A to Z Challenge || Letter K: Krav Maga

Hello Readers!

KSo, today’s post is the letter K and as you can see from the title I’m gonna talk about Martial Arts…Well Krav Maga which is a form of it….

Now, why the heck am I talking about this? Well, partially cause I needed something to talk about and I remembered a post I did just about two years ago where I discussed in my research the martial art known as Krav-Maga.

Please Note: I know a fair amount of moves but am in no way a pro. I’m just doing this post to maybe help you in writing research…Cause why not?

Now, enough blubbering from me.

So, Krav Maga is a form of Israelie Street Fighting and is pretty cool

In the process of this research and watching videos so I know how to describe the different moves and technique for fight scenes in my novel,  I also discovered how many kinds of combat/ martial arts there actually are…Krav Maga being one of those ones I didn’t know about…

Krav Maga is mainly a defence martial art and in the process of research, I’ve learned how to defend myself if ever the need arose. (See, comes in handy for lots of reasons! Gotta love writing research 😛 )

If you were really interested, I found some awesome tutorials I used to help with my research. Wanna see these video tutorials then click HERE <— I know you want to! 😛


So, yeah, very interesting post, I’m sure but hey, it was fun so who cares? and why not switch stuff up sometimes?


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