Camp NaNoWriMo || Character Interviews! (Guess Who Forgot… )

Hello Readers!

So, I’ve been so busy that I completely forgot about my Camp NaNoWriMo update AND the character interviews. I’m going to do the update tomorrow morning but today, I will be doing the Character interviews! Wooh!

Oh…and fun fact. If you’ve noticed throughout the month how I’ve been using the different colors for each character, I thought I would tell you that those are in fact, those characters favourite colors! 😀 I thought it would be a fun way to incorporate that and so, that is what I will continue to do, because its fun! 🙂

One more thing before I start is, if something is between two asterisk then it’s an action. (I use it often so some of you might know that already but I thought it would be fair to mention)


First up is Maiya!


So, Maiya. Lets get this started…

Maiya: *looks around as she sits down* How long am I going to have to do this for?


Not long, don’t worry. So, first question. How do you wish people would view you?

Maiya: I-I’m not really sure. I guess I just want people to not see me as some sort of monster. Yeah, according to doctors, I shouldn’t be alive but I am alive so shouldn’t people care about that instead?


Wow. Uh…Very good point. So, who do you turn to when you’re hurting?

I kinda just keep to myself. I’m slowly starting to trust Gabrielle but no one will replace Patricia. I could always turn to her.


Patricia? Who is that?

She was my foster mother before I came to Gabrielle and David’s… *looks down* Please don’t make me talk about her.


Okay. I won’t. You’re the most well behaved of my characters so I won’t force you.

Thank you?


No problem, Kiddo. So, Who do you trust the most?

I don’t really know right now. I’m still just getting used to everything. The other girls showed up very soon after I did. I’m still trying to figure people out…


That makes sense I suppose. Though you know Gabrielle and David are both trustworthy, right?

I would like to figure that out on my own, thank you.


*mutters* Of course you would.



Never mind. Next question! It looks like you have to move a lot – involuntary, but if you could choose a city which one would you love to live in ? Any past stays you liked?

Well I’ve only ever lived in Edmonton…Alberta that is. I only ever moved to a group home for a while before I was back home again. Then to Patricia’s…Then back to mums. Then I came to Gabrielle’s…Which isn’t in Edmonton


*Interrupts* Right….Still didn’t answer the questions though.

I don’t want to be unfair. Because I like it where I am now but I liked it at Patricia’s too.


Makes sense. So, last question.

Okay. That wasn’t actually that hard.


I told you it wouldn’t. Just depends on your willingness to behave.

*covers her mouth with her hand and giggles* Have fun with Mack.


Don’t remind me….So, Maiya, have you won any tournaments or awards while playing soccer?

Well. I had to stop playing soccer when I was seven. But I did win a little trophy. Everyone got one but I was proud. I have it somewhere…I think. It’s my favourite possession.


Hmm. I didn’t even know you still had it. Interesting. Well, Thank you, Maiya, for cooperating and answering these questions.

*nods once then gets up and leaves*


So, that’s Maiya’s interview! Hope you liked it! Thanks to you lovely people who took time to ask my characters some questions! 😀


Next up is Paisley!



Paisley: *walks in, writing in her notebook. Without looking up she comes and sits down on the chair*


Ummm. Paisley?

Paisley: *Doesnt respond*


Paisley! *claps my hands to get her attention*

*Looks up as she closes the notebook and places it on her lap* Sorry. Did you say something?


Yes, I did. Are you ready for this interview?



Will you give me your attention for a couple minutes?



Perfect! So, first question, What is your favorite book/piece of poetry and why?

I like the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. It like all the words in it. They are different and unique.


Figured you would like that one. So, What is it about the other girls that you like so much?

They are all different.


Different how?

Just look at them! They are all different. Bad things happened to them here on the Bad Earth and those things make them different..And they are just different.


Uhh…The Bad Earth? I think you just mean bad stuff has happened in their life.

Bad stuff yes, and we all live on the Bad Earth that lets bad things happen to us.


Riiiiiiiight. Okay…If you could how would you help the other girls?

I would make Mack happy again. She gets angry all the time. I don’t like angry people. Thats how I would help her.


Right. and Maiya and Tarryn?

I would help Maiya play soccer again. I’m looking on the computer to find a good doctor that will help her. But I won’t go into a sick place to do it. Gabrielle will have to help me. I would help Tarryn too, I don’t know how because she doesn’t like to eat…But I would help her by making sure she eats and doesn’t get sick after.


Good work, Kiddo. Keep on it. Can you just quickly explain to everyone else reading this interview what a ‘Sick Place’ is?

*sighs and drums her fingers on the cover of her notebook* It’s a hospital.


Thank you, Paisley. Now, last question. What was your bullying incident like and how did it stop?

People liked to push me a lot….and call me names. But a lot of times they just liked to push me into or off things. I made it stop because I tried to leave and then they moved me away later…


*Whimpers* My poor baby.



Nothing. *clears throat* Thank you, Paisley, for joining me for this interview today.

You are welcome. *hurries out of the room*


Okay! So I left the two trouble makers until the end… But now, next up is Tarryn!


A pic of Tarryn and the rare time she actually smiles!


*Has to drag Tarryn in and force her to sit down*

Why do I have to do this?


Because I said so, Tarryn. It won’t take long. It’s only four questions!.

*mutters and crosses her arms* Fine.


First question. What do you remember about your brother? Would you like to go looking for him?

If you think I’m gonna-


*interrupts* You ARE going to answer this wether you like it or not.

*grunts in frustration* Fine. I don’t remember much about him. The last time I saw him I was 10…and yes, I would go looking for him.


Holy crap, woman. Straight to the point, aren’t you? Second question. Who is your favourite band and who is your favourite drummer?

My favourite band is Green Day and I don’t really have a favourite drummer. Way too many to choose from.


Fair enough. I’m just surprised you could pick a favourite band. I know I never can.

Well, I’m not you am I?


You area figment of my imagination so you are partially like me in some way. Now hush.



If Mack asked you would you go shopping with her would you go? and if so what would you buy?

That girl wouldn’t take me anywhere with her…She hates to be seen with me. But if she did offer I would go I guess.


And what would you buy?

Probably a CD or something. I don’t like Mack around when I go clothes shopping. She’s too much of a critic when it comes to fashion.


Sorry about that. It’s just who she is.

Don’t make excuses for her. Now, whats the last question?


Have you been- Oh never mind. Last question. Do you remember anything about your parents if so what?

I don’t really remember them at all… All I have to go on is an old family photo. And that just tells me what they look like.


Way to make me upset about this all.

You should be. You should be ashamed actually.


Shut up and get out of here, you bully.



Okay! Last character then I will leave you people alone until tomorrows post. XD

Last but certainly not least, Is Mackenzie…or rather Mack.


*Mack comes in and flops down on the chair.* Let’s get this over with.

Okay then…Mack, do you have a best friend?



What is your favorite tattoo?

I don’t really have a favourite tattoo. I got all of my tattoos because I liked the design. Come on. It’s not like I didn’t think them all through…


Riiiiight. No need to get snippy. It was just a question. So, since you love fashion. Do any of your clothes have sentimental value to you? (as in did someone you really love buy them for you or did you buy them while having a good time with someone?)

Nope. No sentimental value. When I wanted more clothes I would borrow mom’s credit card and head to the mall.


Borrowing implies you ask to use it and are given permission, Mack.

No it doesn’t!


It does, actually. So…I know you’re going to hate this but, what was your relationship with your father like before he left? Do you still love him?

*gets up to leave*


Oh no you don’t! This is the last question. Sit your butt down on that chair and answer the question.

*glares and says nothing*


Anytime now, Mackenzie.

*still glares as she answers* My dad said he loved me and I loved him.He was the best person in the world…But I don’t love him anymore because its obvious he lied to me. *turns and storms off*


Well…Uh. *chuckles nervously* That was Mack’s interview for you.

With that said, the interviews have come to an end! Thank you SO much to everyone who asked the characters these questions. Hope you liked the interviews! 😀 

Camp NaNo Update coming some time tomorrow 🙂


Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle



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