Blog Takeover Follow Up!

Hello Readers!

So yesterday I mentioned how my blog is kinda gonna be taken over by a few people and stuff and I just want to give you a little rundown of who will be posting and what kind of posts you will be seeing.

I originally had four people who were going to help me out by doing some posts but two people couldn’t do it in the end meaning I’ve had to kinda make things up as I go. But either way, its workable….. (Though, if there are any of you lovely people who can get me a post by Sunday at the lastest and want to be featured on my blog takeover, don’t hesitate to contact me through this form here: Contact Form )

So! Here is a post lineup (as I have scheduled some posts ahead of time during studying breaks)


Friday, June 12th- Cait Potter will be taking over my blog and sharing an awesome post on character building and development that you will NOT want to miss



Saturday, June 13th- Two posts on Saturday!

The first post- I’ll be discussing The Research Chronicles (a reminder for you to get posts set up and telling you about it if you’ve never heard of it before)

The second post- Another Spotlight Saturday on your way! Stop by and see who is in the spotlight this time 😀



Monday, June 15th- A celebration of the release of Rachelle Rea’s novel ‘The Sound of Diamonds’ (There will be cake for all and a book review. You won’t wanna miss out 😉 )


I will also have a guest post from author, Mariella Hunt either on Tuesday (the 16th)  or Wednesday (the 17th) where she will be talking about her novel! (Which seems pretty dang awesome. I’m just saying.)


Friday, June 19th– I will be back on the blog and a couple fun posts will be happening!

Post 1- I was tagged for the 777 Challenge, so there will be a post for that featuring snippets from a couple of my WIP’s that will be my main focus for the rest of the year (Each novel in various stages mind you but still)

Post 2- My Guest Bloggers who took over my blog for the week will be doing one final post where they will be sharing some of their favourite music to write to 😀


So, that’s it! Feel free to contact me if you want to see your name on this list of people featured on my blog next week! and, if not, feel free to just sit back and enjoy the fun posts on their way this coming week!


Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


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