Why I’m Ashamed to go to Victoria’s Secret

Trust me, I couldn’t care less what Victoria’s ‘secret’ is and despite that store carrying necessities a woman kinda sorta needs, I still feel ashamed stepping foot into the store (or La Senza too but you get my point)


Because our bodies are being sexualized just to sell a product.

Because their ads are basically saying: ‘ Buy this and you’ll be sexier/skinnier/more attractive” – take your pick.

Because the outside of the store and all their advertisements are things like this:


and honestly this ad is mild in comparison to some. ย But nonetheless these ads are sexualizing the bodies of women and I feel embarrassed and ashamed of it. Ashamed of what our society is doing and how they are objectifying women’s bodies.

But to me, it seems womenโ€™s bodies are so sexualized in our society and we and our bodies are turned into some sort of pleasure for the eye. And what do we and our bodies then become? Eye candy.” ~ From my most recent post.

Trust me when I tell you that my shame goes as far as I won’t step foot in the store unless I absolutely need to and when I do its in and out so fast so I can get away from there. and if I’m just walking past the store its a whole ‘eyes down and keep walking’ kind of deal. Its sad that I’m like this and maybe I’m the only one with a problem but I don’t like it! I don’t like how women are objectified and their almost completely naked bodies plastered all over store windows and the media. I know I spoke of this a lot in my recent post but I feel its something that needs to be talked about. Shouted from the rooftops even.

Why are you doing this to our bodies? We aren’t eye candy and our bodies are not to be objectified! Our bodies should be for no one but ourselves!


Something needs to change in our society (actually a lot of things do) – what needs to be changed to change this idea of how women and their bodies are displayed and used in many ways in the media? How can it be changed? Do you think its even possible for it to happen?

11 thoughts on “Why I’m Ashamed to go to Victoria’s Secret

  1. Okay, THIS IS SO TRUE AND I AGREE COMPLETELY! I hate how women are objectified and portrayed in the “male gaze”, not only in ads but in TV, movies, music, and basically all popular media. Even women’s clothing design, sometimes.

    I do have an honest question that popped into my head while reading this: When it comes to underwear, how else are companies supposed to advertise it if not by women wearing the underwear?

    Not to say I WANT to see women in their skivvies on wall-length posters or anything, I just thought of it and wondered if there was an alternative or if the ads maybe just need to be toned down to be less sexualized.

    Great post and great questions!


    • *high five* I’m glad someone agrees!

      and after asking that question I myself started thinking about it more and using something as comparison. I work at Superstore as a cashier and in our clothing section in the store we sell bras and underwear and such and there is NOT ONE image of a woman in her underwear sitting or standing in a way that is suggestive at all. Actually there are no images and ads at all. Bras and Underwear are things women need on a regular basis so why advertise? We all know they are really great companies but still. There is no need to advertise by posting images of women bodies all over shopping place walls or on billboards or anything. Or at least thats my thoughts on it.


  2. I wholeheartedly agree here. I don’t shop there. Let me just say that there is no condom commercial showing a dude wearing one and no tampon commercial or add showing a woman wearing one. No ED ad showing a man’s erectness. There is no reason to show a woman wearing only the bra and undies to advertise. Especially when I can count her ribs on a small pic on my phone. Why deal with a product that is specifically called UNDERware by displaying it without the outerwear? It’s illogical at best. Save those ads for swimwear or workout clothes that are designed to be worn as outerwear. Just show pictures of the clothing for sale, not sexualized versions of airbrushed artificiality. It’s stupid and needs to change. Eventually it will, advertising has trends like every other industry, this one has simply way outlived its time.

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  3. Im a guy so i obviously don’t shop there but I completely agree to what you have said about this. Women in todays society are objectified and we are starting to realize this and it breaking way into the feminist movement which I also don’t agree with (please don’t shoot me ladies let me explain!!!!) Yes i agree that women need an equal playing field in comparison to the men and i do believe that we need to empower women but there is a point where what has been said and what has been done is too much there is a line and it has been crossed. Now back to the clothing and the display of women. We need to stop creating false idols and images that are unobtainable as they are unhealthy. The same goes for men as well you see everywhere on and in magazines these “HUNKY” guys with no shirt on flexing his muscles and it has the same effect on us guys as seeing an scantily clad women in a magazine has you. The amount of work that goes into creating these “perfect” human beings isn’t all diet and exercise, there is a lot of steroids and other unhealthy supplements that go into these peoples bodies or they starve themselves to the point of near death which can lead way to mental health issues as well (anorexia). Oh and you cant forget all the work at the computer too. You can’t showcase a “perfect” human with out removing all of their flaws first and adding more “attractive” features. We need to stop creating the images and idols and we need to be us because we are all beautiful we are all designed in Gods likeness and HIS image we don’t need to look like Channing Tatum or Selena Gomez to be beautiful you already are beautiful so live your life knowing that you are the most beautiful you there will ever be.

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    • Haha fair enough ๐Ÿ˜› and honestly don’t freak out cause I also don’t agree with the feminist movement (say WHAT) I think its gotten freakishly out of hand with how this ‘equality’ is approached and handled. I also agree that making these images and idols of these models is so hard and has a huge affect on a persons body image! (whether guy or girl) So yeah, Basically I agree with everything you’ve stated 100%


  4. I like Victoria Secrets, but I really feel uncomfortable when I shop there because of the burlesque nature of the decor. I also hate that people make jokes with my name about it. ๐Ÿ˜›


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