Camp NaNoWriMo || Character Interviews!

Hello Readers! So, Today I thought I would give you the opportunity to ask/interview my main characters from More At Home With Strangers! How this is gonna work is I will post a little blurb about each of the main characters then in the comments you can ask a question (or questions if you have more than one) for some or one of the characters….Just make sure you tell me which question is for who or it could get a little interesting. Then, lets say….On Wednesday I will compile interviews with the questions you all asked! 😀

PaisleyPaisley: Paisley is, so far, the youngest POV character I have had in a novel so far. (She’s 13) It’s been interesting considering Paisley is more mature than two of the other characters in this novel at points. Paisley is a quirky and sweet girl who just feels very alone. Paisley has a minor case (or whatever the terminology is.I do know but I have forgotten) or Autism and that causes much frustration within for the poor girl. Most of the time, Paisley would rather just be left alone to write her poetry or read and hates it when others disturb her. She hides in that shell to keep away from people and the idea that they might hurt her. (She was bullied and emotionally abused) Upon meeting the other three girls at the Harrow household, she starts to come out of her shell more and absolutely adores spending time with the other girls as they are kind to her. (and whether they admit it or not. They all love her too)


Mackenzie: Mackenzie, who likes to be called Mack,  is a 17 year old girl and quite the character, let me tell you that. This really is a new kind of character for me. She’s crazy, she’s rebellious and just a bundle of trouble. Her father left her and her mother when she was 8 years old and that really shook her world. Ever since she has been an angry individual and will often times go from hiding behind this mask of being happy and all about having fun to becoming angry and just tearing anyone down who gets in her way. She was kicked out of her home by her mother and was left to care for herself after her mother became sick of her partying and drinking habits. Mackenzie keeps up with all the latest fashion trends and loves anything to do with shopping and fashion design.

TarrynTarryn: Tarryn’s life has been a rather difficult one to say the least. She’s been in and out of many homes since the age of 6 years old after her parents died. She was separated from her brother and now, at the age of 17 years old, she hasn’t seen him since she was 10 and they were in the same foster home for a couple months. Not having her big brother around is very hard for her since he is the only family she has left and that makes moving from home to home even harder. Tarryn is anorexic and not matter how many times people try to help her, she doesn’t accept it because she doesn’t feel she needs it. Tarryn loves to play the drums and loves going to concerts. She keeps to herself and will often times stay indoors and hide away from others.


MaiyaMaiya: She’s a fragile, delicate, little creature. (I think of her and see a porcelain doll) Both
literally and figuratively. Maiya is a quiet girl who, for her age of 16 years, has been through so many tough  and challenging things. Those being a struggle to learn/pick up on things quickly making school work a challenge. The other more ‘up in your face’ type thing is that she has breathing issues. Her lungs are rather deformed and really, no one knows how she is even alive in the first place.  She is rather quiet and extremely shy. It might seem like she’s ignoring you at points but that’s just because she’s that quiet. She is a rather skilled cook and any opportunity she can grasp to cook or bake, she takes. She has no choice but to stick with mainly indoor activities but she would one day love to play soccer if she somehow woke up one day and was miraculously healed.

*NOTE* Maiya has already been asked some questions so here they are so I don’t accidentally get duplicates or something and you know what has been asked XD

1. How do you wish people would view you?

2. Who do you turn to when you’re hurting?

3. Who do you trust the most?

4. A question for Maiya: it looks like you have to move a lot – involuntary, but if you could choose a city which one would you love to live in ? Any past stays you liked ?

So that’s it! That is a bit about the characters! Do you have any questions to ask them? If so, feel free to ask away! Can’t wait to see what questions my characters get asked 😀 Thanks in advance my lovely readers!


19 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo || Character Interviews!

  1. Great exercise, Adriana! Here we go:
    Paisley: What is your favorite book/piece of poetry and why?
    Mackenzie: What was your relationship with your father like before he left? Do you still love him?
    I think it’s super cool that some of your characters suffer from physical problems (anorexia, deformed lungs). As a girl with Lyme disease, I love reading about characters who have sickness-like problems and overcome them. I would totally read this book. =)

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  2. Mack, do you have a best friend? What is your favorite tattoo? Do any of your cloths have sentimental value to you as in did someone you really love buy them for you or did you buy them while having a good time with someone?

    Maiya, have you won any tournaments or awards while playing soccer?

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  4. Paisley:
    what is it about the others that you like so much?
    if you could how would you help the other girls?
    what was your bullying incident like and how did it stop?

    who is your favorite band and who is your favorite drummer?
    if Mack asked you would you go shopping with her and if so what would you buy?
    do you remember anything about your parents if so what?

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