Blogging from A to Z Challenge || April 2015: A

Hello Readers!

So, I actually forgot I was joining in on this challenge until I you know….remembered. (I’m just glad I didn’t forget a day)

ASo, how this Blogging Challenge works is that every day this month (except Sundays) I will be writing a post that, still within the topics of what I write, has a topic starting with the letter of that day. For example: Today’s topic is Abandoned Characters Who I Still Miss in which I will be sharing some of my favourite characters from a couple of my Abandoned Novels. Some characters who may one day be moved to a novel. Even better, all their names start with the Letter A. (And the fact that both girls names and both guys names sound familiar, I must that that it is COMPLETELY coincidental. The first two characters were characters from one of my first novels and the others came along years later.



9cda3d47461d3bc7ee05c3aa4fe8f26fAsh (along with Analee) was one of my characters from one of the first full novels I wrote when I was 12. It was a co-authored project and my friend and I both had our own characters we controlled. Ash and Analee were more my friends characters but when we both abandoned the idea and she stopped writing altogether I adopted them, and in my brain they sit, waiting for the day they get to be in a novel again….Though if they ever made an appearance again they wouldn’t be Vampires like they were in the original novel…I can hear you all laughing right now. But thats besides the point. Ash was one of my favourite characters. Despite being 21 years old and the oldest of the group of friends (which was himself, two other characters and Analee) he acted like the youngest, most immature of them all. Ash was a very sassy character who will jump at any opportunity to crack a joke or tease someone…especially Analee. He decided the best way to show Analee that he loved her was to purposefully bug her and tick her off. *sigh* fun times. His careless and joking manner always seemed to come first and though he is a brilliant person who doesn’t really show it by running off and doing stupid stuff.



e2bc5724c4415b89582ae9b45149557b Analee was one of my favourites. She was a tiny (literally) bundle of strength and too much sass packed into one eighteen year old girl. Despite the times where her sass and sarcasm got her into fights with all the wrong people, Analee was a rather chill person…Until you ticked her off that is. When that happened it was either ‘Run for the Hills‘ or ‘Die‘. No in between options. With Analee, sarcasm comes to her so easily it’s very hard to tell if she is serious or not. (Gotta love subtle sarcasm right?) Though, what was better than Analee and Ash just as their own separate characters? Both of them together…In the same scene. It made for some fun times thats for sure!



Asher was the main character of a Contemporary Cinderella retelling I did a while ago for the Five Glass Slippers Contest a couple years ago. (To ANYONE who read that let me say this: I am sorry. So so sorry. It was terrible.) Not much was seen of Asher in this retelling but there was just something about that character that kind of makes me want to go back and either fix up the story OR move him to something else. (Sorry. Don’t have a picture of him)



a51a64996bfec041bd81a8458c243850Remember where I said the names sounding alike was coincidental? Well now you see what I mean? Anyways. Moving on. Last Character.

Anne-Marie was a character who I really loved. She was one of those characters that I came up with but wasn’t sure where exactly she would fit so I moved her around from idea to idea but I just couldn’t place her anywhere.  I mean she was a pretty calm chick who loved adventure and music way too much but for some reason she just couldn’t fit anywhere I put her. I hope to one day get her into a novel because (as far as I can tell) she is a really sweet character and I think a lot of people will like her.


So, thats my post for the challenge! I’m hoping to keep on top of this the best I can because it seems like tons of fun! I would love to know what you guys think of this post. Did you like it? Are you doing this challenge? Do you like the idea of it? Want to jump in? There is still time!


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle



6 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Challenge || April 2015: A

  1. Ha, we have the same blog theme! I thought I’d clicked on the wrong link at first. 🙂

    How did you get your writing progress widget on the side? Did you use a plug in?

    I approve of all Ana-related names. 😀 (btw I visited you because I see you are a librarian.)

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    • Haha that’s so funny! 😛 It was a link someone else gave me. I believe if you click the first progress bar it will take you right to the link and you can set it up from there. (If not let me know and I’ll comment. Link) and oh haha. Well I’m not actually a Librarian. I picked the name because I want to be AND I spend every day of my summers at the library so I know it as well as the librarians so I thought it fit xD


  2. This seems like a fun challenge. Maybe I can join in another month. ^ ^= I totally get having abandoned characters. Some I miss. Some I’m glad I let go however bad that sounds lol. I feel like abandoned ones are putting into character foster care lol. XD

    Stori Tori’s Blog

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