Watch Me Write || Caging the Plot Bunnies

Hello Readers!

Soooooooo here it is! The first post in the ‘Watch Me Write’ post series I’m doing!


So today I’m gonna talk/ramble about caging your plot bunnies… aka How to take a small idea and turn it into a novel idea.

Now really this process isn’t always that difficult but sometimes you have those few plot bunnies that just seem to exist to drive you crazy…and thats where its time to wrangle the little things up and put them in their place…Which is where things can get difficult because sometimes the plot bunnies are easy to gather up and put where they belong and they don’t really put up a fuss. Β Just like the little guy below.


BUT its there ones that make things difficult: He seems all adorable but then- BAM! He’s gone and you have to chase after it.


Okay…so I will stop referencing actual bunnies and try and make sense of what my brain is trying to explain in GIFs of adorable bunny rabbits. (Can you guys tell I just needed an excuse to use these adorable gifs in a post?)


Okay so. Developing plot bunnies/ideas into a full novel idea can (for me) take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks depending on the difficulty I might be having with the basic plot. I don’t know if it’s like this for anyone else, but I have a little (it’s bigger on the inside) bank of sorts inside my head there where any plot ideas I do not use get stored and eventually when I get an incomplete idea I go and piece a bunch of the ideas in that ‘idea bank’ until I have a decent plot. At this point in the plotting stages I don’t really care about cliches to start (unless its really bad and just drives me crazy and is distracting me from the early stages of plotting.) as a little later on I use a certain technique (can’t tell you what it is yet πŸ˜‰ ) to get rid of cliches. Basically at the beginning stages of writing, I’m surrounded (here I go again) by a million and one plot bunnies and I’m trying to sort them into two cages. The ‘Not your turn I don’t need you yet’ cage and the ‘Okay little bunnies, I need you’ cage. BUT as there are many kinds of plot bunnies (and not a lot of them make catching them easy) it can sometimes take a while….Especially if you are me and don’t know exactly what you are looking for when on the hunt for the right plot bunnies.



Okay! So. As I said this post was definitely 2 things: 1.) An excuse for me to use GIFs of Bunnies and 2.) More of an intro post to the series. I PROMISE I will go more in depth with things next writing post but this was definitely a more ‘Adriana was being weird and wanted to write a post about bunnies for no real reason’ kind of thing. Feel free to comment as I will reply cause I love to talk, ok?


4 thoughts on “Watch Me Write || Caging the Plot Bunnies

  1. Your process is interesting. My process usually involves much more writing down instead of purely mental. I like knowing about other people’s processes though. ^ ^ It’s intriguing.

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