Camp NaNoWriMo || Update: How’s it Going?

Hello Readers!

So, amidst my trip this weekend I have found myself with a little free time so I am going to give you all a little update on my novel!


So far, Camp NaNo has been fantastic. I’ve been keeping up with my Word Count so far and I hope things stay that way. I’ve been having a little bit of a struggle with figuring out where I want things to go. Also, considering I’ve always outlined my novels with previous NaNo events (something I didn’t do this time) I think I’ve done pretty good so far without one.


What I like about this novel so far: I’m loving the characters. Considering I spent tons of time before hand trying to figure them out, their voices and personalities are something I know pretty well so that is helping a lot. (I mean there are still a couple things I don’t know and such but all the necessary and helpful basics are all here) but anyways. I am LOVING the characters so far.


What I’m finding hard: I’m finding the whole trying to give each of my characters enough ‘screen time’ is a little hard. I mean some of my characters don’t come into play until later in the story so it’s just what to put in before that and how much. That’s the tricky part but I have a solution. My solution is keeping a notebook and writing down things I want to change or add later. Part of this is to help keep me from going back and editing things or whatever. But also to help me figure out if there is a way I can incorporate it into one of the other stories in this series instead.


Total Chapter Count Per Character:

Gabrielle Harrow: 3 Chapter(s)

Paisley Moore: 3 Chapter(s)

Mackenzie Oliver: 1 Chapter(s)

Tarryn Mcpherson: 1 Chapter(s)

Maiya Sterling: 2 Chapter(s)


Total Word Count: 5k Words


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