Camp NaNoWriMo || So You Want To Be A Winner?

Hello Readers!


Considering that Camp NaNoWriMo is on its way, (Starts on Wednesday!) I thought that it would be fun to share some stuff that I have learned over the past couple years of doing NaNoWriMo/Camp NaNoWriMo! So lets do this thing!




Every time NaNoWriMo/CampNaNoWriMo approaches, I get super excited and always sign up months in advance. There is no way I would miss out on any NaNoWriMo event, ever…So, for that reason I always like to approach every event as a very prepared individual.

With that said, I have a whole ‘kit’ of tips and things needed for a NaNo event in which I will be sharing with you today!


1. Have a Plan.



If you want to win Camp NaNoWriMo you gotta fight your way through it…Want to know a way that makes your job so much easier? A Battle Plan.

Wether that battle plan is an outline of your novel or just a basic idea with a list of backup plans then your set. Arm yourselves NaNoers! It’s time to win this thing!


2. Have a Support Group.

Wether that support group is just your family or friends who are supportive and totally okay with not seeing much of your throughout the month…..


…or the lovely people writing alongside you in your cabin, get a support group! Part of it is you can get other writers support BUT other writers might need support too, so offer yours!

Shoutout to my amazing Cabin Buddies this year!!

Cabin Buddies Cabin Buddies



3. Fight Off Distraction!


Distraction is a pain in the butt and likes to attack relentlessly during things like NaNoWriMo. Fight it off, and push through and you will win it!

(I have some tips to fight off and avoid distraction HERE )


One way to do that is but actually 4. Taking Breaks

Yeah, yeah I know. I just said to not let distraction get you….But being distracted and taking a break is a completely different thing. Depending on your word count goal for Camp NaNoWriMo there may be a lot of writing to be done daily, and because of that you should be careful not to get burnt out and take breaks. Just do it in intervals. Like write for twenty minutes then take a break for 5 to 10 minutes. (or whatever you want to do.) Though something to watch out with is this:


4.5. Don’t Use Writers Block as an Excuse to Take a Break.Β 

If you keep using writers block or a slow scene as an excuse to take a break then you aren’t gonna get very far. (Harsh reality of it.)

Writing is hard, things get slow or a little difficult but thats where you have to fight through it. (Worst case if that scene is a huge mess, you can go back and fix it later.) If you’re stuck, have a book of writers prompts or play a song that gets you inspired to write that story or whatever. Just keep going and push through it. Don’t take a break just because it gets hard.


5. Reward Yourself!

I have found that, by rewarding myself I can get a lot more done. Wether the reward at that moment is, write 500 more words then you can go get more tea or 1k more words and you can have 10 minutes of internet time or whatever it is…as weird as setting these little goals/rewards is actually extremely effective.

Something that works really well is if I’m wanting food…(food is my favourite okay?) so I bribe myself with a Β snack or another cup of tea or something of the sort….Its funny how when you’re hungry you write a lot faster if food is the reward… But either way, you get my point. Reward yourself and set little goals for yourself and you will find that that novel will get done!




6. Bring on the Wars!


*cough cough*……

So, Word Wars! Word wars are the best thing ever if you are a writer! (You may be more used to the term Word Sprints) Whenever I do Word Wars I find that I can get 300 words done in 10 minutes which is a LOT faster than if I was just writing on my own time. Find someone to word war with! They are the best!


7. Don’t Stress!


Just take NaNo one day at a time. Just work on the daily WC one day at a time. It’s as simple as that. I’ve found that the more I stress, the more likely I am to write less.


8. Have Fun!

As challenging as NaNoWriMo might be just try and have fun! Rock it work your hardest and have fun! It doesn’t matter if you finish or not. If you had fun and tried your hardest, that is all you can do and accept that! Be excited about it! Have a dance party even!




Oh….and don’t forget. LOTS of caffeine is essential to getting stuff done.




So, that’s my post! Are you planning on doing CampNaNo in April or July? (Or both like me) What’s your novel about? Do you have any additional tips to add? Something I missed?


Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


9 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo || So You Want To Be A Winner?

  1. Awesome post! I’m gearing up for Camp right now. (2 hours, 4 minutes to go.) Been trying to hammer out my plot for the past month. My plan is to stay up late and word sprint, and get in at least 1,000 words before I go to bed. I’m going out of the country towards the end of April, so I really need to manage my time and Get. It. Done. lol.

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  2. very interesting , thank you!! What I like most in Nano is seeing my WC increase every day! Even if I’m a bit late or whatever. It’s my reward of the day, telling myself “oh you’ve written so much today!”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m doing it! I’m now behind but I’m working on catching up. The first week of April for me was a doozy. Word Wars and just pushing through certainly help. I’ve had some people say they haven’t been inspired so they haven’t been writing lately and I think one of the key elements of writing is doing it even if you’re uninspired or how else are you going to get anything done? Great post!

    Stori Tori’s Blog

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