Cover Reveal!

Hello Fellow Readers!

Today I am posting on behalf of Playlist Fiction to give you a cover reveal!

*crowd cheers*

Today I will be showing you the cover for ‘It’s Addicting‘ by Laura L. Smith. (The book releases July 14th)

It’s Addicting is book 3 in the Status Update Series by Laura L.Smith.

So, with out further ado… It’s time to reveal the cover!

Drum roll, please.

*drum roll*

*fanfare as I pull away the imaginary curtain covering this beautiful cover*


Ta-da! Isn’t it beautiful? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this cover! It’s so simple, yet so cute!

I cannot wait until the 14th of July to share a full review of the book with you guys! It’s hard to not say anything here cause this is just a teaser….if I’m excited I can’t even begin to understand how excited the author is about this book 🙂

Also, since I haven’t reviewed the first two books in the Status Update Series I will be doing that in these next few weeks! So keep an eye out for that!

Until then we can just stare at this cover :p

Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle