Crazy Times Approach!

Hello Readers!

So first off, I must apologize on the lack of writing posts and such. I do feel quite bad about that and I hope to get back on top of that as soon as I can.

Today’s post is more announcments and just kinda keeping you lovely people up to date on blogging stuff. (With the fun of GIFs included because who doesn’t love those?)

So lets get started as I need to tell you lovely people some things AND get your opinions on some things that are really, quite important.

So, first off this year has gone by SO dang fast and just needs to slow the heck down in my opinion. Anyone else agree? Like I’m still confused. Is this May 2015 or is is 2016 already? I’m very lost…..Now, moving on.

1. Finals Are Incoming



It’s the time of year all high school students dread and it is a HORRIBLE time for writers and/or bloggers because we can’t spend much time with you lovely blog readers or spend time writing out novels and reading! and why is that? Becasue stupid finals! That’s why. Consider this first point a warning that I may (SADLY) be less frequent with posting but I will not abandon you! I will still keep posting but it just might be less frequent.


2. I’ve started a new blogging feature!



This blogging feature is called ‘Spotlight Saturday‘ and every saturday I share a brief interview with a lovely blogger and help shine a spotlight on their blog! Why am I telling you this? Well…Because I’m looking for lovely people to interview! (I have up until the 3rd Saturday of June booked up but after that I will have no more and I want to keep this going!) Are you interested in being featured on my blog? Or maybe know someone else who might be? There are a couple ways you can do that.

If you go to my Contact Page you can send me an email from there OR you can tweet me about it (my Twitter handle is @ABookishFangurl) and I’ll send you the questions!


3. My WIP’s


So, readers. This and the next point is where I am going to need your help. I want to start sharing the progress of one of my novels more frequently on the blog. (Maybe once or twice every few weeks?) But I can’t decide which one it should be! I have a couple options so, for that reason, I will let you vote!


4. Important

This is a VERY important question so I MUST ask that you comment one of the following words highlighted in red.

Dragons or Mermaids?


5. Wattpad

I have a novel on Wattpad. Nuff said. You can read it by clicking here if you want. —> Read Aimlessly Wandering on Wattpad


So that’s it for my announcments and such!


Until Tomorrow with another Spotlight Saturday!

Adriana Gabrielle


8 thoughts on “Crazy Times Approach!

  1. Good luck with finals! I’ll be really looking forward to your new feature and would love to participate.

    And I’ll have to go with mermaids, because having power over water is a lil less confrontational than fire.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. It does seem that you’re really busy! Time has flown for me too! It’s crazy we’re almost halfway through the year! I’d be interested in the Spotlight Saturday too. ^ ^ And that’s a hard decision … I guess dragons? lol XD

    Liked by 1 person

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