Spotlight Saturday #10

Hello Readers!

Totally on time with this weeks post! YES! So let’s get right into this 😛


A Writers Faith

Hello and Welcome!

Hi! Thank you so much for letting me invade your blog for a day. xD



So, first off, tell us a bit about you!

Katie Grace is a homeschooled teen, forever dreaming of far off worlds and fantasy adventures. Since she is unable to acquire a portal for journeying to these places of imagination, she makes them come alive in a different way: writing. She is also a redeemed child of the King, lover of books, and is often found eating copious amounts of pizza and cookies.

So, basically, I’m a Christian, writer, homeschooler, and reader who eats lots of pizza.



What is the title of your blog? Where did you get the idea for the name? Any specific meaning behind it?

The title is A Writer’s Faith. I can’t take credit for the title, though. I was discussing about possible blog titles with my good friend, and off the top of her head came A Writer’s Faith. This is why I’m endlessly thankful for my writing buddies, because otherwise I’d have something lame like, “Katie’s Blog.”

There’s not a terribly specific meaning to go along with it. I’m a writer, and I like to incorporate my faith into it somehow. Pretty simple. And it sounds pretty. xD



What gave you the idea to start blogging? Was it sort of just ‘Hey, I should write a blog!’ or did someone suggest the idea?

Originally, my cousin had a school assignment. Her assignment was to start a blog, and she asked if I wanted to co-blog with her.

I said yes.

We went strong for a couple weeks. We posted consistently and created a giant schedule, but then she started to get busy and lose steam on the whole project. After all, it was just an assignment for school, and nothing more.

But I wanted to make it better and keep posting. I only grew more and more excited about it. (As I do with most things.)

So we decided that it was best to go our own separate ways, (In the blogging world, that is. We’re still very good friends. xD) and thus A Writer’s Faith was born.



What can or will people find on your blog upon arriving? Do you have a target audience in mind?

All the writing and books. There are some occasional rambles, too.

Honestly, while my blog will appeal to those who love writing and books, I write in hope that everyone who stops by my blog will come away with a smile on their face or with a new book to add to their TBR. Or both. Both is best.


Is there any social media sites where people can follow you and still get notifications about your posts or something?

|| Twitter || Pinterest || || Bloglovin || Goodreads ||


And last, but not least. Feel free to give me a link (or links) of a couple of your favourite posts on your blog 🙂

Writing With Music

Editing When You Don’t Want To

Every Writer Has Their Beginnings 

Thank you so much for having me, Adriana!


3 thoughts on “Spotlight Saturday #10

  1. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this post because I was like, “HOW DID SHE GET THESE ANSWERS FROM ME?!”
    We’re good, though. I totally forgot about this. xD

    I find it funny how much my answers can change in a couple months, though. Now I wouldn’t answer my favorite posts the same and would phrase my answers differently. Odd how that happens
    But thank you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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