Camp NaNoWriMo || Meet Tarryn

Hello Readers!

So, now it’s time to introduce you to Tarryn McPherson.

Tarryn“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Have I got it? ‘Cause Mirror you’ve always told me who I am. I’m finding it’s not easy to be perfect” ~Mirror by BarlowGirl

Chapter 7
Tarryn McPherson

The loud slam of the door pulled Tarryn off the couch in the living and darting into the kitchen. She rounded the corner to find her foster-brother, who had just entered through the kitchen door. She cringed as her foster parents in the other room started to argue loudly. Angry words being thrown back and forth at each other.

“Hi.” Tarryn nodded once at the sight of her foster brother, Michael, smiling slightly.

“Miss me?” He chuckled as he slid off his shoes and shuffled towards the fridge and opened it.

“Anything to ignore that.” Tarryn replied turning her head towards the hall to her right where her foster parents were still arguing in the next room.

Michael was silent for a long time as he grabbed a container of food and an apple out of the fridge. “How was therapy today? Sorry I couldn’t come.”

Tarryn’s stomach did somersaults inside her body. What was he going to say if she told him she skipped out…again. “There’s nothing wrong with me…”

Don’t those doctors see? Tarryn asked herself. I’m fat. I don’t need to gain weight.

Her vision was twisted. What everyone else saw was a walking skeleton with skin but all she saw was what everyone labelled her as.



Not good enough.

Far from perfect.

She looked up at her brother as he ran a hand over his face as he groaned. “Did you skip again?”

Tarryn didn’t reply as she forced her shaky legs to walk across the kitchen to the sink where she grabbed a glass of water. “I’m not sick, Michael. I’m not.”

She watched as her brothers angry expression turned to rock. “The doctors say otherwise. Have you looked at yourself lately?”

Tarryn stumbled back feeling the blow of his words as tears blurred her vision. Yes she wanted to say Yes, I have seen myself lately and I’m still too fat. I hate my body. As much as she wanted to say those words, she kept them to herself as she darted out of the room away from her brother.


TarrynSo, that’s the first chapter where Tarryn is introduced! I hope you liked it. (Yes, it’s sad and I’m cruel but what else is new? 😉 :P)

Tarryn’s life has been a rather difficult one to say the least. She’s been in and out of many homes since the age of 6 years old after her parents died. She was taken from her brother and now, at the age of 17 years old, she hasn’t seen him since she was 10 and they were in the same foster home for a couple months. She doesn’t know where he is, what kind of person he is, if he is looking for her and even things like his favourite food or favourite color. Not having her big brother around is very hard for her since he is the only family she has left and that makes moving from home to home even harder.


Now, here is a little bit about Tarryn’s style/fashion sense so you can get to know her a bit more. These are some questions I found online….With that said, if you have any questions for Tarryn (or Maiya and Paisley)  you can comment on this or any of my other MAHWS realted posts and I will interview her in another post!


How would you describe your character’s style? For many reasons and events in her past, Tarryn is very careful about the clothing that she wears and usually will wear jeans and long sleeved shirts or anything that keeps her fully or mostly covered. I’m not sure what that ‘style’ would be called or if it even counts as one though…

50e359eb069c0705a5bec2c5f12ba79cIf they were a cartoon character, what would be their signature outfit? Her signature outfit would be a pair of boots, leggings, and her fathers old, oversized sweater. (That is like 5 times to big for her)

Tattoos? Piercings? She has one tattoo on each foot. One has her fathers full name with his day of birth and death and the other is the same but for her mother. No piercings.

What color do they wear most often? Greys or blacks mostly.

Do they have a lucky t-shirt or some other lucky garment? She has her fathers sweater…Though she doesn’t use it for luck but more for a sense of comfort.

Would they wear two different socks? Yes. She wouldn’t really care.

Do they need fashion advice or do they give it to others? She gives it to others but doesn’t want advice herself. She has her reasons for the outfits she wears and she likes her clothes and nothing you say will make her change that…

How do they react to having their style criticized? She gets hurt by any sort of criticism so…

Would they be sen in public looking less than perfect? No way. She has to look perfect before going anywhere.

Do they pay more attention to other’s advice or their own sense of style? Her own sense of style for sure.

What kind of shoes do they prefer wearing? Something stylish but comfortable. So a nice pair of boots or runners.

What do they usually wear at home? She strives for perfection so she is always dressed up rather nicely. Nothing to casual or frumpy

Which outfits would they definitely pack for a vacation? The best outfits shes got. Once again, she strives for perfection when it comes to clothing and looks so it would be only the best that would come with her on vacation.

Do they have a particular skin care routine? No real skin care routine, really. Her idea of skin care is hiding all the adorable freckles on her face with makeup.

How much do they care about their hair? A lot. She hates how curly her hair is so she straightens it daily and will do it up so it looks nice.



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