A to Z Challenge || Letter N: NaNoWriMo

Hello Readers!

NSo, I hope I haven’t confused you here by my word for today’s challenge or anything! Because yes, I have done a post on CampNaNoWriMo/NaNoWriMo already but for today’s post, I thought I would share the synopsis/covers for my previous NaNoWriMo Novels (including Camp Events.) and tell you where I’m at with each draft and how I did that NaNo Month.

So here goes!

*Warning* Some of these synopsis are from a couple years ago and kinda terrible and I’m too lazy to bother to fix them this very moment.


#1 Pebbles and Pirouettes



Dance Woodsley is a girl carrying her mother’s dreams of being a ballet star, dreams which are not her own. One day she is thrown into a world that is not her own, and told she is their saviour from a power-hungry psycopath, as the legends of that world foretold. But is it real, or is it all a dream?

Ghost is well-loved and widely feared. His past fills him with pain, regret and heart-wrenching guilt. When forced into hiding, he comes across Dance, a girl who is too curious for her own good and won’t keep her nose out of his business.
Can Dance count on Ghost and her other new friends to help her escape this strange world and get back to her own? And when Dance knows too much, will Ghost protect her and try to save her, or tell her the truth and put her life at risk?
Or there is another option…

About Pebbles and Pirouettes:

Well, If you were around my blog in November of 2013, then this novel might sound familiar…For that I am sorry as I know probably most of that stuff (Which is still on here from then) was crap and I’m sorry you had to read it. as for where I’m at with it it is still an unfinished draft (at about 70k words) and eventually, I would like to see if I can tackle the project again for a rewrite and really fix it up. So, for the moment it is shelved but I do miss my MC’s Ghost and Dance so I think I will get back to it one day….Unless my patience levels are low when it comes to fixing it therefore it will remain the way it is.


#2  Thirteen Gigabytes

*This was my makeshift cover with my main POV characters*

*This was my makeshift cover with my main POV characters*

After an undercover operation put in place to unmask the perpetrators behind years of missing students in a school for supernaturally gifted teens fails, the police department turn to their very last resort: Korea, a rookie on the police force and a super herself.
Korea is enrolled as a student alongside so many others but her presence in the halls only seems to escalate the level of disappearances to the point where students are vanishing behind locked doors in the dead of the night.
As Korea roams closer to the truth only two options remain – find the missing students and eliminate the threat… or risk the lives of thousands.

About Thirteen Gigabytes:

So, Thirteen Gigs turned from Sci-Fi to a futuristic/Sci-Fi Murder Mystery type thing with a bunch of superheroes and I really enjoyed writing it last summer! Though I really struggled with the multiple POV’s (Though this month with MAHWS is so much easier so I must have learned something!) I still loved it and all the characters. I don’t remember what the final draft was done at but I want to guess 70k words. Anyways. I definitely plan to come back to this one. It’s all just a matter of when.


#3 Aimlessly Wandering

Aimlessly Wandering


The last ten years of Claire’s life have been lonely and love was not top priority. After her parents murder, and twenty foster homes, Claire finally has to decide what to do with her life and who to trust.

About Aimlessly Wandering:

The first draft is not quite finished yet (as you can see from the progress bar on the right side of my blog sidebar) but I’m getting there. The end is in sight. Despite it being in it’s first draft, I’ve been uploading chapters to Wattpad in which I will go through and edit later. (Once CampNaNo is done this month, I will upload more)


So, these have been my projects over the last 3 years or so that I have done NaNo and I LOVE THEM ALL. *hesitates and glares at Pebbles and Pirouettes* Okay…Maybe not ALL at this very moment but…I’ll get over it.

Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


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