Camp NaNoWriMo || Meet Maiya

Hello Readers!

It’s time to, once again, introduce you to another one of my main characters from my novel ‘More At Home With Strangers‘!

As the post title clearly states, I am going to introduce you to Maiya Sterling!

MaiyaChapter 3
Maiya Sterling

Maiya trudged home, the insults of her classmates ringing in her head over and over again. ‘Retard’ is what they had called her, and she had a hard time trying to ignore it. Just like she had a hard time learning anything which only added to the teasing.

As she rounded the corner, Maiya spotted a lone police car sitting in the driveway of her home. No sirens, no lights, just…sitting there. She didn’t think and just ran and within seconds of doing so she started into a coughing fit, gasping and wheezing for breath and she was forced to stop.

“If the doctor could see me now he would have my head on a platter.” Maiya scolded herself as she hurriedly walked to the house, her coughing fit continuing. As she made her way towards the police car an officer got out of the car.

“What-” Maiya wheezed, “What’s going on?” She asked the short woman clad in an officers uniform.

She watched as the officer opened her mouth to speak but from behind her another voice spoke instead. “Come inside, Maiya. We need to talk.”

She whirled around to see the gruff, familiar face of Marcus Taylor standing in the doorway of her home. Maiya’s heart dropped. Not him again.

“I don’t want to talk, Mr. Taylor. I know why you are here.” Maiya blinked back tears telling herself not to cry knowing that would throw her off. “What did mama do? Why am I going to a new home again?”

She watched as the gruff, neutral look on his face melted to a frown. “Same as last time. Same as last time.”

Maiya closed her eyes as a tear slid down her face. “Okay…I’ll pack my things.”


MaiyaOhhhh the unanswered questions. Heehee. I’m just kidding. I’ll tell you a bit more about sweet little Maiya. She’s a fragile, delicate, little creature. (I think of her and see a porcelain doll) Both literally and figuratively. Maiya is a quiet girl who has been through some tough things. Those being struggle to learn/pick up on things quickly making school work a challenge. The other more ‘up in your face’ type thing is that she has breathing issues. Her lungs are rather deformed and really, no one knows how she is even alive in the first place. To make matters worse, she has a mother who could care less about her and is addicted to drugs and alcohol leaving her to fend for herself mostly.  (I can’t say too much because I don’t wanna spoil other back story stuff)

Now…As for Maiya herself. Like I said she is quiet and extremely shy. She is a rather skilled cook and any opportunity she can grasp to cook or bake, she takes. She has no choice but to stick with mainly indoor activities but she would one day love to play soccer if she somehow woke up one day and was miraculously healed.


Now, here is a little bit about Maiya’s style/fashion sense so you can get to know her a bit more. These are some questions I found online….With that said, if you have any questions for Maiya you can comment on this post and I will interview her in another post!


How would you describe your character’s style? Haha. It’s actually kinda hard to say…Kinda a dressy casual look…

If they were a cartoon character, what would be their signature outfit?  A baseball cap, plaid shirt with a geeky t-shirt underneath, a pair of jeans and runners.


Tattoos? Piercings? Nope. Neither.

What color do they wear most often? She usually wears light colors. No color more than the other..but she likes softer looking colors 

Would they wear two different socks?  I don’t think she would really care…so yes.

Do they need fashion advice or do they give it to others? She often gives it to others but she also wants fashion advice cause she doesn’t feel like she can trust her own judgement.

How do they react to having their style criticized?  She dresses for herself and no one else…So she tries to ignore it while secretly running through that criticism in her mind.

What kind of shoes do they prefer wearing?  Sneakers or flip flops.

What do they usually wear at home? Just whatever she wants. Some days its a skirt and dress shirt and some days its sweat and a sweater and others its jeans and a t-shirt. All just depends on the day for her.

Which outfits would they definitely pack for a vacation? She doesn’t have many clothes. Lots of mix and match items so she would just pack whatever she has. Though, she’s never really been on a vacation before…

Do they have a particular skin care routine? The occasional time she gets a zit she will put zit cream on haha. That’s seriously about it. (That counts, right?)

How much do they care about their hair? Quite a lot. She always wants it to look the best she can style it.


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  1. Ooh, I love this part! Gravy, I can’t wait to read this story. 😛 I do have some questions for Maiya.
    1. How do you wish people would view you?
    2. Who do you turn to when you’re hurting?
    3. Who do you trust the most?

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