Dancing Through The Pain

Now you might think the title is metaphorical but no. I mean literally…but also get ready for some real stuff and life lessons! Wooh!



le me Swing Dancing 🙂 ( photo cred: Swing Bridge Dance Club )


Something you all know about me at this point: I’m a huge lover of Swing Dance.  (Being deprived of it since I’ve moved is so hard)


Something you may or may not know about me is this: I have chronic pain in my legs (due to uneven arches in my feet.) This chronic pain affects me daily. Some days are worse than others but usually after a full day of running around doing errands and working I am out for the count and it hurts to walk or move.



Put chronic pain and Swing together and you get an interesting way of making said chronic pain worse. Yet I do it and keep doing it anyways.




Because I love it too much to stop. Now that might sound like a silly excuse but its the truth.


Why Swing Dance?

Swing Dance is something I did weekly before moving (I still dance around my apartment lots too. Not the same but hey I’m still groovin’ )  Not only was it fun but it really improved my mood but, for the first time in a long time, I REALLY looked forward to a new week ahead of me cause I always kicked off the week with dance.

Fun fact: Dance or Movement Therapy has been used for many centuries to improve the mental and physical well- being of a person. Since dancing is an art, it increases self-expression and helps people connect with themselves and others. Dancing is a form of art that offers a way to explore psychological roots to overcome certain illnesses such as depression. Research have shown that dancing provide benefits that can help minimize depression’s effects.

As well as it being fun there are actually a lot of health benefits of it. Swing Dancing is a fun way to work out without it really feeling like a workout in the moment. Dancing also makes you happier. Not just in the moment but also in the long run.

I’ve taken many kinds of dance over the last 4-5 years and it really does make you happier! and if I’m having a bad day I put on one of my favorite songs at top volume and just sing and dance away like no one is watching. (usually no one is haha)

Something else that Swing Dance has done for me personally is make me a little more social and confident. – I’m an introverted little human who much prefers sitting in a corner and waiting till someone approaches me and starts talking to me as opposed to my approaching them… but doing Swing Dance totally turned that around for me?


Simple- Swing Dance is a very fun, outgoing, and social type of dance where, whether you are a lead or a follow, guy or girl, if you wanna dance you get your butt off that chair and go up to someone and ask them to dance.

For the first while when I first started Swing Dancing I was like ‘nuh- uh no way. Nope. I’m gonna sit here and wait for someone to ask me to dance.‘ but eventually I started going up to people and asking them to dance!

Now this might sound like a funny thing to discuss but here is the thing. If you are a introverted little human (as mentioned before) you would know that this is a scary thing! But in terms of Swing Dancing I now have NO problem (or almost no problem) walking up to someone and asking them to dance.

Where did the chronic pain come from? What can you do to relieve your pain?

As I stated above, my chronic pain affects my every day life as it is a reoccurring pain in my legs. It caused by uneven arches in my feet and when I went to go get it figured out I found out my one leg is carrying about 70% (cant remember exactly) of my body weight when I stand as opposed to having it distributed evenly. (So you can see there the pain comes from)

Essentially my pain relief comes with doing some stretches for my legs and feet as well as just not walking around and putting my feet up when I can. Other than that there isn’t much to be done.

Why do you dance if it hurts?

I keep doing dance because its honestly something I love and am passionate about. Swing Dance has helped me become more confident in myself and has also made me happier – as well as that I’ve gotten to know some amazing people who I now can call my friends.

 “Whats your point in telling me this, Adriana?” – well. Let me tie this all together here.

Basically my point is no matter what, do what you want to do or have dreamed of doing.

Don’t let anything hold you back whether it be mental or physical.

If there is something you truly love and are passionate about you will find a way to do it. For me that love and passion is swing dance.

For you it might be dance as well.

Or music.

Or painting.

No matter what it is, you can do it. If you just have faith in yourself and find the determination to reach for your dreams.

Achieve your goals.

If you set your mind to it you can do anything no matter what ‘limitations’ people tell you you have.


Spotlight Saturday #2

Hello Readers!


It’s time for another Spotlight Saturday! We’re just gonna jump right into this post because I am excited!!!! Today, I’m going to be interviewing Justine Machin of Girl Gone Dreamer!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.17.36 AM


Welcome Justine!! So, first off, what is the title of your blog? Where did you get the idea for the name? Any specific meaning behind it?

Justine: The title of my blog is ‘girlgonedreamer’ which also seems to be the name I go by on all social media these days too! I ummed and ahhed for days before settling on it. Initially I had started a blog on WordPress under the name Just Captivates but it never felt just right somehow. So when I decided to go for something new and snazzy on blogger, I also wanted a name that I felt would best describe me. And I am by all means a dreamer. Always have been. Probably always will be!

Being a dreamer is probably one of the best possible things! 😀 So, what gave you the idea to start blogging? Was it sort of just ‘Hey, I should write a blog!’ or did someone suggest the idea?

Justine: To be completely honest, I had never heard of blogging until I read about Zoe Sugg aka Zoella in a magazine article last year. But as soon as I made the discovery of this wonderful world where a person can share their passions etc I was like ‘I HAVE to do this!’ I have loved writing since I was a child. (My dream has always been to complete and publish a novel.) Blogging sort of fits in with my love of everything creative! I get to write, take photos, put together features and it’s so much fun! And hopefully people enjoy what I post too! (Crosses fingers!)



I think your posts are wonderful! and I love Zoella! She is a fantastic YouTuber. Now, with that said, what can or will people find on your blog upon arriving? Do you have a target audience in mind?

Justine: Girlgonedreamer is a bit of a mix. I have a huge passion for books, fashion, and anything beauty/makeup related so you’ll find my posts mostly reflect that. As for a target audience? I don’t write with a specific age range in mind. I hope people of all ages enjoy what they read, but that said, I’m aware a lot of blog readers are girls in their late teens and early twenties. Some posts will be written with them in mind.



Is there any social media sites where people can follow you and still get notifications about your posts or something? (Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc.)

Justine: I update my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. All new posts will be announced on all three of these. And I genuinely love to hear from everyone! It’s so lovely to chat to like minded people!



Wonderul! And last, but not least. Feel free to give me a link (or links) of a couple of your favourite posts on your blog 🙂

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It’s Time For A Tag! || One Lovely Blog Hop

Hello Readers!

I was so excited to find out I had been tagged by author Kathrese McKee on her blog for this post and I finally have gotten around to doing it! *cue excitment*

The rules for the hop are:

  • Share 7 Lovely Facts about myself.
  • Share links to blogs I enjoy reading.

It’s almost like a Time Capsule of sorts. Looking back at the things that mean something to me. (Many people have their own takes on this challenge and this is my take on it) Now those of you who know me in real life or talk to me on a regular basis might still know these things, but hey. I’m gonna give this a shot. So, for my 7 things I am going to pick out 7 facts about myself/things I cherish in life that I think have turned me into the person I am today.

Kind of like my own little story in 7 facts! Sound cool?  Okay, great! 😀 


Starting with #1.

1. The things I used to pretend to be were endless.

IMG_2114Most days, I was a fairy/super hero who could make plants grow at will and keep them alive for year or whatever I wanted. But there is one more main thing I often pretended to be. And that was a spy. The three people with me (in the picture on the left) are my sister and two cousins. (My sister is the one in the white T-shirt) and whenever we used to get together for family reunions/holidays or just whenever we saw each other (considering we used to live like 20 minutes away rather than 6 hours) we would play spies. Like, it was just an obvious thing. You would come downstairs and every.single.time you would find the basement either completely dark (if we were on a mission) or set up like some sort of training area and for HOURS we would play spies. We would go on missions and all sorts of things that really just got us all going for hours and hours.


2. Reading and Writing is my life!

Well I mean, that is pretty obvious since this is a writing and book blog, but seriously reading is such a big part of me… (I started reading a little earlier than most kids I knew) Writing followed a few years later. Reading and writing has shaped my thoughts and creativity and enhanced it more than I can explain. More so, in fact, that I can be a little crazy. Ask my best friends, they’ll tell you just that.


3. I LOVE to Explore!

Exploring is something I LOVE to do. Everywhere I look I see an opportunity to discover new places and see new things. When it comes to exploring I’m all over it and will lead the way….Unless its an old, creepy abandoned house…Then you’re going first in case a monster is in there…Then he will get you first and I can run away. Thanks in advance for your sacrifice… But ANYWAYS. I LOVE exploring. Thanks to exploring I found the most beautiful locations for photoshoots and just hiding away from people for a little while. I love exploring and don’t think I will ever be able to stop.


4. My Friends and Family mean the world to me!


*This is not all my family or friends. Way too many people to fit in one collage of pics*

My family and friends are the people I have to thank for who I am today. Without them I don’t know where I would be. My family and friends have been so amazingly supportive of everything I do and absolutely fantastic.

Like seriously. I am so blessed to know such amazing people. ❤





5. Music is my LifeIMG_3056

I don’t remember a time in my life where music was absent. I grew up listening to music (since I was a wee babe) and still listen to music. I literally have it playing 24/7 and I have been to numerous concerts. Music is my life and I LOVE it!



6. I was encouraged to dream.

A lot of that dreaming came from my reading from a young age and always told by my family manafest_fighter-e1396310291983that I could be whatever I want to be…I just have to work to be whatever that is. (Yeah, maybe I understood that as maybe there was some way I could become a mermaid if I tried hard enough and that still effects me…but whatever) As I grow up I’m seeing things as becoming more achievable! I can literally do anything! and I think part of that was because I was encouraged to dream and still am being encouraged. Dream, reach for them and accomplish them!

I’ve only been more encouraged as I go on, AND reading this book (on the left) has been a fantastic help too!


7. Tea is what I live off of.

FullSizeRender(10)Yeah yeah, so I might have kinda run out of anything else thats super interesting but this one is true. Mum and Gram blame it on the fact that I’m half British and thats probably true because my Gram, being British, always had/had tea around the house when I was a kid and I’ve been drinking tea for as long as I remember….and it’s sort of turned into an obsession heehee. But oh well. 😛


So that is the end of my post 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again to Kathrese for the nomination 🙂 Oh! and with that said here are my nominations:

Carissa Barrows @ Digressions of a Demented Scribe || Rachel Day @ Stained Glass Windows ||  Leah @ Leah K. Oxendine || Victoria Howell @ Stori Tori’s Blog || Rae @ What Happened To The Wallflower ||