A to Z Challenge || Letter D: Drawing

Hello Readers!

*Please Note that I will be away until Monday. I will have internet at points so I may not reply to comments right away but I WILL reply.*

Today for the A to Z Blogging Challenge my daily word/letter is Drawing

DSome of you may or may not know that I like to Draw (I’m a decent artists I suppose πŸ˜› ) and one of my favourite things to Draw is Fan-Art. SO I thought I would share some of my Fan-Art I’ve done with you to fit in the with topic of Drawing.

(I’m also going to add in a facepaint I did…Cause I still drew it on myself so that counts…Right?)



1. How To Train Your Dragon: Toothless Drawing


2. Batman: Harley Quinn Drawing




3. Doctor Who: Empty Child-Spinoff Drawing




4. Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom Inspired Face Paint.




5. Pokemon: Skitty Drawing




6. LoTR: Smaug Drawing





7. MAHWS: Paisley Moore Drawing

Yes, it’sΒ fan-art for my own book….But still!



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