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Hello Readers!

So, today I don’t have a book review because these last few weeks have left me with little time to read…



But anyways. When I have had time to write, I have been plugging away at my unfinished WIP from NaNoWriMo last year…For those of you who don’t know which novel that is, I’ll tell you in a moment. But first, I must say this…






Well, actually I have uploaded two chapters already but will continue to upload more as it is keeping me motivated. Yes, I have many chapters pre-written and such but once I get to the point of uploading where they aren’t already written, it should keep me held accountable cause people are reading it….and I just want people to read it!

So, with that said. If you weren’t around in November when I was posting rather frequently about my NaNo Novel, here is what its about.


Aimlessly Wandering

Aimlessly Wandering
Author: Adriana Gabrielle
Genre: Young Adult
Synopsis: The last ten years of Claire’s life have been lonely and love was not top priority. After her parents murder, and twenty foster homes, Claire finally has to decide what to do with her life and who to trust.


Excerpt: Chapter 1

The razor blade slid across my arm leaving a stinging pain behind, as well as a trail of blood.

I counted the scars on my arms. Ten on each one. One for each foster home I’d been to since I was eight. Almost ten years now…

Each scar represented every home I’d stayed at. Every person who I thought loved me, tearing me to shreds every time by giving me away.

Every time.

I guessed it would be about two months before this family didn’t want me anymore either. Which would soon make one more cut, which would then turn into a scar, a permanent reminder.

As soon as I turned eighteen I was getting out of here. Leaving this constant game of tag.

Running to one person, tag you’re it! Oh, We’re bored of Claire now. Next family. Tag you’re it!

This game was getting boring and I was done.



So, thats it! Also, if you snoop around my blog somewhere I know there there are Character interviews and quotes and tons of fun stuff from when I was doing NaNoWriMo.


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