Camp NaNoWriMo || Long Overdue…

Hello Readers!

1.) I know it is super early but due to a couple issues my body will not allow me to sleep, thus. Here I am making sure you lovely people stay updated.

2.) I was actually writing but then I figured I should probably do a post before tomorrow shows up and drowns me in schoolwork. Cool?

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This Camp NaNoWriMo post is a little bit different this time, but it’s okay to switch things up here and there right?

Here is how this is gonna work. I’m gonna share a couple things about my novel really quickly, but then I wanna tell you about the amazing novels that are being written (for CampNaNo) but some lovely people I know and will send  you in there direction where you can find out more stuff about their novels! (Which are amazing by the way)


1. In case you missed it, I am wanting you readers (Yes you!) to ask my characters a couple questions in which I will interview them. I am hoping for a couple more questions so if you want to ask my character(s) a question you can find the post b clicking the link below. (Or if you want to learn more about them, that post has some info about each character)

Camp NaNoWriMo || Character Interviews

2. Do you want to read ‘Sneak Peek’ previews of my novel? If so, you can check out my Facebook page and find a couple there. (and I will be posting more there as well as here…But if you want those snippets now, that’s where you will find them.)

Facebook Page


3. I HAVE A PINTEREST BOARD FOR MAHWS! I totally forgot to share the link right when CampNaNo started but I do, in fact, have a More At Home With Strangers Pinterest Board! So if you want to waste time- Erm *clears throat* I mean check that out, you can do so by clicking the link below.

More At Home With Strangers (MAHWS) Pinterest Board

Now! Enough with me! Time to tell you about 3 lovely people I know whose novels are probably infinitely more amazing than my own. That and these 3 gals I am speaking of are all amazing and yeah… 😛 Anywho! Here goes!

Camp NaNoWriMo Novel’s I’m in Love With!

#1 Crimson Gods by Aimee Meester


Synopsis: Rune, the renowned Ring fighter, has finally lost a match.
Barely escaping with his life, he has left honor, dignity, riches, and a certain woman named Jalila behind, owing his life to a mere peasant by the name of Lake when the boy drags him from a heap of bloodied corpses. Surely surviving a slit throat is a message, a blessing from the gods – Rune must be called to greater things than this.

Lake is the key back into the Ring, and back into honor. And surely honor will win back Jalila’s heart. But training a boy to slaughter has its downsides; namely, Lake is developing extraordinary talents to rival Rune’s own, and Jalila is not impressed. Rune falls deeper and deeper into a darker path with every attempt to earn redemption and respect, while watching Lake become the hero instead – and in the end, can the villain really win out for good?

Meet Aimee:


Can we talk about the EPIC hair going on here? Like AWESOME!

Aimee is a writer, reader, fangirl, homeschooler (and proud of it), Christian, Myers-Briggs ESTP, and many other things. She is fond of referring to herself in the third person, believing it makes her look cool.
Occasionally she is funny. Often she is sarcastic. To the Barricade! is her place to rant, ramble, review, be as sarcastic as she likes, spill out the brutal honesty she’s so fond of, and fangirl with people who (hopefully) get what she’s talking about.
She owns a psychotic cat and a very chill snake.
At the moment, her obsession is all things Marvel.
She writes sci-fi, with many dabblings in steampunk. If a genre is weird and/or obscure, she’s probably tried it at some point or another.

Her Blog:

Want to meet her characters? You can do so by clicking HERE

#2 How To Be Invisible And Rule The World by Rachel Day


Meet Rachel:  So I am Rachel!  I’m a Home-schooled teen, going onto study Graphic Design!

I’m your shy type, the girl that kind of just stands in the corner and watches everyone. I tend to keep to my small group of friends, and tend to hold onto the friendships I make. I am guarded in “real life,” I’ve been told I mysterious by many people, which makes me laugh, cause its true, but never thought that people would think that! So I’m the mystery girl!  
My Myers-Briggs personality type is ISFJ.

Her Blog:

Want to Learn More About Rachel’s Characters? You can do so HERE

#3 Plot Bunnies (Working Title) by Kate I. Foley

Synopsis: A story about the characters living in a writer’s brain. They all live together, even if they’re not from the same book. They hang out, talk, go to group therapy (if they even survive their book), etc. One day, the main character’s best friend and sidekick from her novel discovers that The Writer is planning on killing her during an epic battle. The MC can’t let this happen, so she organizes a group of characters–heroes and villains alike–to start a rebellion and take over their stories. This is if they can survive edits, character cuts, Writer’s Block, the Pinterest vortex, and the Pit of Doubt.

Meet Kate:11

I am a 14-year-old homeschooler, author, daydreamer, voracious reader, and fangirl. I love the impossible (which might explain my obsessions with fantasy novels and Harry Potter) but I dip into the real world . . . occasionally. I tend to get overly emotional when reading sad parts in my favorite books or whenever anyone mentions “Doomsday,” “The Reichenbach Fall,” and basically anything related to “Supernatural.” I write to survive and will often yell at my characters if they aren’t behaving, which is always. It doesn’t usually help. I am a contributor to the “Fauxpocalypse” anthology. You can follow me on Twitter at @Magic_Violinist.

Her Blog:

Want to Learn About Kate’s Characters? You can do so by clicking the below links

Beautiful People #1

Beautiful People #2

About ‘Plot Bunnies’


13 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo || Long Overdue…

  1. Wow, these all sound great! 😀 I’m attempting to join in on Camp Nano, sort of… I’ve set a word goal and I’m chugging towards it, at least. 😛 But I’m definitely not trying to finish the story with what little time I have left. Especially since it’ll hopefully be 80,000 words… XD

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  3. Ooh, went and asked your characters a question and followed your Pinterest board; your story sounds really intriguing! I am not at all surprised that you featured Aimee’s story, because I read her BP post and it was FANTASTIC. But Kate’s story is just the best? THE LEVELS OF META. I CANNOT HANDLE THEM.

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