Unashamed by Lecrae

Back with another book review! Wooh! Look at me go. I am on a roll!!



*cough cough* ANYWAYS. Today I’m gonna be reviewing ‘Unashamed’ by Lecrae…and for those of you who don’t know. Lecrae is a rapper/songwriter and honestly one of my favs at that. This is a book he wrote about his life and ohmygoodness it was just so amazing for so many reasons.



If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.

Two-time Grammy winning rap artist, Lecrae, learned this lesson through more than his share of adversity—childhood abuse, drugs and alcoholism, a stint in rehab, an abortion, and an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Along the way, Lecrae attained an unwavering faith in Jesus and began looking to God for affirmation. Now as a chart-topping industry anomaly, he has learned to ignore the haters and make peace with his craft. The rap artist holds nothing back as he divulges the most sensitive details of his life, answers his critics, shares intimate handwritten journal entries, and powerfully models how to be a Christian in a secular age.

This is the story of one man’s journey to faith and freedom


My review:

So I’ve recently discovered my growing LOVE for non-fiction. Especially Autobiographies by famous people I know and look up to. There is just something about these where you get a more personal sense of who they are and instead of putting them in the spotlight more I start to realize. Man, these are people just like me. They’ve all struggled and had hard times like me too.  Cause thats something I’ve come to realize and my dad has also helped me learn when it comes to meeting people who are considered famous. He’s always reminds me by saying ‘They are only people like you and me.’ and I agree. They are people like you and me but they have accomplished things, turned their lives around and its inspired me to do the same. So thats why I’m loving autobiographies more and I couldn’t wait to read this book.   and let me tell you, this book did NOT disappoint.

Some parts of this book were definitely hard to read. Not because they were hard to follow or bad, mind you, but just because Lecrae was so open and honest about his life and struggles whether is the good, bad, and ugly ( 😉 ) parts of his life.

I love hearing about others and their lives just because you get to see another side to these people that many hold in a spotlight and in this book there is just so much honesty in the words written that it makes me feel like hey, maybe my life and my struggles mean something too. Maybe, just maybe, my story and my life means something and can help others. Maybe I should tell my story too. (I’m not gonna go writing an autobiography at this point in my life but you get my point) Because who knows who it could help!

“Talking about wounds is important, but talking about our healed wounds is just as important.” Pg. 36 of Unashamed by Lecrae

Reading Lecrae’s story and his discussion on his mistakes he made in life was simply amazing. Why? Because he wasn’t afraid to share his story. As you can tell, that aspect got me over and over and over as I read this book.

He left out nothing. Unashamed (literally, as it seems) of it all. This whole book has basically been, “But i felt like God was still with me. I was making a mountain of mistakes, but I was not alone. God has seen my failures, but He hadn’t left me as a result.” ~Pg. 101 (Unashamed)

It was also amazing to see, as I read this book how Lecrae’s life was literally turned around. He was suffered from anxiety and depression and also struggled with drug and alcohol abuse in his life so just the fact that he has turned his life around with the help of God is just amazing and just goes to show that no one is ever beyond saving.


This is most definitely a book I would buy for everyone if I could because its honestly a book I think everyone can learn something from. Doesn’t matter who you are or what your story is.

This is probably a book I will CONSTANTLY be bugging people with but I could honestly care less.  Its amazing and basically everyone should just read it 😛 That is all.



My rating:



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