Hello lovelies!

Sorry I haven’t posted at all this month life has been crazy and all over the place but I’m hoping to explain some of that here andย my post plans for the new year!



So the new year has come and gone and its almost February! Like what?! My apologies on the lack of posting. I’ll explain why, but hopefully there wont be so many apology posts this year due to lack of posting. Part of the reasons is I don’t feel like apologizing anymore.

Not that I don’t love you lovely readers or that I don’t care but in the past I’ve missed posting and torn myself down for it. I don’t want to be doing that anymore so my blogging is going to be a little more relaxed this year.

I have a goal to try and write one blog post a week on top of my busy schedule but at the same time I don’t want to beat myself up every time I don’t post! The reason being because I started blogging because I had (and have) things to say and it was fun to express it in that way. My passion and love for my blog hasn’t changed but with my more busy schedule this year, posting will be less frequent for sure as I have other things that (sadly) hold a higher priority over blogging.

WITH THAT SAID! I still have some exciting things for this blog. So lets talk about exciting things because I’m not stopping posting entirely! Just gotta adapt my blog schedule to my busy life.

On the blog this year I want to turn this around from a book review blog (as I started to do when I changed the name) to more of a personal, thought sharing, encouragement blog. There will still be book reviews or discussions on my writing and music and stuff every once in a while for sure but not as often.

I want to focus on not only encouraging and building up you guys but also growing myself in the process. I would argue that self-love and self-care for women is especially hard and I’m seeing that more and more each day. I personally am tired of looking in the mirror and calling myself ‘good enough’ or not liking what I see at all and I want to change that. This year I want to go on a journey to change how I feel about myself and my body and take time to grow closer to God.

Spend more time doing life. And I want to encourage others through this process.

To help me kick this off I have asked some wonderful people (girls and guys alike) on my Facebook page and twitter to help me out and guest post for me. (if you wanna join in too, contact me!) Speak whats on their hearts. Tell me about their struggles and what they are doing to turn those into positivity, self-love, and growth!

On top of that I already have a lot of exciting things in my life in 2017 that I can’t wait to share as they happen!


Hope to see you around and that you benefit from this journey as much as I.






So life has been insane…but here is whats coming up.


A photo by Tim Arterbury. unsplash.com/photos/VkwRmha1_tI

So long story short, my computer bit the dust. ( *weeps* ) its why I haven’t been blogging as of late because work has been crazy, my boyfriend was visiting AND I haven’t had the chance to get to the library long enough to actually write up a blog post or two…BUT here I am. At the library writing away and I’m popping in to tell you whats coming up.


  1. Sometime in this next week I have a blog hop post for Author Jennifer Murgia and her spooky novels! (Just in time for halloween!) – long story short it was supposed to be done today but see reasons above relating to my computer and now I have no graphics for the post either ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2. November 2nd – Unwritten Melody by Tessa Emily Hall Blog Tour

3. Early November (No set date yet) – I’m REALLY excited to bring a music review of a family friends newly released album. Just need some time to listen to the album and write up a post

4. More life posts!ย 

Time To Fall Into Things


Summer has come to an end and fall begins.

Its my first semester where I’m a graduated human being and so far things have been weird and uncomfortable. I feel I should be doing something but I don’t know what.





So in this post, I’m gonna address the elephant in the room. My blog has changed! The change might seem sudden and maybe I should have warned you all considering I knew about this for a while…but I didn’t. Honestly the reason I didn’t warn anyone was because I was on the fence about it all.

Do I change the blog? or do I leave it? I even entertained the idea of starting a new blog. But then I decided, I have some lovely and wonderful followers here so why leave them behind and hope they find my new blog? and who wants to go back and forth between two blogs? YUCK.


Please know that I still love books and writing and will continue to post about those things! But I also want to branch out. Personally I feel that God has put a lot on my heart lately with things going on in our world and I wanna speak up and talk about them. Part of the reason things keep getting worse and worse is because people don’t take action against that ever-growing thing. Talking about an issue won’t fix it…but it can start a movement.

So thats kind of where I’m at with the new blog at this moment but know that all my bookish love and craziness will still continue. There will just be more posts like THIS and THIS.


Also if you have something on your heart you want to blog about, let me know! I don’t care if you are a writer or not or have a blog. You can guest post on my blog, no problem. If you’ve got something you want to say then say it. Let me help you get your words out there ๐Ÿ™‚


Comment below or fill out the contact form on my contact page if you wish. And if you don’t wanna guest post and just read stuff, then by all means go ahead!


See you around the blog!





Time for a change

My blog is gonna go through a name change!


Why the name change?

Because people change and with those changes ones life changes. I still LOVE writing and books and will continue to post about those but on top of that there will be a wider variety of posts. Talking about the media, society, life, mental health and anything else that comes to mind. -Its still the same old me. Just giving the blog a facelift and name change to also reach out to other people too.



What is it gonna be?

I have two blog names in mind and most likely by the time you read this the name will be changed ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) so I guess you will see what it is then ๐Ÿ™‚



Will my posts stay the same?

Yes! I will still write about books and writing but I will just add some more posts and topics! (See above)



Other things you should know:

My blog URL will stay the same! and its still me! Just broadening and changing things. It will be great!



New Years Blogging Schedule!

Hello Readers!

I’m still technically on a blog break until the new year, BUT I thought I would share my new blogging schedule with you all. In January I’ll be doing some trial runs so it may yet change come February BUT I will be back in January….but not with many posts.



I only have about 4/5 posts for the month set in stone leaving room for cover reveals and stuff as they come or if I wanna do a few extra posts.


Also, you are probably noticing The Fandom Studio thing and that, my friends, is a new fandom blog! Myself and 6 other gals started this website on Monday and we are beyond excited to share it with people. If you are a fangirl/fanboy then you’re gonna wanna check this out!


Blog: The Fandom Studio

FB Page: The Fandom Studio FB

Twitter: @TheFandomStudio

Until The New Year!

Adriana G.

Blog Break

Hello readers!

So I’m sure you can all guess what I’m gonna say by the post title (and it was probably obvious as well) but I’m going to be taking a ‘break’ from The Librarian Files until the New Year (2016 is coming fast! Can you believe it?!)

You may have noticed I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks…To be honest I didn’t feel that I was giving enough ‘quality’ time to my blog. I haven’t been consistent with posts and stuff and now that I have a job it was something else to throw into my schedule. So basically from this point on to sometime in January (I will let you know EXACT dates very soon) I’ll be taking a blog break.

BUT that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be sitting around doing nothing. No No. This blog means a whole lot to me so I’m going to be spending this time writing some blog posts and book reviews and such. (I also plan on getting on top of The Research Chronicles again too… )

I also am hoping to figure out some sort of way to get some posts in here telling you lovely people about my life too…because I don’t wanna be one of those people whose blog you might enjoy but you feel disconnected from because you don’t really know them….(and I also think some things in my life are pretty interesting so I want to share them with you.)

But anyways, my point is, I’m taking a break from my blog. But don’t worry! I will be back! ๐Ÿ˜€


Until Then!


Adriana G.

I’ve Done It Again

Soooooo I’ve done it again. Though I will say I haven’t forgotten about you lovely people. Just this week was filled with a lot of plot twists and blog posts just didn’t happen :/ BUT starting on Monday I’m gonna try and get stuff all set up again ย because I can’t keep doing this to you lovely people!


So….The Librarian Files will return on Monday! ๐Ÿ˜€

Adriana G.


Announcing The ‘Watch Me Write’ Post Series

Hello readers!

Okay….So I kind of lied a bit and said today’s post was a writing post BUT this post is basically an introduction to a series of (so far) 8 posts which I will be posting every other week and I am SUPER excited for this!


So, let me explain a little bit about how this post series is gonna go ๐Ÿ˜€

The Watch Me Write series I’m doing will consist of posts on how I go about all the different steps from taking a novel through the planning stages all the way to editing the final draft. ย There will also be a few times where I might have a friend do a guest post on some approaches to writing in certain genres as I will mainly be focusing on writing novels overall and/or the Contemporary genre as that is what I am more used to.

I’m SUPER excited to launch the first post in two weeks (on the Wednesday) and I can’t wait for you all to see the post(s) and I hope you enjoy the whole post series I got going.


Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Are there any steps in the planning/outlining/writing/editing stages you want me to dig deeper into? Let me know and I’ll be sure to focus on that more in that specific post…or add that topic if I haven’t already!



Until Next Time,

Adriana G.

The Librarian Files on INSTAGRAM + Mini Announcment Thing

Okay…SOOOOO life happened this weekend and I didn’t get a chance to do any blog posts (I had a Spotlight Saturday post planned mostly) and then I forgot Monday was actually Monday cause it was a long weekend SO I forgot to post my one series/book review. So before I talk about the Instagram thing, I figured I should mention that:

I will be posting a Top Ten Tuesday Post, a Writing post (FINALLY), AND My book review today. So, be prepared for that. (I just wanna stay caught up with this all, ok?)

With that said, on to the Instagram thing….

TLF Instagram



The Librarian Files is now on INSTAGRAM!

I thought I would let you lovely people know about it because I’m doing some fun tags on there (that if you want to be tagged for you go right ahead and tell me), Some Book Challenges, Sneak peaks at my novels, Some (what I think are) awesome photos of books, AND updates on what I’m reading and all that fun stuff!


So if you wanna follow that account, you can do so but ALSO feel free to share your Instagram account(s) with me and I’ll be sure to check them out!



Some posts on their way this afternoon!

Until Next Time,

Adriana G.


Percy Jackson

A sneak peak of the kind of photos you might find on my Instagram ๐Ÿ˜‰


Guess Who

Hello Readers,

I’m back and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve got things in full swing and I’m gonna try and keep up with all the posts I wanna do here as I am anxious to get this blog up and running again. But before I explain a bit about that, I wanna say a quick thank you.


I want to thank the few people who commented on my recent post about why I wasn’t going to blog for the summer and also the few people who messaged me after that fact. You were all supportive and it because of you readers that I’m back ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

To be honest even the idea of bringing up my depression was terrifying and I received no negative comments or messages and that really made me feel better. You guys rock. โค


Now with that said, I have some fun stuff planned for this fall!

Tomorrow I’m gonna kick things off with the usual Top Ten Tuesday post. ๐Ÿ˜€ On top of that I have some fun tags I was gonna do this summer that I didn’t so I will do those. I also have some WIP Sneak Peeks planned, More Spotlight Saturdays, some music posts and….. FINALLY SOME WRITING POSTS! For the first time in forever!

I don’t wanna give anything away but I’m excited for that.


On top of that I’ve taken up making youtube videos so I’ll be doing more videos soon. (You can find my two videos HERE)

Now, it will definitely take me a while to get back into the flow of blogging regularly again but I will get there! Just give me a few weeks and pretty much everything should be in full swing again!! and one final warning before I go…..My obsession with the Percy Jackson books is a very real thing now that I’m reading through the books…so the book reviews for a while will be of the Percy Jackson books and lots of fangirling XD


Well its great to be back! Until tomorrow!

Adriana G.