Spotlight Saturday #11

Hi Guys!

So I’m at a conference right now….Probably very sleep deprived but thats besides the point. I’ve remembered a post! YAY!!!


Spotlight Saturday Zara Hoffman

So, first off, tell us a bit about you!

I’m a freshman in college, I’ve been writing since I was 6, and self-published a novel in 2013 (though I plan to rerelease an expanded version this year). I love reading, writing, singing, dancing, archery, and playing with my dog



What is the title of your blog? Where did you get the idea for the name? Any specific meaning behind it?

The Title of my blog isn’t really exciting. It’s just Zara’s Scribbles because I only post in it when I remember to and they’re normally short.



What gave you the idea to start blogging? Was it sort of just ‘Hey, I should write a blog!’ or did someone suggest the idea?

Nothing really gave me the idea besides the fact that most websites say it’s a good way to build an audience.



What can or will people find on your blog upon arriving? Do you have a target audience in mind?

A lot of book reviews and promos and the occasional update on my life (though I intend to be writing more updates to chronicle my first year in college)



Is there any social media sites where people can follow you and still get notifications about your posts or something?

 Facebook, Twitter, and Wattpad are my main places. I’m also on Pinterest and Instagram.



And last, but not least. Feel free to give me a link (or links) of a couple of your favourite posts on your blog 🙂,,


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