Keep Calm and Query On

Hello Readers!

So, before I get started on this blog post, I just wanted to mention a little change I’m going to be doing to my posts here on The Librarian Files. Just a minor little change I will be making for the summer (and maybe from here on out. I havent decided yet) is that instead of doing a book review every week, I will be doing a book review every other week instead. The reason being, since it’s summer time I will be busy and it also will give me more time to start and finish books and write reviews! 😀

Now, with that said, On With The Post!!!


So, last week, to live up to a deal I made with someone, I sent out my first query letter…then out went my second…then the third.

Now, I know, sending off three query letters isn’t really all that much. But over this next week I will be sending off about 5 more Query Letters. The reason being that it’s been a little difficult to find an agent who is looking to represent my novel…BUT I will find some more agents soon. (With the help of my 2015 Guide of Literary Agents I will be getting in the mail next week)

I will show you lovely people the synopsis for my novel I’m querying for, but first, becasue I don’t really have some Querying Tips or anything, I will share some awesome blog posts on writing an amazing query letter!

Sound cool? Great!

Here are the posts, and they really came in handy when I was writing my query letter. 😀

The Most In-depth Query Letter Advice on The Internet

5 Query Letter Mistakes You Should Avoid

Happy Querying My Lovely People!

Oh! and as promised, here is a mock cover I made (using an image found on Pinterest) and the synopsis for my novel I’m querying for!


Billie Crane lives a life of abuse. Never telling anyone of the pain she suffered from the hands of her father, the man who was supposed to love her. Never had she considering running away from the cruelty of her father but that soon changed when she became the victim of rape to a man she thought she could trust. She avoided telling her father but upon learning she was pregnant she knew she couldn’t hide.

She leaves home and finds relatives nearby who take her in without question and love her more than her father ever had. While there she meets Finley McCarthy and her brother Kenton who tell her about a loving God who loves everyone. As her fear towards all men grows, Billie confides in Finley but pushes her brother away in fear of what he could do to her. Billie struggles to face her past fears and mistakes, battle depression and somehow decide for her unborn baby when she doesn’t even know what to do with her life let alone her baby’s.

But, Finley also has a secret. Finley McCarthy’s most recent mistake is her two year old daughter. Finley gave birth at 15 and loves her baby dearly. The only sour note is her family and boyfriend’s lack of knowledge of Grace. Finley is faced with a choice: keep her family in the dark or tell them and risk their loss. When Finley and Billie begin a wary friendship they must determine whether they can trust each other, but mostly if they can come to trust God again.


4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Query On

  1. This post came right in time. Seriously, I had just about forgotten that I was supposed to be spending this afternoon querying. I recently checked out the 2015 guide from my library and found it extraordinarily helpful. So you have a lot to look forward to!

    It is fun to find someone who is in the same stage of publication as me. Good luck!

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  2. Good luck querying! I’m pitching next month and submitting some material requested by editors and an agent back in February so I totally get the nerves you’re feeling. *crosses fingers for the both of us*

    Liked by 1 person

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