Camp NaNoWriMo || Winner!



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I’m SO happy to be adding this badge to my little collection. 🙂 To be honest I wasn’t really sure if I was gonna make it out of CampNaNo alive but I did make it out. My sanity questionable, but I made it!

I first ran into Camp NaNo like I was in the battle for Narnia….



But by the end, I realized how close the end of April was and how little I had truly done and I ended up freaking out and just running with it….



*nervous chuckle* So yeah…The last 10k I’m pretty sure might be a whole boat load of crap…But some things might still be salvageable…I hope.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.29.12 PMAnyways. Overall I would say NaNo went really well this time around as I kept pretty caught up on the word count this time around. (Unlike in November where I hardly wrote anything the first week and a half then scrambled around like crazy to catch up…and didn’t 😛 )

I do wish I had done more posts about my novel in the end, but yet it was becasue I was busy with CampNaNo that I couldn’t do as much blogging as I wanted…and in this case that is very very good.

So, I lost track of how many chapters each POV character has at this point as I have a lot of chapters, but I’ll give you a quick recap of the stats.

  • I finished Camp NaNo with 40,378
  • I finished Camp NaNo EARLY
  • The final Chapter Count was 63 chapters
  • The novel is still incomplete. (The first time I haven’t had a first draft finished at 40k words)


  • Thanks to a prompt someone posted on the GTW page I now know one of my characters is going to die


There you go! Basic recap of my story = Completed! I’m quite happy with it overall I must say. I’m now taking a short break on the novel as writing as much as I did in a month is very draining and I don’t want the whole idea to be a flop cause I was burnt out. While taking that little break, I will be completing Aimlessly Wandering (My novel on Wattpad) and also do one final edit on ‘Holding on To Grace’ My plan is to come back to MAHWS in mid May.

Now, before I end this post I thought I would 1. Share the cover and synopsis with you all in caseScreen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.28.39 PM you are new to the blog between my updates and 2. Share all the links to previous posts from the month in case you missed one or two of them 🙂

BUT before I do that I want to thank you all for posting your comments of encouragement and asking my characters questions and all that fun stuff. All your comments really kept me motivated to finishing Camp NaNo. But there are two people in particular who I would LOVE to thank in particular. Those two people are Justine Machin and Jennifer Niven (yes THE Jennifer Niven…as in author of All The Bright Places)

Why do I want to thank them? Well, Justine Machin saw my post back in March about my Camp NaNo novel and where I got the idea and she shared it on Twitter tagging Jennifer Niven to check it out as it seemed like something that might interest her. { insert freak out session that lasted for hours here} and long story short, Jennifer Niven replied to the tweet and said she really liked the idea! {Insert another long freak out}

Yeah, it might not be much but really, those comments and someone telling an author like Jennifer Niven about MAHWS really kept me motivated through the month.

So, Jennifer and Justine, to you I want to say “Thank you so much <3”



Now…That said time to share the previous posts with you lovely people!

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More At Home With Strangers ( MAHWS )

Four teenagers, Mackenzie, Paisley, Tarryn and Maiya can’t stand each other upon meeting which makes having to live together hard. But they don’t have much choice considering the foster system is a hard, complicated issue. None have any valid excuse to leave, except their hatred for each other, so in the same home they remain. With the help of Gabrielle and David Harrow, the girl’s foster parents, they fight their own demons and face things they would much rather forget….and soon find that not only friendship starts to bring them together but that they are more at home with these strangers than anyone else.





8 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo || Winner!

  1. Congratulations! How shall you celebrate? 😀 I’m finishing Camp NaNo today! But the novel is definitely not done yet. XD It’s going to be 80K and it’s a little over 40K now.

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