Beautiful People #10 || Parental Edition

Hello Readers! Now, before I begin this wonderful linkup post I thought I would give you a little update on what will be happening on this blog up until the 19th…. Ready for it?

Nothing….Nothing will be happening very much over here until the 19th which is the last day of Final Exams. I will have a Spotlight Saturday post going up and a Book review on the 15th…but other than that, you can expect that things will be a little bit slow around here until I’m free from the clutches of school work, finals and studying. Now, with that said, ON WITH THE POST.

But FIRST. A commercial break…

Beautiful People is a linkup brought to you by Cait@Paper Fury and Sky@Further Up and Further In and is a linkup designed for you to develop your characters while having fun and sharing these lovely characters with the world.


Now that that is over….Time for the post!



So, today I am switching it up and I’m going to share a little bit about my FMC’s parents from my novel Holding On To Grace (In which I will be finalizing for Querying in the late summer or early fall.)

So, this is my baby, Billie Crane. She is 17 years old, is kinda my favourite, and super adorable.




Now, I’m sure I’ve told you about Billie in the past, but, instead of giving you all her background story first, I will just have her answer the questions for you and the pieces should fit together. So let’s do this 🙂


So, Billie. Do you know both your biological parents?

Billie: *nods* Yes…Of course I do.


Why aren’t you with them now?

Well, I havent seen Mum for a long time now…But I left home. That’s why I havent seen Dad.


Why havent you seen your mother? Did your parents separate?

No…Mum died when I was ten.
Right…I’m sorry about that…


What? I am! *cough* So, have you inherited any physical resemblances from your parents?

People always tell me I look like my Mum but I’m not sure I do…I think I look like Dad…But I think people miss Mum. Thats why they say I look like her…


I suppose that could be the case…So who are you staying with now? Have they become parental figures to you at all? Or are they just means of a shelter?

I’m staying with my Aunt and Uncle…They are extremely supportive and help me a lot with…stuff.


Right. So, What’s are your Aunt and Uncles dress style? I mean you are living with them so…

Wait, What?


I don’t know. It’s one of the questions I’m supposed to ask…

Oh…Well I don’t really know. All I know is that they dress really nicely. havent payed much attention to actual details. I know my aunt wears a lot of Pink and black clothing…You know like, black yoga pants with a pink shirt or something…


Would you say you share any personality traits with your Aunt and Uncle?

No. My Aunt and Uncle are very social people who always take a leading role with stuff…I’m not like that.


You can be…You don’t think so but you can be like that.

Do you get on with your Aunt and Uncle or no?

I get along with my Aunt better than my Uncle. But I get along with both pretty well I guess..


Could you describe both your Aunt and Uncle in one word?

My Aunt I would say is ‘Friendly’

And my Uncle is…well an ‘Entertainer’
Now, I know your Aunt and Uncle have helped you a ton, but how have your Aunt and Uncle helped you most in your life, Billie?

Just by taking me in. They didn’t know me very well but they took me in anyways.
What was your biggest fight with your Aunt and Uncle?

When my Aunt registered me in school again I put up a big fight…


That’s all the info you’re gonna give us?



Okay then…Tracing back your family tree, what nationalities are in your ancestry?

I’m not sure…All I know is Dad was from the states somewhere and my Grandma was british…
Right. Okay. So, last question then you can go.



What’s your favourite memory with your Aunt and Uncle?

I’m not really sure…I have a lot of good memories with them…


Good enough of an answer for me. Thanks for cooperating, Billie.

You’re welcome. *leaves*


So! That’s this months linkup! Hope you enjoyed it! If you want to know what Billie’s story is about, you can head over to my WIP’s page and find my whole synopsis for the novel there AND the link to the Pinterest Story Board 😀


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


6 thoughts on “Beautiful People #10 || Parental Edition

  1. Oh, Adriana, let’s be honest. No writer is ever truly sorry for hurting their characters. Ooh, her black-and-pink wearing aunt intrigues me. Mainly because that is killer fashion taste. And poor Billie, she’s quite a shy girl, isn’t she? Having her answer the questions really let her voice shine through 🙂

    (Psst, here’s my ​Beautiful People post!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I know that…But sometimes I just try to make Billie feel a little bit better considering her life hasn’t been all that happy :/

      haha I know right? Her aunt is awesome!

      And yes. She is extremely shy. To be honest I’m surprised she answered these questions as well as she did… 😛 (Yay!! Will be checking it out)


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