Camp NaNoWriMo || Meet Mack(enzie)

Hello Readers!

It is time for me to introduce you to another one of my POV characters, Mackenzie Oliver! Or Mack as she prefers to be called.

Mack“An eight year old girl had a panic attack
‘Cause the father she loved left and never looked back
No longer the hero, she counted on
He told her he loved her and then he was gone

She tried to look happy in front of her friends
But knew that she’d never feel normal again
She fought back the tears as they filled her eyes
And wanted him back just to tell him goodbye”

~ Owl City – This Isn’t The End
Chapter 8
Mackenzie OliverThe feeling of cold water splashing her face yanked Mackenzie out of the storm cloud of sleep surrounding her. Coughing and sputtering on the water that got in her mouth and nose, she found herself looking right at her mother who held and empty water bottle in her hand. It was only right then, seeing the angry expression on her mothers face and the splitting headache she had that put the pieces together.

“I’ve had enough of this, Mackenzie!” Her mother exclaimed, the angry expression glued to her face.

Cringing, she found herself wishing her mother could talk just a little quieter. “Alright. Alright. No need to yell.”

“I want you out, Mackenzie.”

The words echoed in her head along with the pounding headache. “Wh-what?”

“I want you out!” Her mother replied in a yell causing her ears to ring. “I’m sick of you coming home drunk! I’m sick of you partying! I’m sick of your stupid friends! I’m sick of you! I want you out!”

Mackenzie just sat there, staring. Not moving. She didn’t care about any of this. This was always a threat her mother had made. The world spun as she moaned, lying back down again.

“I mean it!” Her mother screamed as something heavy but somewhat soft hit her back that she had turned to her mother. “Get out of my house! You aren’t my daughter anymore.” The pounding of feet storming towards the door of the room came to hear ears, pounding in her head like a jackhammer then the following sound of a slamming door came a couple seconds later.

Her head pounded and her ears rang as her mothers screaming still echoed in her mind, bouncing around her skull determined to drive her mad. Sitting up, Mackenzie found a backpack sitting on the bed beside her, now identifying it as what her mother had thrown at her.

Stumbling to her feet, Mackenzie grabbed the backpack, a bitter anger growing in her chest, tightening inside her. Fine. You want me to leave? I’ll leave.

Without a look back, Mackenzie grabbed some sunglasses off her bedside table, put them on and left the home she once called her own.

*My apologies on the quality of some of these chapters…Like this one. They are first drafts after all*
MackMackenzie is quite the character, let me tell you that. This really is a new kind of character for me. She’s crazy, shes rebellious and just a bundle of trouble. Definitely a new character type for me that’s for sure. Or rather my first character type like this that is a main POV character.

How would you describe your character’s style? Is there a punk type style? She’s got a punk type style yet she is also very very stylish and stays on top of all the trends.

If they were a cartoon character, what would be their signature outfit? A pair of black skinny jeans, black tank-top and some combat boots.

Tattoos? Piercings? She has 5 piercings on one ear and also a nose piercing. She also has two tattoos. (One on each arm. See pic below)

What color do they wear most often? Lots of black but will sometimes switch it up and wear some yellow or green.
Do they have a lucky t-shirt or some other lucky garment? Nope. No lucky garment or anything like that.
Would they wear two different socks? She would not. Everything has to look perfect and match.
Do they need fashion advice or do they give it to others?She loves to give fashion advice to others and will ask it if not sure about an outfit. (But that rarely happens)
How do they react to having their style criticized? She hates it when her style is criticized. Like absolutely HATES it.
Would they be seen in public looking less than perfect? Absolutely not. She has to look perfect and dressed properly for the situation.
MackDo they pay more attention to other’s advice or their own sense of style? Is it possible to pay attention to both?
What kind of shoes do they prefer wearing Anything stylish. Comfort isn’t top priority.
What do they usually wear at home?When at home she will wear sweats or a tank top or whatever she wants really as long as it is comfortable but still somewhat stylish.
Which outfits would they definitely pack for a vacation? All depends on the destination. Anywhere with a beach in the summer and she’s got all sorts of swim suits and swimsuit cover ups or anything acceptable for summer.  But whatever it is it will be trendy and stylish.
How much do they care about their hair? Very much. Must be styled and done perfectly!



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