Thus Begins A New Chapter

As one chapter comes to an end, another begins.


I feel like this last week has been me adulting like crazy.

I’ve been meeting with some of my best friends.

I’ve been setting up power and internet stuff.

I’ve been buying furniture and dishes.

I’ve been trying to change my cell phone plan to better fit this next step in life and SO much more.




Because I’m moving.

Away from home.

To a new job.

With a new apartment.


I will still be around and blogging so don’t worry about that 😉 but yeah. I’m moving. I’ve been living with my giant lovable family for 19 years so this is a weird experience for me as I’m also moving 6 hours away from my family. I’m gonna miss them like crazy but I’m thankful for technology so we can talk frequently and stay connected but I’m also so excited.

I’ll  be moving in with me bookworm, writer and nerdy fangirl bestie so that will make the transition a little easier so thats exciting. (Our tea and book collection combined will be envied by all for sure.) I’ll be moving to a new town and away from the nosy people I’ve had major run ins in town this summer. (#villagelife)

But by moving to a new town it means I’ll (once again saying it) be far from my really good friends, my family, and my church family. I know I will meet new people but I know that even when I do, they won’t ever replace the people I have met here.

The people who have impacted and changed my life.

It’s kinda what I’ve been dwelling on but I know that I’m not leaving forever and so my family and my friends who have become my family will see me again. With that I just want to say this:

No matter where you go, your family and friends will still be with you. Their love goes with you wherever you go. SO if you are called to go across the world then go. Or if you are called to move across town then go. If you are called to another town, city, or village, then GO.

Just do it.


Have fun. Enjoy life and know that as this new chapter in your life begins that the people you know and love go with you in your heart.


Book Review|| It’s Complicated

Hello Fellow Readers!

So, as you can see, I’m posting a TON lately….That’s because school is over for the summer (for me) and I feel this new sense of freedom and I have more time to bog…and get back to my writing which I had to abandon for these next couple weeks.

Over these next couple week and over the summer here is a list of reviews you can look forward to:

It’s Complicated by Laura L. Smith

It’s Over Laura L. Smith

It’s Addicting by Laura L. Smith (once it’s released)

Angry by Laura L. Smith

The Merchants Son by C.F Barrows

The Follower by C.F Barrows

Descending by Holly Kelly

Between These Lines by Jennifer Murgia

Swimming Through Clouds by Rajdeep Paulus

Glass Girl by Laura Anderson Kurk

Perfect Glass by Laura Anderson Kurk

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell



Now its time for my book review for the day!

Today I’m going to review It’s Complicated by Laura L. Smith 🙂 So, let’s get started.




There’s a reason Facebook has the relationship status, “It’s Complicated.” Follow four college roommates, Claire, Palmer, Hannah and Kat as they maneuver crushes, confusion, and the crisis when pushy boys go too far. Complicated as it is, these four friends will pull through, guided by the strength of their friendship and the power of God’s love.


Just pointing out here quickly that this cover is simply amazing! I love it. Once again more simple (as far as covers go) but still pretty! (I love the covers for these books (as well as the books themselves) by Laura L. Smith 🙂 Just so you all know.)


Plot: I loved the plot of the story. I was pulled into it instantly. The story is from the point of view of four college roommates with their own lives and struggles, but find strength to get through in both God and each other.

This book (and the next two) are awesome for one of the reasons that these girls have a friendship I wished I had… Gawsh, I’m rambling…Anyways.

Loved the plot. I was really dragged into the story.

I was laughing, crying, and angry or upset along with the characters. Thats how real they felt and how much I was pulled into the story. The emotions felt real to me because the plot felt real to me.


Genre: The genre for this series is Christian YA Fiction.

The world needs more YA Fiction like this book/series. (and like Glass Girl, Swimming Through Clouds and the other Playlist Fiction books) It was an amazing story, really good YA Fiction and yeah… I never know what to say when it comes to this section of my reviews…Moving on.


Characters: So, as I said before It’s Complicated is from the POV of four college roommates. SO now I’m gonna tell you more about them. 🙂

Palmer: Palmer is that one friend thats the ‘Totally Loyal Fashionista’ type friend. You know what I mean, right? She’s just that kind of gal. She’s a complete fashionista but a really loyal friend 🙂 I’m trying to figure out what to say here without spoiling stuff…. GAH! This is hard.

*think think think*

*in Gollum’s voice* Must not give out spoilers, precious…Okay…I’ll focus now…My apologies.

Umm yeah. Palmer is, not only a fashionista, but like I said before a loyal friend. Herself and Claire develop a very strong relationship as best friends and Palmer is very supportive of Claire when hard times hit her. So, yeah, Palmer is an awesome friend.

Kat: I really really really liked Kat’s characters (along with Palmers and the other two) she was one of my favourites. She’s a super friend and loves soccer. (or any kind of sport for that matter). Kat is also very outgoing and friendly and I liked that about her. 🙂

Claire: Claire is a very shy, sweet ballerina who has been through a lot. (Can’t say what exactly due to spoilers.) After something happens to her she closes up completely and even pushes away her roomies. Throughout the story though, Claire, out of the four roomies, seemed to be the peacemaker and the one that the other three loved as a sister. (though they all had that kind of friendship).

Hannah: Okay…Hannah. I think out of all four of the girls…I’m most like her…Except I’m not always on the hunt for a boyfriend and have a LOT more siblings than she does 😛

Anyways. I loved Hannah. If I remember correctly, it was Hannah’s idea to be roomies with the other girls, and she was the one who brought them together. Hannah is a fairly average girl with a fairly average family. Two parents and two younger siblings…As I mentioned before, Hannah is always on the hunt for a boyfriend…but things just don’t seem to work out in her favour…Hannah is super super friendly and super outgoing…She’s also a bit of a neat-freak (in a good way!) Yeah. I really liked her character a lot.

I liked all of the girls for different reasons but most of all. I LOVED their friendship so much! (As I’ve mentioned probably a million times) it was just so amazing and one of the best literary friendships I have ever read.


Setting: The setting kinda went all over the place as the girls traveled and everywhere it went felt real and like I was there. It was really well done and I loved it! I could picture the places and setting so clearly its like I was there. (It’s a lot cheaper to read about someone in Paris than going, right? So if the setting feels real I’m sold.)


Overall: Overall I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was absolutely magnificent and an amazing start to the series. 🙂




It’s Complicated is now available for purchase on Amazon for both Kindle or in Paperback.

So head on over to amazon and buy it now! 😀 *is wondering if I should hint subtly that you need to go buy it next time rather than demanding it.*

Well, Until Next Time! (Which might be tomorrow. Who knows. It’s summer break so I’m around…)

Adriana Gabrielle

Not So Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Books/Series With The Best Friendships

Hello My Fellow Readers!

Once again, it’s NOT Tuesday but I haven’t done one of these posts….and I woke up this morning thinking it was tuesday…I think it has to do with the long weekend thing.

Anyways. Today’s Not-So-Top Ten Tuesday post is my Top Ten Best/Favourite Friendships. 🙂 (Also I could only think of 9 books or series so there aren’t 10 today 😛 )



1. It’s Complicated by Laura L. Smith

I’m not doing this list in order of favourites…..But this one is my favourite book that has the best friendships 😀

In this story there are four gals who are college roommates and the best of friends. Throughout the books (2 in the series are published so far) they are seriously the best of friends. They’re supportive of each other and when they all go through some hard times (from breakups to losing a family member and other things) they all help each other and are there for one another.

When it comes to friendships in books. This one is my favourite in all honesty. I’m not saying these gals are like perfect people….they sometimes got on each others nerves and stuff but still, their friendships were so strong and I LOVED that element in this book.

(I want friendships like the friendship these gals in this novel have)

2. Glass Girl by Laura Anderson Kurk

Okay. Okay…. Where to start….Hmm. Once again. An awesome friendship between characters. There isn’t just the romantic relationship between Henry and Meg but also a really great friendship between the two main characters. They had a great friendship, I thought, as friends too.

3. Swept To Sea by Heather Manning

I loved the friendships in this novel. I especially loved the friendship between the tree characters, Ivy, Aimee and Eden. Like, come on. When Eden ran away both Aimee and Ivy jumped on a ship and followed her! Thats what I call friendship. They were worried about their friend so they went after her to bring her home. I know, this probably isn’t really doing it justice… but seriously. Really good friendships in this story.

4. Rising by Holly Kelly

In ‘Rising’ you don’t really dig deep into the friendship between Gretchen and Sara and you don’t see much of it until the second book, but the friendship is still there. I really liked the friendship between these two characters in this story.

5. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis

Ummm….Lots of awesome friendships in this story. Lucy and Mr.Tumnus, The Pevensie Children’s relationship and much more. I especially loved the friendship between the siblings in this story. Yes, They fought and yes, Edmund was a brat….but they still loved each other and in the end were good friends…They always were…but they just fought and argued quite a bit. (Sibling love.) Okay…and Mr.Tumnus…I think he was the sweetest friend ever…Just saying.

6. The Lord of the Rings Series by J.R.R Tolkien

Once again. LOTS of amazing friendships here. The fellowship on a whole, Merry and Pippin, Sam and Frodo, Gandalf and Frodo, The Hobbits…Gollum and the Ring (Kidding!)

I think, even though there are so many friendships in this story my favourite is probably Sam and Frodo’s friendship. Sam was such a loyal friend. He made a promise to keep Frodo safe and stick with him, and he did. The friendships in this story were just plain old cool.

7. The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

Not much to say here except this: Ron, Hermione and Harry. Best Friends Forevah! (aaaand no, I still haven’t read the books)

8. Becoming the Chateran by S.J Aisling

Oh boy…where to start? Once again…Amazing friendships of so many different kinds. There were so many friends made along the way on the protagonists journey (and also some enemies but what else is new, right?) and Hiylinea and Rhea’s friendship was my favourite…Just saying.

9. Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Once again….So many friendships (and so many feels that were crushed) in this series and I loved it.

So, this has been my Not-So-Top Ten Tuesday post (again) hope you enjoyed it!

Adriana Gabrielle