A to Z Challenge || Letter F: Fictional

Hello Readers!

I’m finally back from my trip to visit some of my family! Wooh! Meaning I can jump back on board with answering comments and posting posts in real time and actually being here and gah! *hugs all my readers* I missed you all! (Even though you wouldn’t have known I was gone if I didn’t mention it…) Anyways! So far, I’ve kept up with the A to Z Challenge posts here and I am determined to do so. (Unless you guys aren’t liking these posts! If you aren’t, tell me and I shall stop immediately!) Anyways. Today’s topic word is ‘Fictional!’ Well….Fictional Characters if you want to be super specific.

FSo, for the post today, I shall be listing off some of my favourite Fictional Characters of all time. (Not my own, of course, cause thats unfair…) Okay well not of all time or that would be a super long list….But maybe I’ll narrow it down to 5..or 10…maybe 20. I don’t know… *long sigh* ON WITH THE POST!


Fictional Character #1: Sohrem Terahl from C.F Barrows ‘The Sehret Chronicles

If you’ve read either ‘Follower’ or ‘The Merchant’s Son’ you will understand when I say this: Who doesn’t love Sohrem? I mean really.  😛 Seriously though, Sohrem is one of my favourite characters for sure. A sad, broken character (but those are the best, right?) but my favourite for sure!


Fictional Character #2: Kat from Laura L. Smith’s ‘It’s Complicated

I LOVE Kat. I mean I love all four of the main POV characters from The Status Update Series but there was something about Kat that I especially loved. What it was exactly I can’t say but she was definitely my favourite of the four POV characters….I almost considered mentioning Hannah but she’s way too much like me…Like more than I would like to admit….BUT anyways. Kat is definitely my favourite.


Fictional Character #3: Siobhan McQuaid from E.K Johnston’s ‘The Story of Owen’

So, I read this book last summer. (Never reviewed it….But I read it) and I loved it! I especially loved Siobhan. Her character was fantastic and it was so cool to have the story from her POV simply because she was a spunky, snippy little character who was just amazing 😀


Fictional Character #4: Rune from Jennifer Murgia’s ‘Forest of Whispers

Oh my…I loved Rune! She was such a sweet character who was put through a lot of trials and had a heavy, and life threatening burden to carry…and really I think she handled everything pretty well. Cheers from Rune! I just loved her courage and her strength. So amazing 😀


Fictional Character #5: Gretchen from Holly Kelly’s ‘Decending

I love Gretchen. She’s got quite a temper, she’s sassy, sarcastic, driven and rather stubborn. Her stubborness makes things a little difficult at points but that, my friends, is the fun of it! Gretchen is definitely awesome and one of my favourites thats for sure.


So that’s my post for today! Hope you like it. Have you read any of the books these characters are from? Did you like any of the characters I mentioned? Let me know in the comments! 😀

Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


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