A to Z Challenge || Letter H: Heroes

Another day, another letter! Today’s word for the A to Z Blogging Challenge is: Heroes

HThese Heroes are authors/writers. People who have inspired me to write and keep writing! My Heroes!


1. A.J Paquette

My cousin Ammi is a published author and literary agent and she has helped me out a ton! Especially when it comes to information about the publishing industry! On top of that, Ammi has written a handful of amazing novels!


2. Rajdeep Paulus

Swimming Through CloudsAuthor of Swimming Through Clouds (such a touching story) whose story telling is beyond amazing! Rajdeep, along with a few other authors I know, has been an encouragement with her novels being an inspiration that started me on Contemporary writing. One of my writing heroes just for that sake that she has written such amazing, inspiring novels!



3. C.F Barrows

A great friend of mine and an amazing author! N’uff said.Follower

4. Laura L. Smith

The main reason I started writing in the Contemporary YA Genre. Amazing writing skills, touchingIt's Complicated novels and just her overall sweetness is what makes Laura L. Smith amazing 😀 She has given me so much advice and helped me out a whole lot!


Revised-Life-Ellie-Sweet-COVER-225x3005. Stephanie Morrill

Stephanie Morrill is one of the masterminds who came up with the idea to start the writing community of Go Teen Writers. A blog/Facebook Group that got me started and helped me grasp my love for writing and wanting to pursue publications for my novels!


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