A to Z Challenge || Letter J: Journaling

Hello Readers!

JJournaling is the word I chose for today. What I’m going to do is show you the writing prompts I am using for a doodling/scrapbooking type journal where I doodle or draw on the pages following the prompts! (It is just under a full year of prompts thing but super cool. I’ve fallen behind on it but I’m jumping back on board with it and I am LOVING it. So i figured, if I love this journaling prompt, then why not share it? (this prompt was created by myself and a friend)


Day 1: about me
Day 2: goals
Day 3: what I’m doing now (wearing, thinking, listening, etc)
Day 4: favorite animals
Day 5: favorite book
Day 6: personality type
Day 7: something unique about ourselves
Day 8: favorite pictures
Day 9: favorite food/restaurant/candy
Day 10: favorite movies
Day 11: favorite tv shows
Day 12: hobbies
Day 13: family
Day 14: places you want to go
Day 15: places you have been
Day 16: concerts
Day 17: favorite games
Day 18: favorite stores
Day 19: favorite character
Day 20: inspiration
Day 21: quotes
Day 22: seasons
Day 23: dream pet
Day 24: music
Day 25: what’s in my bag
Day 26: if I won the lottery
Day 27: favorites (plants, food, colors, etc.)
Day 28: favorite activities
Day 29: bucket list
Day 30: What do you measure your worth by?
Day 31: do you act differently online than in real life?
Day 32: favorite place
Day 33: best friend(s)
Day 34: favorite animated character
Day 35: turning point in your life
Day 36: describe how you look from your POV
Day 37: favorite fairytale
Day 38: just doodle!
Day 39: something you want
Day 40: something you miss
Day 41: favorite song to sing in church
Day 42: favorite hymn
Day 43: favorite verse and why
Day 44: a time you could feel God’s presence
Day 45: favorite Bible story
Day 46: favorite Christian artist and why
Day 47: something cool that God has done for you
Day 48: favorite outfit
Day 49: a sermon you felt you could relate to
Day 50: have a friend write a letter to you
Day 51: goofiest thing you and a friend have done
Day 52: best party you’ve ever thrown for someone
Day 53: best birthday party
Day 54: qualities about yourself
Day 55: 15 things you love to do
Day 56: 5 things you want to know/learn
Day 57: what you wish for the most
Day 58: letter to yourself, past, present, or future
Day 59: I love it when…
Day 60: ten personal daily affirmations
Day 61: a list of people you have helped or want to help (follow up by sending them an encouraging email)
Day 62: 10 things I’d like to accomplish

Currently I’m…. Day 63: reading, playing, watching

Day 64: trying, cooking, eating
Day 65: drinking, calling, texting
Day 66: pinning, tweeting, crafting
Day 67: scraping, doing, going
Day 68: loving, hearing, discovering
Day 69: discovering, enjoying, thinking
Day 70: feeling, hoping, listening
Day 71: celebrating, smelling, thanking
Day 72: considering, finishing, starting

Day 73: if you had written an already published (it’s famous) which book would you want it to be and why?

Day 74: if you had written an already published and not well know book which would it be and why?
Day 75: which of your novels do you hope will have a big impact on people?
Day 76: which novel do you hope will become a best seller one day?
Day 77: if you get a tattoo what would the design be and where would you put it?
Day 78: least favorite school subject and why
Day 79: favorite school subject and why?
Day 80: subject you have the highest mark in?
Day 81: favorite breed of cat and why?
Day 82; favorite breed of dog and why?
Day 83: if you could have one wild animal as a pet what would it be and why?
Day 84: the most you’ve written in one day? Think you could do more?
Day 85: five ways to win your heart
Day 86: something you feel strongly about
Day 87: bullet your whole day
Day 88: things you want to say to someone that hurt you
Day 89: views on mainstream music
Day 90: five pet peeves
Day 91: what you ate today
Day 92: how important do you think education is?
Day 93: put your iPod on shuffle and write down the first ten songs that play
Day 94: five guys you find attractive
Day 95: your opinion on your body and how you feel about it
Day 96: what you wore today
Day 97: something you always think “what if…” About
Day 98: something you’re proud of
Days 99: a problem you’ve had
Day 100: five items you lust after
Day 101: your fears
Day 102: how you hope your future will be
Days 103: 5 words/phrases that make you laugh
Day 104: something you’re currently worrying about
Day 105: five things you love about yourself
Day 106: five things you don’t like about yourself
Day 107: a quote you try to live by
Day 108: a place you’d like to visit
Day 109: five weird things that you like
Day 110: something you’re excited for
Day 111: if you could only write one more book what would it be?
Day 112: If you could only have one book published what would it be?
Day 113: Who’s your favorite female character from your book?
Day 114: Who’s your favorite make character from your book?
Day 115: Who’s your favorite character couple?
Day 116: What’s your favorite word from a different language?
Day 117: If you could only see five people besides immediate family for the rest of your life who would you choose?
Day 118: a song from your childhood?
Day 119: a song that reminds you of your parents
Day 120: a song that calms you down
Day 121: a song that often gets stuck in your head
Day 122: a song that reminds you of a best friend
Day 123: a song that reminds you of last summer
Day 124: a song that makes you hopeful
Day 125: a song by your favorite band
Day 126: a song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie
Day 127: the last song you heard
Day 128: a song that reminds you of a former friend
Day 129: a song that you love singing to
Day 130: a song that makes you cry
Day 131: a song that makes you want to dance
Day 132: a song that you love but barely listen to
Day 133: the first song alphabetically on your iPod
Day 134: the last song alphabetically on your iPod
Day 135: your favorite song
Day 136: a song that someone has sung to you
Day 137: a song you can’t stand to listen to
Day 138: a song you and your best friend have danced to
Day 139: a song you could listen to every day and never get tired of
Day 140: what you want to do most this year
Day 141: what are you most thankful for?
Day 142: Are you content?
Day 143: best memory within the last year
Day 144: something you feel accomplished for doing
Day 145: possession you could not live without
Day 146: Can people change?
Day 147: What is the last good thing you ate?
Day 148: what is your current favorite snack
Day 149: What made you smile today?
Day 150: What’s making you mad?
Day 151: What’s your current favorite accessory?
Day 152: What did you get done today?
Day 153: Who last called you?
Day 154: What are you grateful for?
Day 155: The best part of today is______
Day 156: Current favorite website
Day 157: What is the hardest thing you’re currently living with?
Day 158: I wish i had more….
Day 159: Tomorrow will be better because….
Day 160: What made today unusual?
Day 161: What made today unusual?
Day 162: Your hero
Day 163: What you’re looking for in life
Day 164: Favorite thing to drink
Day 165: Tomorrow I will….
Day 166; Last major purchase
Day 167: My house is a home because….
Day 168: Last person to say that they love you? Tell about them!
Day 169: Earliest childhood memory
Day 170: Childhood best friend
Day 171: What childhood memories of your father and mother do you have?
Day 172: Write about a holiday memory when you were young
day 173: describe favorite hideaway
Day 174: A quirky/interesting relative
day 175; game you played with siblings as a child
day 176: favorite childhood books
day 177: favorite childhood tv shows
day 178: What was your favorite childhood toy?
day 179: describe an event that made you scared of anxious
day 180: what are some sayings are expressions you remember as a child?
day 181: What’s your favorite childhood memory?
day 182: your parents
day 183: what you ate today
day 184: your definition of love
day 185: your beliefs
day 186: your best friend
day 187: your siblings
day 188: what’s in your bag
day 189: your dreams
day 190: something that upsets you
day 191: something that makes you feel better
day 192: something that makes you cry
day 193: a first
day 194:: i was…
day 195: i am….
day 196: i think…
day 197: i wonder….
day 198: i wish
day 199: i save
day 200: i think
day 201: i can’t imagine
day 202: i believe
day 203: i promise
day 204: i love
day 205: five passions you have and why
day 206: 20 random facts about yourself
day 207: list 5 things you would tell your 13 year old self if you could
day 208: 5 people who have influenced you and why
day 209: 5 strengths you have and 5 weaknesses
day 210: family dynamic of childhood vs. family dynamic of now
day 211: 5 things that make you happy
day 212: notion of the world that you think is most wrong
day 213: what five things do you most hope to be remembered for?
day 214: self portrait
day 215: something that makes you smile
day 216: something that makes you smile
day 217: something that you collect
day 218: somewhere you went today
day 219: something you own but never use
day 220: something you’re currently borrowing from someone
day 221: a souvenir from vacation
day 222: current book you’re reading
day 223: are first impressions important?
day: 224: what famous person would you like to have over for dinner?
day 225:What would you do if zombies took over for a day?
day 226: describe a day in your life as if you were a fish
day 227: Where do you see yourself in four years?
day 228: What was the weirdest dream you ever had?
day 229: write a poem about a stuffed animal
day 230: if you could be a character in a book who would you be?
day 231: who do you secretly admire?
day 232: What is your favorite holiday?
day 233: Ten items you would love to own
day 234: Money is….
day 235: Describe yourself at 70
day 236:I am waiting on the day….
day 237: dear dad….
day 238: personal definition of mercy, forgiveness, and momentous
day 239: what is something you should let go?
day 240: could have, should have, would have
day 241: describe a loyal relative
day 242: describe a time when you felt betrayed
day 243: why should one be open minded?
day 244: Is it possible to be 100% fair all of the time?
day 245: 7 every day things you couldn’t live without
day 246: 7 favorite songs
day 247: 7 adventures you want to have
day 248:7 pastimes
day 249: 7 people i’d be lost without
day 250: 7 places i want to visit
day 251: if you could change one decision you made in the past what would it be?
day 252: would you rather be an animal or a toy?
day 253: are you an optimist or pessimist?
day 254: type of natural disaster that is the scariest
day 255: would you rather be really big or really tiny?
day 256:what kind of video game would you like to see be made?
day 257: If you could have one super power what would it be?
day 258: scariest disney villain?
day 259: if penguins could talk what do you think they’d have to say?
day 260: 5 things you want to do on your next birthday
day 261: in 20 years I will be…
day 262: an event in your life that has changed you
day 263: i was most angry when….
day 264: do you believe in love at first sight?
day 265: would you enjoy being famous?
day 266: craziest experience in restaurant or shopping mall
day 267: hardest thing you’ve ever done
day 268: first encounter with a bully
day 269: favorite senior citizen
day 270: toys you’ll never give up
day 271: a friend who moved away
day 272: a job you couldn’t believe you were volunteered for
day 273: a time you put your foot in your mouth
day 274: someone who knows you best
day 275: My muscles were so sore after….
day 276: “Obstacles are what you see when your eyes are taken off the goal.”
day 277: an unforgettable dream
day 278: worst vacation
day 279: a “visit” to the doctor’s office, hospital, or dentist
day 280: average evening at my house
day 281: a walk through the dark part of your mind
day 282: someone who changed or saved your life
day 283: Someone you’re scared to live without
day 284: something someone said to your that you hold dear to heart
day 285: a stranger you’ll never forgot
day 286: a loss that impacted you greatly
day 287: a time you were mad at God
day 288: a time you felt worthless
day 289: a time you felt worth everything
day 290: a time you almost did something drastic and now are glad that you didn’t
day 291: plans when you were a kid vs. current plans
day 292: a skill/talent you have that you wish you didn’t have
day 293: a skill/talent that you wish you did have
day 294: something you’re scared to write
day 295: a time that you think that God used you
day 296: something about you no one else knows
day 297: something about your family no one else knows
day 298: Do you think that the town you’ve grown up in has influenced who you are?
day 299: Morning bird or night owl?
day 300: What is something that you believe in strongly?
day 301: What is the most inspiring thing you’ve ever been told?
day 302: Are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not?
day 303: Write about a time that you had to make a sacrifice
day 304: Choose five symbols or object that represent you. Why did you choose these?
day 305: What does it mean to be family?
day 306: Opinion on tattoos
day 307: If you could visit another decade when would it be?
day 308: How have you changed since last year?
day 309: write a poem about turning a year older
day 310: favorite smells
day 311: Are you still friends with your friends from kindergarten?
day 312: describe the perfect date
day 313: what is courage?
day 314: what is a hero?
day 315: list of pet peeves and why they ignore you
day 316: something you’ll do differently as a parent than what your parents did with you
day317: what do you think should be invented
day318; What do you think the biggest issue that teens face is?
day 319: what is the biggest challenge you are facing this week?
day 320: Have you ever overreacted to something that now seems silly?
day 321: what’s a day that you would like to forget?
day 322: list of 25 things that make you feel good
day 323: If you could make one law what would it be?
day 324. Write a list of questions you’d like to have answered
day 325: What’s something you’re willing to fight and die for?
day 326: Favorite room in home and why
day 327: what is a good neighbor?
day 328: Sunshine makes me feel….
day 329: Describe a time you were scared of someone
day 330: Something you had a hard tome telling your parents
day 331: What do you think of graffiti


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