Man, Myth, Messiah

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Iiiiiii am back with another book review for you! Today I’m going to be reviewing one of the books I received from BookLook Bloggers and that book is called ‘Man, Myth, Messiah’ by Rice Broocks


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5 Stars

Review: I first heard of Man, Myth, Messiah in the movie God’s Not Dead 2 and I was instantly intrigued as to what it was about. So I was quite excited to have been able to read this as a review copy. “Man, Myth, Messiah” is a great book that shows you how and talks about defending your own faith and what you believe about God. As well, the book explores the proof behind who Christ is, why Christians believe in him and it backs it up, with proof, from not only scripture but also proof from history. I found it both shocking and amazing how many other sources, aside from scripture, pointed to proof that Christ exists. I mean I myself know that everything in creation points to Christ but even sources that were supposed to lead away from any proof of Christ’s existence still pointed to him anyways.

I would encourage everyone to read this book. Especially if you have questions about who Christ really is and are maybe on the fence about if He exists or not. It is an intrersting and intriquing read and if you are someone who likes books with a lot of facts and helpful information you can use in your everyday life, this is definitely a book to check out!


Book Review – The Sound of Emeralds

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I’m back with another book review! It might be the last one for a couple weeks cause I won’t have much reading time but I promise I’m working through like 3 books right now…


So, with that said. Lets get on to this review!

Sound of Emeralds


What once was blazing hatred has turned to lasting love, but could the union of a wild heart with that of a lady ever result in more than heartache?

With the help of an old friend with uncertain loyalties, Dirk inches ever closer to clearing his name. Gwyneth throws her faith into good tidings and the promise of a future as a family. But an old evil comes to call, just as tragedy rips apart a fledgling truce. Enemies from the past and grief for the future threaten to tear asunder what God had brought together…

As the date of Dirk’s trial approaches, his fate and his family hang in the balance. Will he be proven innocent of Gwyneth’s parents’ murders—or separated from her forever? How much pain does it take to erode a love steadfast?


So basically this book broke my heart, then broke it again…..then broke it AGAIN.

Rachelle has this wonderful way of making you feel the pain and emotions these characters feel even though you may never have felt it before. She just gives this insight that radiates off the characters that you can’t help but sympathize for them and feel their pain and sorrow…or even their joy and happiness too! I just LOVE how Rachelle’s stories are just so true and filled with love and a true picture of what that really is. Especially during hard times and grief. (as this novel captures perfectly.) Honestly, the story was fabulous but what I keep going back to was the emotion and the accurate portrayal of true love and what it actually is. I feel like most novels can twist the idea of love into some almost – impossible, once in a lifetime thing and if you miss it, well too bad. Not to mention love and relationships where two people are in love is conveyed as absolutely flawless and perfect. I mean I’m no expect with love and relationships but to me that seems wrong. But do Rachelle’s books have any of that wrong-ness? NOPE.


Many tears were shed and much heartbreak occurred while reading this book and I was honestly afraid for how it was gonna end (Can I just say the end/epilogue was PERFECT! ❤ ) but in the end my heart wasn’t as broken and I was able to glue and sew as many pieces together as possible. The feels in this book were absolutely insane and sad and heartbreaking ok?

and what rating do I give a book that completely shattered my heart?

5 stars of course!


Honestly this entire book series should get a million and one stars because it is by far one of the best Historical novel series I’ve ever read. I mean…I haven’t read much in this genre but what I’ve read in this genre, The Steadfast Love Series is by far the best…so If you haven’t read it yet you probably should.

Top 10 Books on my Fall TBR || Top Ten Tuesday

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I’ll bet you guys thought I failed to get another awesome post done today, didn’t you? Welllllll you were almost right. Cause I nearly forgot…. Oopsie. BUT anyways. I’m gonna try and get a writing post up for tomorrow morning but it might be a little later tomorrow. We will see.

Before I get started with today’s post I wanna let you know to stick around at the end cause I need you lovely people’s opinion for something concerning this lovely blog!



So! My fall TBR includes a few ARC’s I need to get read and once those are done I’m gonna get to the others 😀


1. Castle of Sighs by Jennifer Murgia (ARC)

2. The Sound of Silver by Rachelle Rea (ARC)

Soooooo I have blog tours for both these coming up in the second week of October….AND I only just started reading the sound of Silver. (If you WANT, you can keep up with my live tweets about Rachelle’s book by looking up: #AdrianaReadsSilver on Twitter. They’re spoiler free.) So I really need to get on that. I just need to find time. *deep breaths* Cursed 12th Grade. So busy.

3. The Lost Heiress by Roseanna White (ARC)

This one I don’t have a blog tour coming as soon so I can hold off on this JUST a bit. But let me tell you I cannot WAIT to read this!

4. Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko (Non-Fiction)

I meant to read that this month….but that just didn’t happen :/ BUT I wanna read this this fall because it looks amazing.

5. House of Hades by Rick Riordan

6. Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

So so so….I didn’t start House of Hades earlier this month cause I just couldn’t bring myself to do it until I had Blood of Olympus to move on to…Because I don’t trust Riordan to even have a plot twist free ending in one of his books. I just don’t. So I took safety precautions. I’m probably gonna read these two on the 6 hour bus ride to and from camp next week….

7. Greek Gods by Rick Riordan

I need to read this. I could probably do so in an afternoon but you know. High school. Its a pain.

8. Boys, Boys, Boys by Jamie Grace (Non-Fiction)

So I just need this book. It seems wonderful and its only $5 and I NEED it!

9. Prairie Fire by E.K Johnston

Read the Story of Owen then I bought this book…and still haven’t gotten to it >.>

10. Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

I LOVED Francine River’s The Atonement Child and I saw my Gram had this so I borrowed it from her. (We borrow each others books often)

And that is my post for today!

Now for the important thing I talked about above:

So come Friday I’m gonna be a busy little thing and will be going from a weekend long conference to 3 days of camping. (Only being home less than 24hours between both O.O ) Meaning that I have a couple tags I’m going to try and schedule till I’m back Wednesday and so on and so forth BUT here is my question: When I come back, would anyone enjoy (Or HATE I suppose as I want honest opinions) if I did a journal/day in the life post or two? I’ve been considering doing it semi-regularly but am curious if anyone would be interested in it? I would love it if you could comment and let me know your thoughts. 😀

ALSO: In case you missed the announcement a little earlier this month. You can keep up with more of my reading stuff on my new Instagram account called ‘The Librarian Files’. I post photos of books I’m currently reading and tons of other bookish stuff. The same happens on my Twitter as well ( @ABookishFangurl) So yeah. I mean following social media is totally up to you and no pressure. Just wanted to put that out there for you lovely peoples 😀

Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle.


Release Day Celebration and ARC Review|| The Sound of Diamonds

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As I told you a while ago, I’m back with a review of such a wonderful book that releases today! YAY! And, because of that, before I start the review I must say this: HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY, RACHELLE REA!



Cake for everyone to enjoy while you read the review!

The Sound of Diamonds 2


So, remember a while ago, I mentioned how Heather Manning’s first book got me hooked on historical novels? Well, this book did something even better than get me hooked on a certain genre of books. The Sound of Diamonds fed my newfound addiction and I am very much okay with that!


The Sound of Diamonds is an AMAZING book, you guys! Like, you NEED this in your life.I just cannot deal! It’s too amazing!



*excuse me while I go cry over the beauty of this book*

The Sound of Diamonds

In Reformation-era England, a converted rogue wants to restore his honor at whatever cost. Running from a tortured past, Dirk Godfrey knows he has only one chance at redemption.
An independent Catholic maiden seeking refuge in the Low Countries finds herself at the center of the Iconoclastic Fury. Jaded by tragedy, Gwyneth’s only hope of getting home is to trust the man she hates, and she soon discovers her poor vision is not the only thing that has been blinding her.
But the home Gwyneth knew is not what she once thought. When a dark secret and a twisted plot for power collide in a castle masquerading as a haven, will the saint and the sinner hold to hope…or be overcome?

*takes a deep breath so I can control my fangirling somewhat so this all makes sense*


Anyways. This book was absolutely amazing. I was instantly hooked and dragged right into the beautiful and amazing story.

What I loved most of all was how well Rachelle wrote Gwyneth’s struggle and the fight that went on in her mind as the journey went on. We were really shown how Gwyneth’s feelings towards the situation she finds herself in and towards other characters in the story and it all came out to be realistic and I really felt Gwyneth’s pain and her struggles. It was perfectly done.

While I’m here kind of tlaking about the characters, I must say that I LOVED them. Each character was unique and important and some were totally worthy of being fangirled over…I’m just sayin. (Oh how I want to give you all exact examples but it would ruin everything.)

As you might have gathered from the description, The Sound of Diamonds is set in the 1500s. At a time where, not only was the Reformation in full swing in Europe, but modern-day Holland was launching the Dutch Revolution because they no longer wanted to be ruled by Spain. The Sound of Diamonds starts right there in the turmoil of religious upheaval and political intrigue. The setting was amazing and I loved how within opening the book I was pulled right into the action of the story without fail. It is very rare I get into a story that quickly. Usually it takes me the first chapter to be completely hooked…but not with The Sound of Diamonds. With this book I was hooked within the first page.

Now, I can’t say I’ve been reading Historical Fiction for long..but I can say The Sound of Diamonds is my favourite Historical novel so far. I can also say that you also need a copy of this book right now.

And obviously, instead of stars, I must rate this book with Diamonds…I mean it’s fitting, is it not?

5 Diamonds