777 Challenge

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I was tagged by Brett Michael Orr to post 7 sentences from the 7th page in my novel, and tag 7 people to do the same. So…..that’s what I’m gonna do…but I thought for fun I would do it for a couple of my WIP’s since I have a few going. With that said, Let’s do this! (and I would LOVE to hear which one is your favourite.)


More At Home With Strangers(MAHWS):

More At Home With Strangers ( MAHWS )
My sleep’s chased far away, My nights as dark as hell. I’ve got that nasty feeling-
She tried to find the words to write next but couldn’t think of them. Anger boiled up inside of her as she screamed in rage, throwing the pen across the room and the notebook after it. Paisley sat there yelling as she punched her pillow over and over again.
“Paisley!” The familiar voice of the nurse, her nurse, cried out as the pillow was yanked from her hands and two hands grasped her arms tightly. Tears streamed down her face as she looked up at the plump woman. “Paisley, what’s wrong?”



Holding On To Grace(HoTG):


After a moment the other nurse left without a word as Melody helped Billie sit up in the bed, propped up by some pillows.

“The police officer is outside and wants to ask you a few questions. I’m sure he-” Melody said after a moment.

“N-n-no,” Billie interrupted as she automatically placed a hand on her pregnant belly.

“The officer is just trying to help you, sweetie.”

Billie shook her head again.

“They can stop whoever is hurting you and your babies,” the nurse continued on.




Note: This is a first draft so I can’t guarantee the quality of these sentences 😛 


I took a sip of my latte as silence dragged on between the two of us. I then started to wonder if this was a bad idea…If I should have kept my mouth shut.

“So what’s your idea?” Lucy asked breaking the silence, causing me to jump slightly but I pulled myself together.

“Well…What if we made a new years resolution?”

Lucy narrowed her eyes. “You do realize no one follows through on resolutions, right? Like ever…”

“Well then we will be the first.” I grinned. “We can make a resolution to fight less. Talk things over like mature young women.”

“But we’re sisters-“Lucy stared into her coffee, “Not business partners.”

I leaned back in my seat, causing it to scrape on the tile floor, and moaned. “Lu!”

I heard a light chuckle slip past my sister’s lips. “I’m kidding. It sounds like an awesome idea.”

“Really?” I grinned sitting up straight in my chair.





Tennyson leaned against the door frame. “Are you alright? You just ran off.”

Blythe picked up her notebook and wrote the words: I’m fine.

“Are you sure?” Disbelief pulled at her insides but the last thing she wanted to do was scare her daughter off.

Blythe nodded.

“Would you like to come with me to the barn. I have some things to do, but I would love your company.” Tennyson always tried her hardest to get her daughter out of the house but nothing ever worked…Her daughter always remained indoors. And it was slowly killing her to see her little girl in the state she was

There was silence for a moment and Tennyson was left to hope her daughter would accept her invitation…but then, Blythe simply shook her head causing that hope to die.

“Alright. Well I’ll be working in the barn for a while then out in the garden if you need me.”

Blythe nodded as Tennyson approached her daughter and kissed the top of her daughters head. “I love you, Blythe.” She smiled






10 thoughts on “777 Challenge

  1. I like the Speechless snippet the best. It’s always super interesting when you have a character who can’t talk and seeing how they deal with it. 🙂
    It was fun reading all the rest, though! Which one are you mainly working on?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Adriana! Thanks for taking part in the tag! You’re working on quite a lot – I’ve only ever worked on one WIP at a time, I don’t know how you keep all of those in your head!

    All of those books sound great, I love the excerpts! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Working on four at once? Kudos to you; my brain certainly couldn’t handle it. XD

    THESE ARE ALL SO INTERESTING!! MAHWS has sort of a teenage-mental-breakdown feel to it (lol bear with me as I attempt to gleam information from each snippet). HoTG seems really tense, and I kind of want to wrap Billie up in a blanket, pick her up, and run away from whatever is happening to her and her babies. Lucy seems like the least intense of the group, but what do I know? XD And Speechless is just SO FASCINATING! I want it! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well I’m actually working on six at once… Haha XD You got it spot on with MAHWS and yeah…everyone kinda wants to steal Billie from me haha.

      As for Lucy, it actually deals with suicide in teens and such…but that was a mild scene for sure. And yay! Speechless is just about done its second draft so yeah. I’m getting there with that one 🙂

      So glad these seem fascinating to you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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