Orbits – Album Review

I was given a copy of Keith Kitchen‘s newest album to review and that’s what I intend to do!


So I’ve never reviewed an album before really. I’ve attempted it and am not sure how well I did at it so I’m just gonna talk about why I love it and hope you all get the idea on how amazing it is.


My rating: 5 star


My Thoughts: I’ve been a fan of Keith Kitchen for a while now, having seen him in concert and my family owning all his albums. So I was REALLY excited when I saw he was working on a new album and now that its out in the world!

Something about his music is absolutely mesmerizing and relaxing! On top of that the story telling and such in the songs is beautiful and can only come from a lot of time put into writing each song. With this album I honestly couldn’t choose a favorite song. They were all just beautifully written and once again I’m blown away by the sheer beauty of the songs themselves.


You can purchase Orbits or Keith’s other albums on his website or even have him come play at your local church or event! Trust me, it would be totally worth it!






What Jessica Jones Can Teach Us About Abusive Relationships

Abusive relationships are a very real and very horrible problem in our society….Here is what Marvel’s Jessica Jones does to shine a light on this fact.




So I’ve recently watched the TV show Jessica Jones and as I made my way through the show, I started to notice something about the antagonist of the show (played by actor David Tennant) I’ve seen signs on how the antagonist of the show, Kilgrave, though he has super powers, is actually an abuser.


Here is what I’ve noticed: In terms of abuse it seems her abusers approach was that of emotional abuse.

What is emotional abuse? It involves a regular pattern of verbal offense, threatening, bullying, and constant criticism, as well as more subtle tactics like intimidation, shaming and manipulation. Emotional abuse is used to control and subjugate the other person, and quite often it occurs because the abuser has childhood wounds and insecurities they haven’t dealt with — perhaps as a result of being abused themselves.

Yes, he has mind controlling powers but the way we have seen them being used, especially on this one character (and the side effects it all had on Jessica Jones) we have seen how he uses it to abuse and control people.


  • He is controlling in the sense of always needing to know where she is going, what she is going to be doing, taking her phone and making sure (by making threats he goes through with) she is back within certain time frames.


  • Her abuser also plays the victim. (common trait in most abusers) That the actual victim of the abuser is making them do things or something else made them do it. Like things are his victims fault. an example was a conversation in Episode 7 that Jones has with her abuser. (its a little later in the post) There was a time where he would make Jessica Jones hurt herself then make himself save her, pretending to protect her and be the hero or he would make statements such as: “You never appreciate anything I do for you.” making himself the victim and turning it around on Jones herself. Making her think he wasn’t doing anything wrong.


  • After her leaving him and getting out of his control, Kilgrave is dead set on finding her and has developed stalker like behaviors (which he probably had before to some extent). Taking photos of her, having others take photos of her and follow her (etc.) Which leads into my last point. Abusers isolate the victim of the abuse. In the scene I’m gonna share in a moment you see this play out in terms of the fact that her abuser is trying to isolate her from everyone she knows. (In this case, killing people close to her doesn’t stop this guy but this is a TV show and a super villain we are talking about in this sense.) In return he is telling her things, professing feelings for her and in result trying to make sure she is isolated and only hearing his words and his opinions.

*spoilers following as I am going to discuss the conversation in this specific scene*

Kilgrave: “I will admit to keeping eyes on you. Spies are easy to come by for me.”

Jones: “Do whatever you are going to do to me, but let them go.” (There is a hostage scene taking place here as Kilgrave is using his powers to hold a whole room of people hostage)

Kilgrave: “Well I have to protect myself so…”

Jones: “Then control me, not them.”

Kilgrave: “I have absolutely no intention of controlling you. I want you to act on your own accord.”

She (Jones) asks: “Act how? Suicide? Is that why you’ve been torturing me?”

Kilgrave, her abuser, then states: “*chuckles* Oh my God, Jessica, I knew you were insecure. That’s just sad. I’m not torturing you. Why would I? I love you.


The scene continues and Jones calls her abuser out on his actions calling them a ‘demented declaration of love.’ and how he ruined her life in this act. She couldn’t be any closer to the truth.

Her abuser then says he was trying to make her see “That I’m the only one who matches you… Who challenges you… Who’ll do anything for you.” – In any other case this might almost sound romantic because who doesn’t want to be with someone who will do anything for you or challenges you for the better? But as you can see its not romantic. Not in this sense. Not when he is stalking her, killing her friends and family (he killed a young man who claimed to love Jessica), and becoming obsessive….Trying to get her back.

He then becomes angry (he’s very short fused.) when someones cell phone rings and it interrupts his professing ‘eternal love’




Now sure, no one has superpowers either so this whole abusive situation might be over-dramatized for the show but I feel Marvel was clever in this sense. They took a mind controlling super villain and used him and his abilities to shine a light on abuse. What that looks like and how it might appear to the victim as well. You don’t have to have powers to control or harm someone. If you did this wouldn’t be a real problem, would it? But despite the fact that this character has powers it doesn’t change the fact that he is an abuser and I think Marvel did a really good job in conveying that and not portraying an antagonists actions as okay or somewhat acceptable as most media might convey things.


When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Over the past few weeks I’ve come to realise that things so far haven’t gone how I planned. But I guess things never really do…A photo by Rosalind Chang. unsplash.com/photos/qtIsUwoP94s


I’m a planner. I plan things and I make lists… I guess you could say i’m a ‘lister’ (only some of you are going to get this and that’s okay)


So when things didn’t/don’t or aren’t going as I hoped and planned I often feel lost and/or frustrated.

Why do I do this? Why do I make lists all the time if it frustrates me half the time?

Because it helps me feel like I have MORE control over my life than I actually do.


As much as I wish that my lists and planning just went how I wanted I know that’s not how life works. I can pout and be miserable about it but it doesn’t change that fact. So I’ve actually started moving away from planning every little thing in my life and just ‘going with the flow.’ Things like being with my friends and my boyfriend has made me realise the importance of just letting things happen and the relief and relaxation that comes with it.

Learning to just LIVE in the MOMENT. 


I’ve learned this all when it comes to my everyday life as well. (Not just more important or significant days or events in my life) ESPECIALLY during my move and the transition to moving and being in a new place. Only now as I’m slowly starting to feel like myself again after feeling not very much like myself (in this transition of moving and a new job.) as, once again, things didn’t go as I planned.


I still haven’t really made any friends and being more introverted is also part of my problem. But this is causing problems cause I’m getting bored and stressed out in my own tiny apartment. Adjustment is a lot harder than I EVER would have thought. It feels I’m climbing a mountain I don’t want to be or stuck in some hole going in circles over and over and over again.


But despite this all I’ve learned to just trust in God (I’m gonna share the lyrics to a song that’s been helping me a lot at the end of this post) and that my moving here is all part of some plan and as much as I wish I could just make a list to sort it out, I know I can’t and I have to be patient.


Lean on God and just let life be…








When You don’t move the mountains
I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters
I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers
As I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust
I will trust in You

Truth is You know what tomorrow brings
There’s not a day ahead You have not seen
So in all things be my life and breath
I want what You want Lord and nothing less

~Trust in You by Lauren Daigle

Blog Takeover- The Final Post || Writing Music

Hello Readers!

So, today is the last day of the takeover and I may or may not be out book shopping and such to celebrate the completion of my last Final Exam this morning….but I thought I should probably pop on and post this for you lovely people…Cause I’m nice like that.

So, today’s post is just a list of some of the current song/albums/soundtracks the bloggers/writers who took over my blog are listening to while writing 😀


So, first up….Cait Potter!

Soundtrack: The sucker punch soundtrack

The Lost boys soundtrack


Soundtrack/Artist: Hozier

Songs: Arsonist’s lullaby

To be alone

Take me to church

Into the woods.


Next up! Mariella Hunt

She’s been only listening to one album since November and that album is Coldplay’s MYLO XYLOTO album. (I was told to put it in caps cause it is a magical album XD) Here is the track list:

1. “Mylo Xyloto”

2. “Hurts Like Heaven”

3. “Paradise”

4. “Charlie Brown”

5. “Us Against the World”

6. “M.M.I.X.”

7. “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall”

8. “Major Minus”

9. “U.F.O.”

10. “Princess of China”

11. “Up in Flames”

12. “A Hopeful Transmission”

13. “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart”

14. “Up with the Birds”


and last but not least, Rachel Lester!

This is her writing music:

The link for my current WIP playlist is here: https://open.spotify.com/user/writingtaco/playlist/1f3JtFOZxTJgOfGGPRh28i

The link for my second book’s playlist is here: https://open.spotify.com/user/writingtaco/playlist/2KLk3kSvWC7xpKAD5li9AN
Besides putting together songs that inspire me for certain characters/scenes/themes, I adore soundtracks.
– Pirates of the Caribbean is very upbeat and adventurous.
– How to Train Your Dragon soundtracks are amazing.
– Obviously the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit soundtracks.
– Anything Regency themed, ie: Pride and Prejudice (nice classical music with a little bit of a lilt)
– Jazz. I’d go with Duke Ellington. He has some amazing tracks. Especially on the Duke Ellington Presents… 2014 remastered album.
– Warhorse score
– The Book Thief score
– Superhero movie scores (especially The Winter Soldier!!) Definitely great for sci-fi, superheroes, dystopian, etc.

May The 4th Be With You!

May the 4th


I’m a nerd and unashamed of that fact. So, of course today, I would do a small post about it being May The 4th. (A book review is coming today too! Wooh!!!)

In honor of May The 4th, I will be sharing a Peter Hollens Video and a Star Wars Medley and some awesome tweets from someone on Twitter. Okay? Okay!

Let’s do this thing!!!


May The 4th May the 4th May the 4th May the 4th



Peter Hollens and Lindsay Sterling- Star Wars Medley


Star Wars Medley #2 

A to Z Challenge || Letter S: Soundtrack

Hello Readers!

SSo, I find it rather strange that this challenge is almost done…meaning April is on its way, making room for May to make a grand entrance! ( Which reminds me, Some fun stuff will be happening in May. Would you want to see a couple posts more about me and my life and stuff like that? If so, comment and let me know!)

So, today’s letter is S…and my chose word today is Soundtracks!

So, I LOVE using music when writing (Soundtracks or Lyrics. Whichever works for me) so I thought I would share some of my Spotify playlists I use for writing AND also this epic website a friend of mine created solely for writing/writing soundtracks.

Spotify Playlists!

So, I recently discovered spotify and I LOVE IT! (Look as me even using a website that matches with the letter theme for the post) I have a bunch of playlists made and a bunch I have discovered…So now I will share the links for said playlists with you all. To get to the soundtracks/playlists then just click the title of each one.

Playlist for MAHWS ~ Songs with lyrics that apply to characters and scenes 🙂

Writing Instrumentals/Soundtracks

Cutsie ❤ Playlist ~Cute love songs and such


SoundFuel – Music You Can’t Write Without


SoundFuel was created by Leah Kathryn, an 18-year-old composer, author, and all around music-fanatic. 
Leah has possessed an intense love for orchestral film scores nearly all her life. As a classical pianist and composer, she appreciates the artistic quality of a good soundtrack, and has been known to like a film for strictly its music and nothing else.
She writes historical fiction primarily as well as fantasy, and has an incredibly vivid imagination. She believes the music can drive inspiration to an entire different level, maximizing the potential for creative output and productivity. With this in mind, SoundFuel was born.

SoundFuel is a constantly growing, constantly adapting collection of the best orchestral soundtrack music in the world. New tracks are added nearly every week, so there’s always something different to listen to!

If you are looking for the PERFECT Soundtrack to fit a certain theme/feel for a scene you are writing then this is the website to check out! Here is a list of the playlists so you know what to find! Click HERE to get to the playlists!

The Classics
Atmospheric Vocals (Soft Writing Music)
Civilized Melee
Hope/Musing/Reflection Writing Music
Negative Drive
Motivational Drive
Relaxed/Neutral Writing Music
1700s-1800s Era
Sorrow/Pensive Writing Music
Ethnic Emotional
High Energy Chase
Oceanic and High Seas
Flight Inspired
Ethnic Action
Romance and Love
Medieval Fantasy
Hope/Inspiration/Uplifting/Happy Ending
Dystopian Era
Moment of Truth Writing Music
Epic Voyage/Journey
Suspense and Intrigue
Battle Scores
A Spring Dance Frolic
Asian Music
Celtic Music
Western Themed Writing Music
Southern Gothic

The Theory of Everything || Movie Discussion Thing-y



Hello readers!

So, just this last weekend I went to go see a very wonderful movie (filled with feels) and now, just because I feel like it, I am going to tell you about it! (I mean this website is like a virtual library and libraries have movies so I’m still sticking to my usual blog stuff…..) The movie I saw was called ‘The Theory of Everything’ a true story about Stephen Hawking.

So, the thing is, I was supposed to go see ‘The Imitation Game’ on Saturday but when the movie was sold out we had to change our game-plan. My sister (age 13) and my grandparents were with me when I went to see this movie. The option was either ‘The Theory of Everything’ or the new ‘Annie’ movie.  Obviously you can guess how this went. My sis wanted to watch ‘Annie’ and I wanted to watch ‘The Theory of Everything.’

I’m so glad I got to go see this movie (My sis went to Annie 😛 ) and let me tell you, if you haven’t seen this yet, you are missing out.


Watch the trailer:


As you can see from the trailer, this movie looks beautiful, and it really is! I always have a special love for movies based on true stories and this movie, I loved! It was so beautifully done and I really did love it….Though there were many scenes that had me crying like a little baby but I mean thats normal for stuff like this…


*This was basically me in the theatre*


Anyways. To be honest I didn’t really know much about Stephen Hawking before watching this movie and he seems like an absolutely brilliant man. Note that Stephen Hawking is a very strong atheist. I was warned of this by my mother before going to see this movie but that doesn’t bother me.  So, I just thought I would mention it….Just in case atheist POV’s in movie’s aren’t your thing… (Please don’t take this the wrong way at all, as I am not against atheists but I just wanted to mention this)

As well as the movie itself, the casting was absolutely perfect and I loved it very much! The actors were fantastic and did such a great job! *applauds the actors*

So basically, if you haven’t seen this yet, you MUST go see it (or get it when it comes out on DVD/ITunes. Whichever you prefer) it is an absolutely fantastic movie!


Though, I do warn you…You may want to bring some kleenex or something to wipe away those tears. 😉


So thats my little discussion thing-y. Have you seen the movie? Want to see it? What are your thoughts on this movie? (Despite wether or not you’ve seen it) I would love to hear from you all!


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle

Music Mania: Favourites Edition (Lyric Medley Tag)

Hello Readers!

I am finally back. Sorry for my absence as of late. There was an unexpected funeral of my Great Grampa’s in which we ended leaving for in the middle of the week to attend, and on top of that, school has been CRAZY. (Darn finals) but anyways! I’m back and will be putting up a couple posts today! One of them will be the post in which I am writing right now which is a ‘Lyrics Medley Tag’, the other is an author interview and the third is another tag!

So, let’s get started!


Thanks to Rachel @ Stained Glass Windows for tagging me! This is tons of fun and I was super excited to be tagged for this!

The Rules:

~Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
~Make a collage that represents your taste in music (or, if you don’t feel like it, you can use mine) to go along with with your tag post.
~List 10 song lyrics (along with song titles and artist) and their genres to go with and emotion/scenario (you can come up with your own or use the ones that the person who who tagged you used). *I will be using both the ones I got from Rachel and Adding my own*
~Tag at least 5 bloggers




| Cimorelli | 5 Seconds of Summer | Lecrae | forKING&COUNTRY | Family Force 5 | Manafest | Veridia | Skillet |

*Note: I only made one collage of literally just a handful of my favourite singers/bands

Song that makes me want to cry:

You’re worth it by Cimorelli

I sobbed when this song came on you guys….That doesn’t normally happen but this song, just wow….



Song that I play on repeat:

Edge of My Life by Manafest

I have played this on repeat probably just as much as I have ‘You’re Worth It’ okay…actually maybe more. and I am addicted to the music video! Watching this dancer in it has inspired my New Years Resolution to build up my strength again to re-learn Pointe (Yes, I used to do ballet 😛 )



Song that makes me feel calm:

You’re Not Alone by Owl City

This song really calms me…Granted all Owl City’s music does so… 😛


Song that I love solely for the Music Video:

Good Girls by 5 Seconds of Summer

Like the song but I LOVE the music video!



Song that makes me feel rebellious:

Running out of Time by Barlow Girl



Song that makes me want to dance around like a crazy person:

BZRK [feat. KB] by Family Force 5

I love this song so much! I always have to get up and dance when I hear it!


Song that makes me feel battle-ready:

Sick of It by Skillet

I am ready for battle, yo!


Song that lifts my spirits:

Light It Up by forKING&COUNTRY

This song… ❤


Song that reminds me of well…Me:

Human by Manafest

I swear this song was written for me you guys. It’s so relatable and if you want me summed up in a song…This is it.


Song that makes me feel sad:

Hard one. Probably You’re Not Innocent by Codi Kaye

Song that makes me think of summer:

Live It Up by Group 1 Crew

Not sure why it makes me think of summer, but whatever…..


Now to tag some people!

Cait @ Paperfury

Victoria Grace Howell @ Stori Tori Blog

Natalie @ For The Rainy Days


Okay so I could only think of 3 people but yeah….Hope you enjoyed this!


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle

For Christmas This Year

Hello Readers!

I am once again back for another music mania post! I nearly forgot about it but thats because I was busy setting up my book review on my other Fangirl/Writing/Bookish blog, Pen Pals of Peculiar Personalities. (Doing two posts over there on The Maze Runner.The second post will be tonight. If you like The Maze Runner and wanna talk about it you might not want miss out on that one…) #shamelessselfpromo 😉

Anyways, on to today’s post! (By the way by next week I will have a bunch of different pictures up for the themes of my posts. Well more specifically Novel Time, Share The Love and Top Ten Tuesday posts (gonna make my own background to better fit the theme of my blog) but that really is unimportant…but I guess its just because I’m excited XD Anyways…this time I literally mean on to the post.

music mania



So, today I am once again gonna share and review another christmas album (Yes, I’m actually starting the review aspect of these posts haha but I’m new at this..) Today’s album is Toby Mac’s ‘Christmas in Diverse City



Now I really like this album! Amazing compilations with other artists like Owl City, Jamie Grace and Nirva Ready (who is now a part of Toby Mac’s group..)

But I am going to say I didn’t LOVE this album. I found about three or four songs that really just weren’t that great, which is sad because I wanted to love every single song! I mean that may very well be a personal preference, but still I really do like the album. Its creative and unique for sure!

My personal favourite song on the album was definitely ‘The First Noel’ featuring Owl City 🙂 I really did like it and it is my all time favourite song of that album. ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ featuring Jamie Grace pulling a close second.

Overall I give this album four glittery christmas stars!! (and you can listen to it below! Wooh!)



Hope you enjoy this album!


Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle

A Very Acapella Christmas

Hello Readers!

music mania

I am FINALLY back with a Music Mania Post!…and a different picture for the Music Mania posts…cause the other one just wasn’t working for me. I may or may not be changing the Novel time one yet…that is left to be determined…I’m a picky blogger. I also know it’s a day before the post need to be done, but I am going away tomorrow for the weekend and that means I should post it now or I will forget. (Knowing me.)

So, since it’s now December it means I get to share some Christmas music with you all! (Finally.) So, this week it is a very Acapella Christmas Post wherein I am gonna share some of my favourite Christmas Acapella Songs. (With the exception of one which I will explain in a moment). I have 3 different artists I’m gonna cover here meaning I’m gonna get right into it!

1. Pentatonix- That’s Christmas To Me (album)

First, can I say that I LOVE this entire album (I will only be showing you my top 3 favourite songs) and that I am so happy because their Christmas album, that came out in October, has sold 408,000 copies of the CD AND The album is the Highest Charting Christmas Album since 1962!! (And their album is also No.1 on iTunes putting Taylor Swifts album in the No.2 slot…) Can I hear some cheering for Pentatonix and their amazing album?

So, Attached (in a Playlist) is my Top 3 favourite song on their album. Those songs are:

1. That’s Christmas To Me

2. Winter Wonderland/ Don’t Worry Be Happy Mashup feat. Tori Kelly

3. Santa Claus is Coming To Town

(All three are in the attached playlist 😉 )




2. Mike Tompkins

So, Mike Tompkins doesn’t have a Christmas album *sniff sniff* BUT he does have two Christmas songs! (One just released a couple days ago and the other released last Christmas) I love Mike Tompkins and have been a huge fan since he put his first video on Youtube! I absolutely love Mike Tompkins and he just keeps getting better and better! So, without further ado here is a playlist with his two Christmas songs. One is an Original called ‘Christmas Rush’ and the other is the video that just released which is a cover of ‘Up on the Housetop’


 3. Kurt Hugo Schnieder- Holiday Medley feat. Max Schneider & Victoria Justice

So, I LOVE Kurt Schnieder. He always brings an amazing creativity to his music and videos and he is extremely skilled! and a bonus Max is in this video and  his voice is amazing! I know this isn’t apace but it is still amazing and beautiful so I had to include it!

Below, I have attached his Holiday Medley and I hope you love it as much as I do!


So, thats it for my post today? Did you have a favourite groups/song that I provided? Is there any amazing songs or artists (not necessarily Acapella) that I missed? I would love to hear some of your favourite Christmas songs! Comment below and maybe it will me in another Christmas Post next Friday or the one after. 🙂

Until Next Time, My Lovely Readers!


Adriana Gabrielle!