A to Z Challenge || Letter I: Imagination

IHello Readers!

Today’s word for the A to Z Blogging Challenge is: Imagination




Imagination. That sense of fantasy in an ordinary world. The key to unlocking your true, creative potential. When you use your imagination, anything is completely possible in the most impossible of ways.

So, thats why I want to encourage you to, in your writing, not be afraid to use your imagination! By using your imagination and creativity you are adding a uniqueness to your story (or writing project) use your imagination for anything it doesn’t matter what you are writing and what genre. Imagination can be used everywhere. As writers we already use it…By creating our own stories. But don’t stop there!

Use it to the fullest!

Wether you are writing a YA Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-Fi or something else. ย If you use your imagination you can go many places that someone using logic or practical thinking might not be able to.



4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge || Letter I: Imagination

  1. I love that quote! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I actually started a new story yesterday, just pantsing it. It’s weird, though, because it’s mostly a romance, and that’s definitely not my genre. But I’ll have to see how it goes… imagination will come in handy!

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