A to Z Challenge || Letter Y: Youth

Hello Readers!

YSo, I was going to title today’s post ‘Young’ but I thought it didn’t sound as nice so I went with youth for the title. Anyways. The post is just another little writing inspiration post type thingy as I really didn’t know what to do for it otherwise 🙂



It always seems that, as a teenager/young adult, we’re still to young to do something. Too young to do this. Too young to do that. I’ve heard that a lot with my writing.

“You’re too young for anyone to take you seriously.” or “You’re too young to be a professional writer. Leave it to the people who kno what they are doing.”

Some I very often have heard about my novel ‘Holding on To Grace‘ which discusses rape is this: “You shouldn’t be writing that.”,   “You’re too young to know about that.”, and “A kid like you shouldn’t write that. Why would you write something so cruel.” (<—I’ve got a good answer to that but it doesn’t matter at this moment)

When I hear these things, what I really want to know is Why and How come people put an age range or limit as to what I can and can’t write or if I should write at all.

Yes, I chose to write topics that make people uncomfortable. Maybe I chose to write things that feed my childish fantasies and imagination. Why are either of these things bad? Why do I have to risk being bashed and judged by saying that I’m a teen writer?  Cause here is the thing, I don’t see them as bad.

Every story/poem/script you write is telling a story that has caught your mind. Grabbed a hold of your imagination and wont let go. Everything you write is your own and is special and you are never too young (or even to old) to write what you want to write. I see writing as freeing, beautifull and a great skill and accomplishment. In a world of Instant Message and Texts, writing a novel is something special where we take a long time to work on writing and try and craft it all as beautifully as we can by careful word choice and imagery. You are NEVER too young to write your novel.


2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge || Letter Y: Youth

  1. I agree. ^ ^ I may be in my early twenties, but as a teen writer I experienced these things. Teens or even young adults my age are often ridiculed for being apathetic then when they write about mature subject matter they’re told it’s too mature for them? Seems a bit ironic, doesn’t it?


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