Looking Back || March 2015 In Review

So thats it…March has come and gone so freaking fast its not even funny.

Lots of awesomeness has happened this month! So lets jump right in to today’s March in Review post as we wave goodbye to the wonderful month of March 2015…


The Research Chronicles!

So, Just under a week ago I, with the help of my friend Rae, launched a monthly link-up called The Research Chronicles! You can find more info on that HERE




Book Reviews

Inked by Eric Smith

Paradox by A.J Paquette

ARC Review of Perfect Timing by Robin Mellom

We Were Liars by E.Lockhart


Top 3 Posts (besides Book reviews)

Top Ten Tuesday ||Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR List

Don’t Believe The Lies || Writing Isn’t Simple (It’s still fun though!)

Beautiful People: March Edition ||More At Home With Strangers Characters (Camp NaNo Novel)


How Did My Writing Go?

I sadly didn’t get as much writing and editing done as I had hoped. What little time I had this past month was used for researching for my upcoming CampNaNo novel, writing book reviews and also Uploading chapters of my WIP Aimlessly Wandering to Wattpad. ( It’s still in the first draft at the moment but I’ve put it up anyways 😛 ) So far my National Novel Writing Year plan has kinda gone down the drain a bit but not all hope is lost! I’m coming up on the end of Aimlessly Wandering and have completed two short stories. That’s almost 3 projects done! and if everything goes according to plan ‘More At Home With Strangers’ will be completed by the end of April and I will use the next couple months (Up until the next Camp NaNo to finish up a few of these half finished drafts that kinda got abandoned in the process of new ideas revealing themselves)


How Was Life?

Life was crazy busy for me this month with things like, Volunteering at my churches 75th Anniversary dinner (In which I was waitressing), going to Youth Group, being sick constantly, lots of homework, celebrating birthdays and trying to keep up with my blogging. (You have to admit I’ve been doing pretty good…*nervous chuckle* Right?)


What’s the Plan for April? (On the blog)

The plan for April is to use Spring Break to my advantage and write like a crazy chicken (<–This lady at my church says that and I’m picking it up….Oopsie) and try and get a lot of my novel done….Working around road trips to visit family and meeting up with my besties for coffee and such. What does that mean for the blog? Well there may be a shortage of book reviews but there will be Character Interviews, Novel Updates, Quotes and Scenes from my NaNo novel and fun stuff like inspiration/music for my novel! Fun stuff, let me tell you 😀  (I do promise to do my best to keep on top of Top Ten Tuesday Posts and book reviews too 😀 )

Oh! And did I mention its my blog birthday next month? I’m still not sure what I’m going to be doing for that but I better figure that out fast considering April 24th is gonna sneak up on me really quickly…



So, thats been the month of March for me and the lovely little blog! Thank you all to my lovely followers! You guys are amazing ❤


Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


2 thoughts on “Looking Back || March 2015 In Review

  1. I’m glad you had a good month! March really went by for me too. You’ve actually inspired me to do monthly reviews such as this. I’ve always wanted to keep a bit of a journal, but I’m not very good at the whole daily thing, but monthly sounds like a good happy medium so I can keep track of my writing journey. I thought of doing this quarterly but I think monthly is better. Thanks for the inspiration! ^ ^

    Stori Tori’s Blog

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