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So guess who was the horrible blogger and forgot she was scheduled to write a post for Rachelle Rea’s upcoming book? Yeah…me.

So here I am in a desperate sort of panic and also going like this:


BUT I shall not delay this post any longer my friends! So lets do this thing!

So I haven’t started reading my ARC of Rachelle’s upcoming novel but I’m hoping to start this weekend and I’m BEYOND excited! So this post is just information about the upcoming book  PLUS an interview question and answer (yes, only one. I told you it was a mini interview thing) so yeah. Stick around for some awesomeness here!


ABOUT The Sound of Emeralds
What once was blazing hatred has turned to lasting love, but could the union of a wild heart with that of a lady ever result in more than heartache?

With the help of an old friend with uncertain loyalties, Dirk inches ever closer to clearing his name. Gwyneth throws her faith into good tidings and the promise of a future as a family. But an old evil comes to call, just as tragedy rips apart a fledgling truce. Enemies from the past and grief for the future threaten to tear asunder what God had brought together…

As the date of Dirk’s trial approaches, his fate and his family hang in the balance. Will he be proven innocent of Gwyneth’s parents’ murders—or separated from her forever? How much pain does it take to erode a love steadfast?



Rachelle Rea plots her novels while driving around the little town she’s lived in all her life in her dream car, a pick-up truck. An Oreo addict, she is also a homeschool graduate and retired gymnast. She wrote The Sound of Emeralds during her senior year of college.



Website: http://RachelleRea.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/InspiringDaring/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/RachelleRea/ Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/RachelleRea

Instagram: @RachelleDianeRea

Amazon Preorder: http://is.gd/F53u5R

Kindle: http://is.gd/F53u5R

Barnes & Noble: Coming February 15

Books a Million: Coming February 15

Goodreads: http://is.gd/zRI9dg



ISBN: 1939023637                                               ISBN-13: 978-1939023636

Publisher: WhiteFire Publishing                           http://whitefire-publishing.com



Sound of Emeralds


So I personally am #TeamDirk but we have a #TeamAnders related question here so lets just do that before I start to weep because Dirk and Gwyn or goals.

#TeamAnders Interview Question:  What would you be willing to do, reasonably, to win Gwyn’s heart?

#TeamAnders Interview Answer: Anything but break her heart. A part of me wants to say I would do anything, and in a way I would. I would. I love her that much that I would break my own heart, but never hers. And if that is what I’m called to do, so be it.


So thats it for today! Thanks for reading lovelies!

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Cover Reveal || The Sound of Emeralds

Hello Readers!

I’m here with another exciting cover reveal for book 3 of The Steadfast Love Series by Rachelle Rea 😀

So here it is! The cover for The Sound of Emeralds


Sound of Emeralds