Top Ten Tuesday || Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

Hello Readers!

I’m finally back with another Top Ten Tuesday after a month of not doing it and I’m happy to be back at it and starting up with an awesome topic for today’s post! Quickly before I start, I have a book review coming a little later this afternoon for you lovely people 🙂

Now, Today’s post is Top Ten Authors I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to meet! So lets do this!



Author #1: Laura L. Smith – Laura Smith is QUEEN! Her novels are fantastic and after reading her books, I started writing YA Contemporary and I must say its my favourite genre to write so I definitely have her to thank. (I own every one of her novels people but now I’m trying to get them all in paperback…and maybe signed one day)

Author #2: Jennifer Niven – I MUST MEET THIS WONDERFUL PERSON! ‘All The Bright Places’ really impacted me and I must let her know that…In person. And besides, who doesn’t want to meet Jennifer Niven? I mean I’ve chatted with her a little on Twitter and she seems amazing soooooo….

Author #3: Rajdeep Paulus – Another amazing woman who writes AMAZING YA Fiction. Her novels were just so touching and amazing and she seems like a wonderful woman who I must meet!

Author #4: Sam Maggs – Who doesn’t want to meet a fellow Fangirl? I mean come on! I never pass up the opportunity to meet up with fellow fangirls and authors. Best thing ever and I MUST meet her.

Author #5: Stephanie Morrill – Another one of the amazing people who got me started on writing! (Thank you GTW) And her novels, like Laura Smith’s (which I read around the same time) got me started on YA Contemporary novels and now I’m addicted to both reading and writing in that genre.

Author #6: Jennifer Murgia – I LOVE her writing. I’ve read both ‘Between These Lines’ and ‘Forest of Whispers’ which are two different genres and both were amazing. Like you have no idea ❤

Author #7: Kathrese McKee – Super Amazing Person Alert! Must meet her as soon as possible becasue she rocks! So does her writing. (If you haven’t read Mardan’s Mark yet then you are REALLY missing out, lovelies!)

Author #8: Holly Kelly – Another amazing fantasy author who I must meet in person! Mah gosh.

Author #9: Laura Anderson Kurk – So many amazing YA Contemporary writers I wanna meet! Laura’s books are so amazing and beautifully written and I just cannot deal! That and she is an amazing woman! I would love to meet her.

Author #10: K.M Weiland – Author of amazing novels AND of an awesome blog that has helped me along in my writing. Chatting on Twitter on occasion has been fun but meeting her in real life would be fantastic.



So, these are the Top Ten Authors I MUST meet one day. Like I’ve started a Bucket List of sorts for it….I kid you not.

Which authors would you like to meet? Any of the same authors on my list? or other ones? Did you join in on Today’s Top Ten Tuesday? If so, share the link in the comments!


Oh! and cause I ALWAYS seem to forget, Top Ten Tuesday is a linkup hosted by the Broke and Bookish and its fantastic.


Until Later Today (with a book review!)

Adriana Gabrielle


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday || Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

  1. I’d like to do one of these Top Ten Tuesdays, but already post on Tuesdays. XD I’d really like to meet Stephanie Morrill. I don’t really read much contemporary, though the first books of two of her series are on my list, but I’d really like to meet the founder of Go Teen Writers. ^ ^ Some on my list are John W. Otte and Suzanne Collins (doubt it’ll ever happen, but I can dream). XD

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