Beautiful People- July Edition|| In Which I Introduce You To Sleeping Beauty

Hello Readers!

Sorry for disappearing! I was going to put up a post on Friday night…and wordpress didn’t work… then I tried on Saturday and it still didn’t work! But, now it’s Monday, AND WORDPRESS WORKS! Yay!

So, I’m kicking things off with posts this month. (Finally got the weekend off school and work to set up fun tag posts and such but then WordPress was being a bum…)

Alright! So for this tag, I’m doing the July edition of The Beautiful People Link-Up hosted by Sky and Cait (links on the link up image) and today, I figured it was about time to introduce you to Sleeping Beauty…or MY Sleeping Beauty.


I’m writing a YA CONTEMPORARY (yes, I said Contemporary) Sleeping Beauty Retelling for the Rooglewood Press’s Five Magic Spindles Contest and I’m pretty excited for it! So, with that said time to introduce you to my main character, Aster Young. So, it’s time to interview her!



Me: So, Aster, what’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Aster: Really? That’s the first question you ask? Here I thought this was going to be harder

Me: Just answer the question.

Aster: Fine then. Well…I really like this birthday cake frozen yogurt. That’s usually what I get over other kinda of Ice Cream.

Of course you would like the Birthday Cake frozen yogurt. For you lovely readers, you should know that Aster is kinda obssesed with cake.

I’m sorry, is there a problem with that?

No. No problem at all. So, you’re getting ready for a night out. Where are you going?

I don’t really go anywhere…

Why not?

You know this already!

But my readers don’t. 

*SIGH* I don’t go anywhere for…reasons.


Whaaaat? I answered the question!

Fine. But pretend you were going out for the night. Somewhere fun. Where would you go?

To the movies or something I guess.

Would you go with someone?

I would probably go with Daddy. Mom isn’t really into movies…Daddy and I call her a grumpy old lady for it…even though Daddy is older than Mom by five years.

Right. Okay. *looks down at list with questions* Moving on to talking about shoes…


As a girl, I know I love shoes so you must as well…right?

Uh, not right.

Well too bad. Do you often wear dress shoes, gym shoes, or none at all?

If I could walk around barefoot I would…but I can’t. So I ususally go with Flip-Flops. Next best thing to cake.


Flip-Flops and Cake…Interesting. What shoes do you consider comfortable? What shoes do you consider agonizing to wear?

High heels are definitely agonizing to wear…and due to my-uh…Condition-

*interrupts* If you keep saying ‘condition’ I’m going to make you explain…

*Rolls eyes* Fine. Whatever. Anyways. Due to it, I don’t really wear heels just to avoid any mishaps. I consider Flip-Flops really comfortable.

Okay. So, we’ve established. Flip-Flops are your thing. Moving on. Do you have any birthmark or scars? Where are they and how did you get them?

I have a long scar underneath my eye from a tumble down a large set of cement stairs at a local park. Other than that no other scars or birthmarks.

Wait, what? I did not know that

Really? Hmm. Guess it doesn’t matter much then.

Actually it does! *scribbles down notes* What kind of music do you like to listen to, Aster? Does it change depending on your mood or is it always consistent?

I usually just listen to some Indie or Folk music…nothing that gets me too pumped up. Cause that would cause problems.

Why would it cause problems, Aster?

*glares at me* I don’t wanna say.

Too bad. You tell them, or I do.

*sighs in frustration* The reason I go with calmer music, don’t go out much and avoid high heels is because I have Narcolepsy. *turns and glares at me* Happy now?

Yes, quite. So, Aster. Do you play an instrument?

Nope…I mean I used to ‘play’ piano but that failed. I joined choir for a while, which I loved…but I sadly couldn’t really preform anymore. I plan to join again some day…

What kinds of book do you like to read?

I…don’t really read all that much. It will take me so long to finish a book so I don’t even try anymore.

That makes sense. So, how do you spend your summers?

My summers usually consist of many visits from my cousin, Gum…and my trying to leave the house as much as possible without my parents worrying I’m gonna fall asleep and die from it…
Riiiiight. They’re just worried for you, is all.


Nevermind…Moving on. It’s Saturday at noon. What are you doing? 

Most of the time I’m just sitting around. Depends when I’ve ‘woke up’ from what I wish I could call a normal nights sleep.
Okay, Last question….


Heyyy. Admit it. You enjoyed this and my company.

Not really.

*huffs* Fine. So, is there anything you want to be free of?

Really? Isn’t that obvious?

Don’t be snippy. Answer. The. Question.

I want to be free of Narcolepsy and not have to rely on pills to function somewhat normally…


So! That’s Aster for you. An absolute angel for her parents but a brat for me. Figures. Anyways! Hope you liked it! If you have any questions for Aster yourself, then feel free to ask them in the comments and I can answer them for Aster or make her answer them or something….


Anyways… Until Next Time.

Adriana Gabrielle



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