New Years Blogging Schedule!

Hello Readers!

I’m still technically on a blog break until the new year, BUT I thought I would share my new blogging schedule with you all. In January I’ll be doing some trial runs so it may yet change come February BUT I will be back in January….but not with many posts.



I only have about 4/5 posts for the month set in stone leaving room for cover reveals and stuff as they come or if I wanna do a few extra posts.


Also, you are probably noticing The Fandom Studio thing and that, my friends, is a new fandom blog! Myself and 6 other gals started this website on Monday and we are beyond excited to share it with people. If you are a fangirl/fanboy then you’re gonna wanna check this out!


Blog: The Fandom Studio

FB Page: The Fandom Studio FB

Twitter: @TheFandomStudio

Until The New Year!

Adriana G.


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