of writing, is there anything that you really, passionately love doing?

Oh my goodness….I’m not sure. I have a passion for a lot of things (Dance, Singing, Reading etc.) but I have to say writing is something I passionately love doing….So I will say, not really.


3. What made you want to start your blog?

I’m trying to remember to be honest…Oh! I actually wasn’t sure I wanted to be a blogger but when I joined the GTW group about 3 years ago, a bunch of gals were starting a group blog and I did that for a while because I thought it would be fun….My posts really were terrible but I enjoyed it and that really kicked off my love for blogging so yeah…


4. What is one of your funniest childhood memories?

Now…Lets see. Do I want to embarass myself with one of these memories or someone else? Hard to decide I just have so many good/funny memories…But one of the ones that still makes me laugh so hard I cry is this: I was sleeping over at my friends house (She was my best friend at the time and we were both about 11 or 12) and we LOVED to listen to these Radio Dramas called ‘Adventures in Odyssey.’ I was so excited because I had brought my IPod and IPod Dock to that sleepover so we could listen to a bunch of the episodes I had on there. (I had the first 500 on my Ipod) So, we got SO excited and we had a blast listening to them the whole sleepover…and, I don’t know what possessed my friend and I to do such a silly thing, at bed time we decided to listen to one of my absolute favourite episodes….And it was a mystery. Probably one of the most frightening episodes I have heard ever (still my favourite one by the way)….Do you see where I’m going with this, you guys?  So we got ready for bed and we were lying there, in the dark, my friend was on her bed then sleeping on the floor was my younger sister, her younger sister and myself. (Our sisters were in between her bed and where I was lying on the floor) and we were listening to this episode and there was this crazy intense scene where this character was supposedly putting a ‘curse’ on someone and that is when….I sneezed. I sneezed so loud that it scared me and I jumped but the best part was my friend letting out this startled yelp and I literally see her shadow bounce off her bed a couple feet into the air while our sisters both scrambled out of the room and ran into the hallway.

It was one of the best things ever and we didn’t sleep for a long time because we couldn’t stop laughing so hard…  BOOM! Funniest childhood memory right there! (A note to my nominees: You better start thinking on something cause I’m asking this question. Too good to pass up.)


5. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?

*sniffles* *sobs* I had a cat and I miss him soooooo much! (No, he didn’t die.) Let me explain. We were looking into fostering this adorable little kitten named Diesel ( or Deez and my mum and I called him) and we did a trial run with him for two weeks for two reasons. Those reasons were 1.) My sister has/had allergies but she hadn’t had a reaction in years so we wanted to see how she handled having a cat in the house and 2.) My dad isn’t a fan of pets (and if dad isn’t happy with an animal in the house then it could cause problems) So. We had a trial run with this adorable cat and I was the first one to fall for him. We went to pick him up and I was in love.

He was the sweetest cat ever and he had this funny way that he walked (due to a surgery he had when he was just a little baby) and he was just so chill and kinda my favourite but sadly, after a week and a half, my sisters allergies caught up to her and so we couldn’t foster him. I’m still heartbroken and miss my little Deez but we couldn’t have my sister not breathe well for the rest of her life either.  So, now that I have told you about Deez. I shall show you all pictures of him.


Mah bebe sleeping like the angel he is



6. Is there one particular trait that most of your characters have? If so, what is that?

I might sound REALLY lazy when answering this question, but I don’t really know…I’m sure there is, but I don’t know what it is…(someone who has read my writing help me out?)


7. If you could be any type of mythological creature, what would you be?

Well. I mean it’s already pretty well known amongst most my friends that I’m a mermaid sooooooo….


8. You have been handed a blank check by a billionaire. What do you do with it?

I swear I have been thinking on this question for SOOOO long and I really don’t know….


9. If you could live absolutely anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Oh boy…Too many options to choose from. I’ve never been there, but I’m gonna say Paris, France. I have heard from many people that it is beautiful there.


10. Plotter, pantser, or plantser?

I used to be a plotter but now I would definitely say I’m a plantser for sure. It all just depends on the day really.


11. Do you keep a journal/notebook? If so, what is it about?

I have about three main notebooks I have and use on a regular basis. The first one is just a simple notebook that I keep Sermon/Lesson notes from Youth Conferences and Church and stuff and I occasionally write prayer requests in there as well. The second one is a huge 500 page notebook I use for figuring out all my novel stuff. (There are short stories, snippets, character profiles and tons of stuff in there) The other notebook is what I use when people watching and has all my brainstormed story ideas and writing promts. (And it looks like the TARDIS which makes it a million times better.)


My Answers (To Rachel's Questions):

1. Favorite color?

My favourite color is Orange. No doubt about it.


2. Favorite sound?

Either the sound of thunderstorms/rain OR wolves growling/howling (Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know but it seriously calms me)


3. How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for two years as of April 21st, 2015


4. Do you have lots of stuff on your bedroom wall? Or do you like it clear?

Well…I have the issue where I share a room with my sister and she wants the walls clear so we compromised and I can use up the wall space around my loft bed (i’m on the bottom bunk) as much as I want….In result, I have SO many things on my bedroom wall. I shall just show you all instead cause it’s easier than explaining.

So, At the head of my bed is the following:


A drawing I did and a note from my bestie ❤


This is right underneath the note from my friend and the drawing and this is a one of a kind drawing signed by the artist 🙂 Something I got at Who Fest in Dallas last year


This is directly above my bed and it consists of encouraging quotes, bible verses, emails from author Laura L.Smith and some other little things like that.


Meanwhile, to the right of my bed is this: (My Favourite thing on the whole wall)


This is just a wall (still adding more pictures as I go) of pictures of my loved ones and reminds me of the fun times I’ve had with those loved ones 😀 ❤



Oh….and I have a kitty callendar.



5. What is your comfort food?

I don’t really have a comfort food….but Earl Grey Tea is definitely a comfort beverage for me.


6. If your life was being made into a movie, who would you cast to play you?

Probably Billie Piper just so I could be portrayed as someone beautiful…Cause that would be nice.


She is just gorgeous and I can’t deal.


7. What kind of computer do you use?

I actually have two computers who compete for my attention. I do all my school and most of my blogging on a Mac laptop who is kinda slow and a bit of a bum….but then I write my novels on a lovely little Acer laptop named Fred…who is basically my boyfriend (I have no life, okay? Don’t judge me.)


8. Summer or Winter?



9. What fantasy world would you most like to visit?

Narnia. Without a doubt. Narnia all the way.


10. One thing that will make you smile?

Getting an encouraging note/text from a friend or family member.


11. You are running away, and you are only aloud to take five things with you. What would you take?

Are clothes just an assumed thing I would take?….Hm. Either way, I would take: My Bible, My laptop (and charger, cause who wouldn’t take one?), My Kindle, My Ipod, and A photo album with all the pictures of my friends and family (on my wall) in it.


My Answers (To T.A. Christensen's Questions):

1. What’s something weird/unusual that you collect?

Well…I could say I collect earrings…I just LOVE jewelry and I have SO many earrings. All different shapes and sizes and all different levels of bling…*sigh* I have a problem.


2. Any interesting childhood nicknames?

My mum called me ‘Dilly’ for the first couple years of my life. That nickname came from the nursery rhyme ‘Lavender’s Blue’ (or whatever its called haha)…It might sound weird but I do miss the nickname.


3. What is the strangest piece of information that you know?

I seriously can’t just pick one. I know quite a few strange pieces of information to be honest…


4. Sweet, savoury, or both?

Both. Both. Definitely Both. Both is good.


5. If you could learn any instrument, what would you learn?

Wayyyy too many to choose from! I literally have a list of about 5 instruments I want to learn. One of them being the Violin 😀 (I’m learning the Ukulele now and I’m not sure if that counted as an answer cause I’m learning to play it now…)


6. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

No freaking idea…


7. What is your opinion on instrumental music?

I LOVE Instrumental music. It’s so great!


8. If you could change one thing from your childhood, what would you change?

That I still had the nickname Dilly…That is all.


9. What is the worst book that you’ve read so far this year?

I sadly have not read much this year but I would have to say that it was this book called ‘Fat Girl’ I was so excited to read it but it was not as it was made out to be at all and I was quite disappointed. :/


10. Where is the last place that you would want to travel to?

The last place I would want to travel to? …I’m just not sure there are so many places I want to go so I haven’t had time to think about where I don’t want to go…


11. What is the first thing that you notice about a person’s appearance?

Is it weird if I say their eyes and/or smile???…. *sits here feeling weird*


My Questions for the Nominees:

1. What is one of your funniest childhood memories?

2. What would you say is one of your hidden talents? (Won’t be hidden for much longer. Mwahahaa)

3. What is your ideal vacation? (Location? What would you do?)

4. I demand a #Shelfie! (Picture of your book shelf/shelves in case you don’t know what it is?)

5. What is one thing you want to do or have done that will/has surprised everyone?

6. Favourite color! Go!

7. Do you have a favourite notebook/journal? What is the contents of this journal/notebook?

8. Who is the author you most want to meet? or have you already met them? (If you have tell us about it!)

9. People watching! (Admit it, writers, you do this.) What are your techniques to appear less stalker-ish while people watching?

10. What is your favourite movie/TV show right now? Why?

11. What are some writing/blogging goals you have for this lovely year of 2015?


The Nominees:

Brett @ Brett Michael Orr || Victoria @ Stori Tori’s Blog || Cait @Paperfury || Rae @ The Wallflower || Leah @ Leah K. Oxendine || Aidyl @ Noveltea || Carissa @ Digressions of a Demented Scribe || Laura @ Laura L. Smith || Aimee @ To The Barricade! || Kathrese @ Kathrese McKee || Rachel W. @ Secret Scribblings || and because I’m a cheater I’m adding a 12th blogger! || Justine @ Girl Gone Dreamer ||

Turning Point Blog Tour



Hello Readers!

So, I nearly forgot about my post for today but then…I didn’t. So it’s all good and I’m excited to share this with you all.

I’m here to tell you about this awesome set of books (7 of them, in fact) perfect for your summer reading. For a limited time, the Turning Point collection is featuring seven full length young adult novels for only 99 cents available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo! 99 cents people! I’ve yet to get my copy…But I think you all know by now not to follow my book buying example, becasue I never have money to afford books…or almost never…..


Here are the titles in the set!

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.00.01 PM

Turning Point: 7 Young Adult Inspirational Novels in One Set Making it easy (and super cheap!) for you. All your summer reading is right here in this one set. Get seven full-length novels from some of your favorite authors.


By Darkness Hid, Jill Williamson

Given the chance to train as a squire, kitchen servant Achan Cham hopes to pull himself out of his pitiful life and become a Kingsguard Knight. When Achan’s owner learns of his training, he forces Achan to spar with the Crown Prince–more of a death sentence than an honor. Meanwhile, strange voices in Achan’s head cause him to fear he’s going mad. While escorting the prince to a council presentation, their convoy is attacked. Achan is wounded and arrested, but escapes from prison–only to discover a secret about himself he never believed possible.



Whisper If You Have To, Staci Stallings

Secrets. Alison Prescott has collected a boatload of them in her short lifetime. Moving to a new school in a new town was supposed to fix everything; however, when she meets a new set of friends, keeping those secrets might just ruin everything including her fledgling relationship with the school’s basketball star, Chad Dourozette. How far will Allison go to keep the secrets she can never tell anyone?



It’s Complicated, Laura L. Smith

There’s a reason Facebook has the Status Update, It’s Complicated. Follow four college roommates, Claire, Palmer, Hannah, and Kat as they maneuver crushes, confusion, and the crisis when pushy boys go too far. Complicated as it is, these four friends will pull through, guided by the strength of their friendship and the power of God’s love.



Failstate, John W. Otte

A fledgling teenage superhero competes on a reality TV show for a government vigilante license. When one of his competitors is murdered, Failstate sets out on a quest to avenge her death. But will his superpowered lunk of a big brother ruin everything?



The Wishing Pearl, Nicole O’Dell

Sixteen-year-old Olivia Mansfield can’t wait to escape the confines of her home, which promises nothing but perpetual torment and abuse from her stepfather. When poor choices lead her to the brink of a complete breakdown, Olivia comes to a crossroads. Will she find the path to ultimate hope and healing that her heart longs for?



Mardan’s Mark, Kathrese McKee

Abducted by pirates and taken behind enemy lines across the Great Gulf, Princess Srilani is determined to save her sisters and younger brother, the crown prince, from captivity. She convinces their caretaker, Aldan, and his brother slaves to share the perilous journey home. This ragtag group of unlikely heroes sets out on a quest — pursued by cutthroat pirates, merciless priests, and marauding soldiers — to return the heir to his kingdom before war breaks out. In this epic adventure fantasy, Srilani and Aldan risk everything to save a prince and a nation, discovering along the way that death is not their deepest fear.



Glass Girl, Laura Anderson Kurk

After her older brother Wyatt is killed in a jealousy-fueled incident and her mother disappears, Meg Kavanagh decides surviving is easy—it’s living that takes guts. She believes she’s to blame for Wyatt’s death, but when Henry Whitmire steps in with a secret, will Meg forgive herself enough to accept the good things in life like the rush of first love and the power of mercy? – See more at:

Indie Author Looking For Friends || Guest Post by Author Mariella Hunt

Dissonance Cover Img Front


Fifteen-year-old Allie Grant lives crippled by her illness. Though kept in isolation, she’s never alone: A spirit named Song lurks in the silence of her bedroom.

When Song reveals its dark nature on the night of her recital, the show ends in tragedy. Verging on death, Allie’s taken in by an uncle she’s never met. Julian claims to be a Muse with power over music and answers that’ll heal her.

It isn’t long before Allie suspects her uncle has a secret that’ll change her very identity. But with days left to live, she might fade without learning the truth…like the finishing chord of a song.

The meaning of the word dissonance is inharmonious or harsh sound. Ever since publishing my book on June 1, I’ve been in a state of disharmony trying to get a marketing plan together.

It’s not that I’m panicking. I’m excited–because my book is out there.

It took a long time to shape it up enough that I could share it with my friends. I reached a point where readers connect with characters, or a single line is recorded in their memory. Even if they don’t like the book as a whole, I’ll feel I achieved something if there’s one memorable detail about it–because I’ve invested so much of myself into this story.

Dissonance is available on nook and Kindle right now. Soon it’ll be out in paperback. If you want to help me make some coffee money, the $2.99 really does help.

But if you can’t buy it right now, or you just don’t think it’s the kind of book you’d enjoy, I’d still love to be friends! Say hi on Twitter or follow me on Facebook. The more the merrier! I want to know your stories just as much as I’d like you to enjoy mine!

I hope you’ve had a good summer so far, and that it only gets better. Thanks for listening!


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