Camp NaNoWriMo || Where Did I Get The Idea for My Novel?

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So, yesterday I shared the first Chapter of my Camp NaNoWriMo novel ‘More At Home With Strangers’ and Introduced you to one of my five main POV characters, Paisley Moore and A couple weeks ago I shared a little bit about each character in the Beautiful People Link-up….But I realized something missing in those posts.

That certain thing that was missing was: Where did the idea come from? and Why am I writing a story like this?

Well, the wait is over and you can stop wondering because I am going to tell you all right here, right now!


More At Home With Strangers ( MAHWS )


Four teenagers, Mackenzie, Paisley, Tarryn and Maiya can’t stand each other upon meeting which makes having to live together hard. But they don’t have much choice considering the foster system is a hard, complicated issue. None have any valid excuse to leave, except their hatred for each other, so in the same home they remain. With the help of Gabrielle and David Harrow, the girl’s foster parents, they fight their own demons and face things they would much rather forget….and soon find that not only friendship starts to bring them together but that they are more at home with these strangers than anyone else.


That is the basics of my story and now that you know that (and have possibly seen the posts about my characters) I’m going to tell you where I got the idea for this story and how it all came together. (The idea…not the novel cause the novel isn’t done yet 😉 ) So it’s time to interview myself. Heehee!


Where did you get the idea for the novel? Was there anything in particular that came to you first? I first got the idea when I was sitting at home doing schoolwork. (Seriously) Suddenly the thought just came to me. What if a young couple wanted to foster some kids? What if those kids ended up being some very troubled teens who needed help?  <– And that thought process is what kicked off the idea for More At Home With Strangers (Or MAHWS. If you see that, It’s just me shortening the title.)

Why these characters? What about them made them deserving of being main characters? I’m not really sure why them and why the stations they are going through but I feel that mainly some of the things these girls struggle with are something other people know. A pain people may not have experienced first hand but might know someone. I think in a way that will make the characters more relatable.  But I think what made them deserving of being the main characters is that they simply are. They simply showed up and are adding something to the story that really is made specifically for that character….Wow. Here I go with my whole ‘trying to be inspirational but sounding like a dork speech’ Anyways. Moving on…

Are the Characters based off of or inspired by anyone you know? Any Dedications for this novel? The characters themselves are not based off anyone I know. But there are people close to me who I see struggling and somehow my love for those people and the notice of the pain they go through somehow leaks into the characters.

This book is, in fact, dedicated to three of the most amazing girls I know. (Destiny, Cori, and Amelia I don’t know if you girls are reading this but this book is dedicated to you. You three have really showed me what true strength is and have the heart and spirit of a fighter.)

All these struggles these characters have to face! Are any of these struggles an experience from a personal battle(s)? I have battled (and still do) with depression so I can definitely say that that has been incorporated from my experience. The eating disorders, health issues and other things are things I haven’t battled personally but I know people who I love dearly who have. So this novel does actually hit home for me a little. Just because, when I write these characters struggles I’m seeing my loved ones so yeah…

Why is this novel so depressing, Adriana? The reason I deal with the topics I do is for the same reason I dealt with rape and teen pregnancy in my novel Holding on To Grace. It’s to shine a light on these problems and show people that there is a light and things will get better. That is my goal with these stories. Sad and depressing, yes but I also hope it will be a source of hope for people as well.

Sounds like an insanely huge story! Is this going to be a series? Now, why would I ask myself this question? Well because I thought I would mention that there will be a MAHWS series. More At Home With Strangers will be a novel in itself but there will be four (possibly five) prequel short stories that give us a look into the characters backstories. So far, Tarryn’s short story (currently titled ‘Lost’ just so I can call it something) is half way completed but on hold now because of Camp NaNoWriMo



So, that is a little more about MAHWS! Anything I left out or that you want to know more about? Feel free to ask me some questions and I’ll answer them in the comments! 

Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


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  1. I think it sounds like a really cool story. ^ ^ Tackling tough issues is a brave thing, but it’s a good thing. I also deal with depression and I’ve included that in my stories. I think including tough issues and giving hope about them in writing is very important.

    Stori Tori’s Blog

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