Don’t Believe The Lies || Writing Isn’t Simple (It’s still fun though!)


Writing a novel is not a simple task


What actually triggered this post is this article I found on

Let’s take a look, shall we?

(These next steps below are from the website. This certain computer I’m using doesn’t take screenshots so I’m copying and pasting 😛 )

1. Practice is imperative to writing a successful story. A common adage among writers is “never publish your first work”. While this may seem a little harsh or restrictive, there’s good reasoning behind it. Remember that your first work is what sets your reputation. It’s hard to recover from a poorly-received first novel as many people may already have written you off. This may also seem like a wasted effort, but it’s generally a good idea to write your first story and then get it sent to an editor. That way, you’ll avoid common mistakes, and get valuable feedback about what you may not have developed enough, plot holes you may have written, and other roadblocks.

2. Create your first story and get your manuscript ready for publishing. This is around the time that you’ll want to hire an agent who can help you find a reputable printing press to get your story out to the public.

3. Contact an agent and send your manuscript to a publishing house. This is rather self-explanatory, but is crucial. Choosing the wrong agent or the wrong publishing house can make or break the career of an aspiring author. Research reputable agents and houses, and ask around to see who can give you the best service for your money

4. Promote your work. You’ve gotten it published; now it’s time to get some return on it. Thanks to today’s technology, it’s far easier to get word out than ever before. Some quick tips: post reviews on Amazon. Amazon will host more or less anything, provided there are more than several copies. Get some friends to post some positive reviews and help you out. Pass out copies to people in the right places. If you have a friend who owns or works at a bookshop, give them some copies to hand out. Start up a webpage, create a blog, do a reading. There are many ways to get the word out. You just have to find them.

5. Check out critical reception of your work. Depending on how you promoted it, you may get a lot of critical feedback in known works, or you may get a few simple reviews on Amazon. Any critique is helpful, and it can help shape your writing to be more successful in the future. Examine what you need to work on, and set upon fixing it.

6. Begin your new work for publishing. Your new career as a writer has only begun.


Ummmm….Excuse me? Does anyone else see what’s wrong with this? What happened to the missing steps?

The missing steps are rather obvious. Actually, painfully obvious. What happened to the steps between #1 & #2? (and even #2 & #3?!…okay all the steps actually…)


I’m telling you this right here and right now. It’s not that simple. Nope nope nope. If you’re finding writing super simple then you’re probably doing it wrong.

Sure, some people find the writing process a lot simpler than other people but it should not be simple.

Writing the first draft in itself can be hard, frustrating and stressful. (remember I said it CAN be. In my experience it is.)

Writing a novel is not that simple. These instructions are missing the most important part which is: Write, Edit, Rewite, Edit some more( and so it goes on.)

Also, this whole instruction thing is a lie. Finding an agent is probably one of the HARDEST parts of the publishing business.

Usually, if someone finds writing a novel ridiculously easy…then they’re probably doing it wrong… Cause, hello. There is a lot of stuff to think about here.

Plot twists, Characters, Plot, Grammar and Spelling, Setting, Backstory etc etc.

You should be struggling a bit while writing a novel. You just should. It’s kinda expected.

So, if someone tells you that writing a novel is easy… They’re probably lying.

Okay well I guess I can’t say that because, yes, writing a novel CAN be easier for some people and really hard for others…but there should be some struggle. Thats the bottom line…Writing a novel is not easy and neither is getting is published….

It can take a couple years to write the novel in itself! Not to mention looking for an agent after that then contacting a publishing company and the whole publishing process. That in itself could take years as well!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to bash anyone or discourage them from writing a novel but just please please understand that writing a novel is not an easy task.

Fun? Yes. Easy? Not really. Fun? YES! oh wait…already mentioned that. But yeah.

I do NOT discourage you from writing a novel. It is one of my most favourite things to do….besides blogging.

Writing a novel, I think, is one of the most creative things ever. You get to create new worlds, new creatures, go on adventures and much more! Though writing can be difficult you can do so much and the possibilities are endless because it’s your story. (and the more unique the better in my mind) ….Also a friend of mine on twitter mentioned a while ago how really, when buying books we are basically buying a piece of someones mind and creativity and thats pretty dang cool.

Anyways! Back to what I was saying. So, even though it might be difficult, keep at it…and don’t believe the lies that the whole writing process is simple. Because it’s not but I know from completing a novel, it is the greatest experience ever. Doesn’t matter if you publish it or not but its still such a great accomplishment!


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


9 thoughts on “Don’t Believe The Lies || Writing Isn’t Simple (It’s still fun though!)

  1. Thanks for this post– I read a lot of these articles that call novel-writing really simple, and I worry a lot because I find it PRETTY FRICKING HARD. It’s great to see someone else that thinks like me about this kind of thing.

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  2. At times it is easy, but on the whole? Personally, I find writing a novel takes grit and non-literal blood and real tears and late nights and awful typos. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall and then *forcing* yourself to keep going. It’s doubting that your words are good enough and carrying on because this is a story and you want to tell it.

    It’s perseverance. You both love it and hate it. It’s a journey. But in the end, there is an end. And when the story’s finished and you forget all the pain and think ‘well, that wasn’t that bad’ and then you stupidly begin another story. Because writing is part of you in an odd sort of way and you always seem to come back to it.

    As you say, writing isn’t always easy, but golly, a finished manuscript is rewarding 😀

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  3. I think there were at least twenty steps missing in that ehow bit lol. How about basic writing rules like showing and not telling, action and reaction and no info dumps? How about exactly how to query and write proposals? It is a very complicated, but very worthwhile process.

    Stori Tori’s Blog

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