Dancing Through The Pain

Now you might think the title is metaphorical but no. I mean literally…but also get ready for some real stuff and life lessons! Wooh!



le me Swing Dancing 🙂 ( photo cred: Swing Bridge Dance Club )


Something you all know about me at this point: I’m a huge lover of Swing Dance.  (Being deprived of it since I’ve moved is so hard)


Something you may or may not know about me is this: I have chronic pain in my legs (due to uneven arches in my feet.) This chronic pain affects me daily. Some days are worse than others but usually after a full day of running around doing errands and working I am out for the count and it hurts to walk or move.



Put chronic pain and Swing together and you get an interesting way of making said chronic pain worse. Yet I do it and keep doing it anyways.




Because I love it too much to stop. Now that might sound like a silly excuse but its the truth.


Why Swing Dance?

Swing Dance is something I did weekly before moving (I still dance around my apartment lots too. Not the same but hey I’m still groovin’ )  Not only was it fun but it really improved my mood but, for the first time in a long time, I REALLY looked forward to a new week ahead of me cause I always kicked off the week with dance.

Fun fact: Dance or Movement Therapy has been used for many centuries to improve the mental and physical well- being of a person. Since dancing is an art, it increases self-expression and helps people connect with themselves and others. Dancing is a form of art that offers a way to explore psychological roots to overcome certain illnesses such as depression. Research have shown that dancing provide benefits that can help minimize depression’s effects.

As well as it being fun there are actually a lot of health benefits of it. Swing Dancing is a fun way to work out without it really feeling like a workout in the moment. Dancing also makes you happier. Not just in the moment but also in the long run.

I’ve taken many kinds of dance over the last 4-5 years and it really does make you happier! and if I’m having a bad day I put on one of my favorite songs at top volume and just sing and dance away like no one is watching. (usually no one is haha)

Something else that Swing Dance has done for me personally is make me a little more social and confident. – I’m an introverted little human who much prefers sitting in a corner and waiting till someone approaches me and starts talking to me as opposed to my approaching them… but doing Swing Dance totally turned that around for me?


Simple- Swing Dance is a very fun, outgoing, and social type of dance where, whether you are a lead or a follow, guy or girl, if you wanna dance you get your butt off that chair and go up to someone and ask them to dance.

For the first while when I first started Swing Dancing I was like ‘nuh- uh no way. Nope. I’m gonna sit here and wait for someone to ask me to dance.‘ but eventually I started going up to people and asking them to dance!

Now this might sound like a funny thing to discuss but here is the thing. If you are a introverted little human (as mentioned before) you would know that this is a scary thing! But in terms of Swing Dancing I now have NO problem (or almost no problem) walking up to someone and asking them to dance.

Where did the chronic pain come from? What can you do to relieve your pain?

As I stated above, my chronic pain affects my every day life as it is a reoccurring pain in my legs. It caused by uneven arches in my feet and when I went to go get it figured out I found out my one leg is carrying about 70% (cant remember exactly) of my body weight when I stand as opposed to having it distributed evenly. (So you can see there the pain comes from)

Essentially my pain relief comes with doing some stretches for my legs and feet as well as just not walking around and putting my feet up when I can. Other than that there isn’t much to be done.

Why do you dance if it hurts?

I keep doing dance because its honestly something I love and am passionate about. Swing Dance has helped me become more confident in myself and has also made me happier – as well as that I’ve gotten to know some amazing people who I now can call my friends.

 “Whats your point in telling me this, Adriana?” – well. Let me tie this all together here.

Basically my point is no matter what, do what you want to do or have dreamed of doing.

Don’t let anything hold you back whether it be mental or physical.

If there is something you truly love and are passionate about you will find a way to do it. For me that love and passion is swing dance.

For you it might be dance as well.

Or music.

Or painting.

No matter what it is, you can do it. If you just have faith in yourself and find the determination to reach for your dreams.

Achieve your goals.

If you set your mind to it you can do anything no matter what ‘limitations’ people tell you you have.


30 Things You Might Not Have Known…

Hello Readers! So, I have seen this lovely little thing floating around come blogs (I first saw it on Wild Horse’s Blog and then Rachel Day’s) and I decided, it’s time for me to jump on board and do this too! So, today I am going to give you a list of 30 things you might not have known about me! So here it goes!

#1. I dyed my hair red two years ago (then the same color again last January) and instead of the color fading away, my hair absorbed the dye. Therefore my hair now looks red sometimes.

#2. I play the piano. (Very little and rather poorly due to being out of practice these last couple years, but I still play!)

#3. I am half British.

#4. I have always wanted to learn/play Basketball. (I still aim to! )

#5. I played Volleyball for the first time last year, and since then I have become obsessed with it. (Still not very good at all but I love it and that’s what counts)

#6. I love the rain and, if somehow I manage to get outside while it’s raining you will NOT get me inside for a very very long time. (Sometimes I’ll go for a walk. Sometimes I”ll just sit there and sometimes I’ll go dance in the rain. All depends on the day)

#7. I drink at LEAST 5 cups of Earl Grey Tea a day…

#8. My favorite flavor is mint. (Mint chocolate, mint ice cream, mint lip gloss etc.)

#9. I hate living in town. (We live in a small village actually twenty minutes outside of town.) Why? Because being out in the country, there is more land to explore and at night the stars would be more visible. No silly streetlights to dull them.

#10. I don’t think I would ever live on a farm because I’m too much of a princess for that. *siigh* I didn’t used to be, but now I am and I hate it to be honest XD I would still live out in the country though! (See #9)

#11. I was in a french school until grade 2 (Then I was home-schooled)

#12. I’m obsessed with flowers and plants and seeing them die every year nearing the winter literally pains me. That’s why when spring comes around I am just filled with excitement.

#13. My grandmother has fairies living in her backyard and I believe they have given their love of gardening and plants to me. Maybe even some of their powers. Shhhhh. ( Fairies are real and nothing you say will convince me otherwise!)

#14. I used to want to own horses and work on a farm when I was little. (Little contradicting to #10, huh?)  A man at our church (one of my best friends dad) owned many horses and gave me riding lessons. But when I was about 13 he and his family moved away putting an end to my lessons 😦

#15. I come from a family where art and writing has been in the family for years. Both great grandma’s were artists, my great grandpa (who passed away New Years Day of 2015) was a poet and songwriter, My Uncle writes songs, my Papa composes music and plays it on his Harmonica,  Gram writes poetry and draws (same with my aunt). Also, my cousins are both artists as well. (I know there are more I am leaving out but you get the idea)

#16. As well as art and writing being a big thing in my family is music.

#17. In my 17 years of life, I have been to over 25 concerts. (Many times its the same artists/bands multiple times but still)

#18. I have always had this secret desire to start my own band and preform and such (But I have really bad stage fright. It’s insane)

#19. My parents got my name from a song.

#20. I was so obsessed with the Final Fantasy Video Games when I was about 14 and 15. (Like embarrassingly obsessed)

#21. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember.

#22. I’ve been told on many occasions I have too much black clothing….Which is not true. I just wear black a lot because its a slimming color. (Or shade if you are one of those kinds of people. I think black is a color, okay?)

#23. I love the newest fashions and such but my issue is that I’m too large to wear any of it and make it look cute. (Why is clothing being made so small these days? I’m only 5’7″ and a healthy weight you guys.)

#24. I have always wanted to be short (Like 5 feet tall short) I know so many gals who are so short and I think it is the coolest (and cutest) and most fun thing ever! I think being tiny would be fun!

#25. I have taken dance classes in 6 different dance styles 😀 (Hip Hop, Jazz, Bollywood, Lyrical, Ballet, Ballroom(sucked at that but it was fun)

#26. I have never broken a bone but I have gotten a concussion twice.

#27. The more bling, the better! I LOVE jewelry.

#28. I am most like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. (Though I feel very much like Cinderella)

#29. I got to feed stingrays once and that has been one of the coolest experiences of my life (thus far)

#30. I talk too much. (In case you haven’t noticed.) 😉

So, that my readers is 30 things you might not have known about me. I encourage you all to do this too (if you want) because it is actually kind of fun….Cause you know…talking about myself is fun. (Jokes! Kinda makes me feel weird sometimes…) That could have sounded very self centred though. Yikes.


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle