Summer Update

Hello Readers!

So, I guess you could say that I’m not ‘officially back’ yet blogging wise. But I’m getting lots of stuff ready to kick off again in the early fall. (Writing posts, tags, book reviews, Spotlight Saturdays and other stuff) SO I have a few announcements for the blog but I will get to those in a few minutes.

First I wanted to explain the reason for my month and a half to two months-ish of not really blogging and/or failing at it when I do 😛

Most of you don’t know (a few of you may, not sure if I’ve mentioned it before) but I struggle through many battles with Depression and sometimes, things just get a little bit crazy, I forget things or just don’t touch them for a very long time (Usually this is the time when I read TONS) when I go through these ‘bad phases’, I guess you could call them. And when these phases happen I cannot think straight and many things that require even the smallest bit of brain power become a struggle.

That is one of the reasons my blogging has basically been non-existent due to my just needing a break when I could get it. (I also recently got a job last month and through all last month (as I mentioned in a previous post) I had summer school.)

I do hope this post kinda makes up for my not blogging and clears up a few things. The Librarian Files is my baby and I love you followers so much so I would never ditch you guys 🙂

Now! With that said: ANNOUNCEMENTS


1. The Librarian Files is on Instagram!

IG Handle: @TheLibrarianFiles

You’ve might have seen the widget on the sidebar with the Librarian Files Instagram, but in case you missed it, it’s there and I would love for you to check it out! (Got a giveaway planned when I reach a certain amount of followers. I’m thinking 100 followers 😉 Just sayin.)


2. The Book Creators

So this is a cool thing I run with Author, Mariella Hunt and Blogger and Writer Brett Micheal Orr and if you love reading and/or writing books then you might wanna check out this website.


Here are links to The Book Creators on social media in case you wanna follow and keep up with posts through those as well.

Instagram: @TheBookCreators
Twitter: @TheBookCreators
Facebook: The Book Creators Facebook Page

A third announcement is also that I have a blog button coming soon! So keep an eye for that one, cause I LOVE it and I wanna share its cuteness with you people haha.

Well that’s my update!


Until Next Time

Adriana Gabrielle


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