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Hello Readers!

So, I know how I said I’m gonna do one post every other week for this post series and that is still the plan but I wanted to just do that reminder cause I’ve done 3 posts 3 weeks in a row cause I threw in that bonus post while I was gone at camp. (Which I was gonna get around to some journalling posts and such which I might still do. I’m trying to decide….Or maybe I will just focus on highlights or funnier things that happened or how my sister sucks at directing me (with the help of a map) or something. We will see what I can get around to doing. Anyways. Enough Rambling.

On with the post!!


Okay so I mentioned in my Plot Bunnies post (where I basically just went on and on about bunnies) how I often sort through the plot bunnies in my head for a while and rarely do any writing. This next step includes writing down ALL the  things.
This next part in the writing/plotting process is where my notebook gets the most love and attention that it will ever get. Ranging from a few days to a few weeks I am carrying my notebook anywhere drawing strange doodles, writing character ideas, plot, setting… Pretty much anything I can come up with.

My advice to you is make sure you have ample pages (or even a notebook solely for that novel) and just write down any idea (big or small) because its better to have some not so great ideas written down or something that could come in handy instead of thinking you won’t need that idea and not writing it down…. Trust me I have made the mistake of not writing things down SO many times. Just write every little detail you come up with even if you don’t use it later its a good idea to have it written down.

Also, a fun little thing I like to do when I’m in this stage is decorate my notebook based on the book. Whether that means creating a collage on the front, drawing on the cover in permanent marker, going all ‘Wreck This Journal’ on it, or making a mock front and back cover, go all out. It’s seriously a lot of fun and a cool way to take your mind off plotting (to give yourself a break) but still focusing on your story.

The reason I take the time to decorate this notebook is to also give my brain a break from direct plotting and cause its fun is that this notebook is gonna be my constant companion for a few months to a few years. I not only plot and draw and doodle in this book but I also will put newspaper clippings or articles inside but I will also outline my novel into the notebook. So seriously go all out.

Decorate your notebook, plot, outline, compile playlists, research and don’t forget:

...Even if you don't use all the things you write.

…Even if you don’t use all the things you write.

Hope you enjoyed the post? What do you do during the plotting stages of your novel? Do you have any specific techniques? I would love to hear from you lovely people!

Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle

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2 thoughts on “Watch Me Write || Write All The Things!!

  1. I write down every measly idea I get as well when I’m working on a new novel. XD When I was plotting for Red Hood I was at work and I stole away to my notebook in my locker every chance I could get. XD I haven’t done collages in a long time but I love to draw my characters so I can get the hang of how they look. ^ ^

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