A to Z Challenge || Letter P: Poetry

Hello Readers!

PToday, for day 16 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I will be sharing a poem I wrote with you all as today’s word of the day is ‘Poetry’

This is a poem I wrote about fictional worlds I write and writing itself. đŸ˜€ Hope you enjoy it.

*Note: So, I’m not really a poet but I occasionally write a couple poems now and then and i think this one is pretty good*


Where You Will Find Me by Adriana Gabrielle

Worlds of my own imaginings,

That’s where you will find me.

Some days, in fields of golden yellow,

And mountain peaks behind me.

Other days you will find me,

Surrounded by glinting metal armor.

The life I live is full,

Of adventures, action and twists,

But no one else can see because my notebook it is full,

All these worlds I crafted that I keep just to myself.

Someday soon I hope that they,

Will be upon your shelf.

In covers of vivid colors,

And words that catch your eye,

I hope one day you will see my world,

Just as I.


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